Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Floor 7

Stage Attribute

The seventh-floor boss, Golgius, applies a one-turn Corrosion effect on all enemies that are attacked. This Corrosion effect reduces 50% of the HP at the end of the turn.

Boss: Lv 200 Speed Attribute Golgius

Attack: 12564

Defense: 6370

HP: 160534

ToT Floor 7.PNG

Unique Info:

  • Skill Use Increase: Number of Skill Uses increased by 2
  • Revive: Revives with 100% of Max HP when the hero dies (once per battle)
  • Hide: Cannot select targets if there is an ally hero on the battlefield
  • Debuff Cancel: Removes Debuffs from the hero at the start of the allies’ turn
  • Solitude: Increases the hero’s Attack by 50% when alone on the battlefield
  • Attack Increase: Increases the hero’s Attack by 20%
  • Dissolve Immunity: The hero becomes immune to Ultimate Move Gauge Decrease effects
  • Extort Ultimate Move Gauge: Steals one orb from the target’s Ultimate Move Gauge when attacking
  • Crit Damage Increase: Increases the allies’ Crit Damage by 0.2x for every orb filled in the hero’s Ultimate Move Gauge

Skill Effects:

  • Blade Slash
    • Rank 1: Inflicts Spike (2x Crit Damage Increase) damage equal to 160% of Attack on one enemy
    • Rank 2: Inflicts Spike (2x Crit Damage Increase) damage equal to 240% of Attack on one enemy
    • Rank 3: Inflicts Spike (2x Crit Damage Increase) damage equal to 400% of Attack on one enemy
  • Ultimate Move - Silent Strike: Inflicts damage equal to 490% of Attack on one enemy. Poisons for three turns, which deals additional damage equal to 60% of damage dealt at the end of every turn

First Time Stage Clear Rewards

  • 3 x Tier 5 Awakened SSR Equipment Selection tickets
  • 400 x Anvils

General Strategy

Since Golgius applies Corrosion effects on enemies, it is beneficial to combat him with teams that Taunt attacks to protect the damage dealer unit.

High DPS units that are beneficial to use to combat Golgius are:

  • Green “Assault Mode” Meliodas
  • Red Purgatory Ban
  • Blue “The One” Escanor
  • Red Sariel
  • Blue New Wings King
  • Blue Fairy King Harlequin

Units that are able to Taunt and draw attacks away from the damage dealer are:

  • Blue Drole
  • Red New King Arthur
  • Red Denzel
  • Green Diane
  • Green Escanor (also has Debuff Immunity)

Some viable sub slot units are:

  • Red Twigo - increases the HP of Strength attribute allies, so use him with a mono red team, such as Red Purgatory Ban, Red New King Arthur, and Red Denzel
  • Green Deathpierce - decreases Crit Resistance and Crit Defense
  • Red Melascula - has a zombie buff that keeps other units alive
  • Green Hendrickson - increase allies’ Pierce Rate per skill use, and is good to use with a Pierce team including a DPS dealer, Blue Lillia, and Blue Demon Meliodas
  • Blue Jericho - increases Attack-related stats for Speed attribute allies, so user her with a mono blue team, such as Blue New Wings King, Blue “The One” Escanor, and Blue Fraudrin