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The Training Grotto, also called the Training Dungeon, was introduced to the global version of Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross in June 2020.  The Japan/Korea version of this feature was previously called the Training Cave.  In the Training Grotto, you can acquire materials used for strengthening equipment as well as Amber Keys to draw equipment by battling against the Goddess Ambers.  

This page is intended to be a basic overview of the Training Grotto to get you started.  Additional team recommendations are available on this in-depth guide for even more assistance in ensuring you make the most of your time in the Training Grotto.  

Entering the Training Grotto

To gain entry to the Training Grotto, you need to begin by spending a key.

Grotto key.PNG

Once you spend your key, you will have seven days that you can enter the Grotto using that key.  Your key will automatically recharge itself after five days.

Grotto open period.PNG

After you use a key, 30 Ambers are placed when the Training Grotto opens, of which five are selected at random as Ambers that can be battled against.  These five will appear on the bottom of your screen.

Grotto overview.PNG

Once each Amber has been defeated, the Amber will disappear and one of the remaining Ambers will be selected to become available for battle.  Training ends and the Training Grotto closes once nine Amber battles have been won.  

Once this happens, you cannot enter the Grotto again until you receive a new key.  A completion bar on the right side of the screen shows your progress towards finishing your current training session. 

Grotto completion bar.PNG

Battling in the Training Grotto

The most important thing to remember about the Training Grotto is that each hero can only enter battle once!  Heroes who have participated in battle may not be set to the team again.  Thus, to optimize your chances of finishing the training, ensure that you strategically position your heroes to ensure you can clear enough Goddess Ambers.  It is also important to note that Equipment stats do not apply to heroes while in the Training Grotto.

There are currently three levels of Ambers:

  1. Level 1 - Enemy CC 60k
  2. Level 2 - Enemy CC 75k
  3. Level 3 - Enemy CC 90k

As you clear Goddess Ambers, the gauge at the top of your screen will fill.  An Illusion Amber will appear when the gauge becomes completely filled.  Rare rewards such as Equipment Engraving Stones can be acquired from these Illusion Ambers.  Completing Ambers of higher difficulties will cause the gauge to fill even faster.  Definitely don’t miss your chance to battle an Illusion Amber!

Illusion amber.jpg

Team Recommendations for the Training Grotto will be added soon, along with more in-depth information on which heroes perform best with each type of Goddess Amber.  You can also get feedback on your builds, and more recommendations from other players, by checking out the 7DSGC Discord (check out the “help-team-building-and-unit” channel).