Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Floor 4

Stage Attribute

On the fourth floor, all four heroes will be in play at the same time

Boss: Lv 200 Strength Attribute Gowther

Attack: 12423

Defense: 2767

HP: 64140

Tot Floor 4.PNG

Unique Info:

  • Skill Use Increase: Number of Skill Uses increased by 2
  • Trickery: Increases all allies’ Attack by 10% at the start of the allies’ turn if the hero doesn’t take damage (limit five times, resets upon taking damage)
  • Debuff Immunity: Immune to all Debuffs
  • Retaliation: Increases the ranks of all of the hero’s skills when the hero takes Crit Damage during the enemy turn
  • Ignore Evasion: Attacks while ignoring Evasion
  • Hide: Cannot select targets if there is an ally hero on the battlefield
  • Attack Increase: Increases Attack by 100% at the end of the turn (limit ten times)
  • Revive: The Hero is revived with 100% of max HP when dying (once per battle)
  • Hidden Unique:  Seals Ultimate Move - an effect is applied which prevents Ultimate Move Gauges from filling up at the start of the battle.  All allies gain Immortality buff when damage is dealt but the buff is removed when the left-most enemy is dead

Skill Effects:

  • Arrow Shot
    • Rank 1: Inflicts damage equal to 120% of Attack on all enemies
    • Rank 2: Removes Buffs from all enemies and inflicts damage equal to 240% of Attack
    • Rank 3: Cancels Buffs and Stances on all enemies and inflicts damage equal to 480% of Attack
  • Invasion Arrow
    • Rank 1: Increases Skill Ranks of one ally
    • Rank 2: Increases Skill Ranks of all allies
    • Rank 3: Increases Skill Ranks of all allies and increases basic stats by 20% for three turns
  • Ultimate Move - Rewrite Light: Inflicts damage equal to 350% of Attack on all enemies and depletes five Ultimate Move Gauge orbs

First Time Stage Clear Rewards

  • 50 x Splendid Fabric
  • 50 x Brilliant Component
  • 50 x Alluring Perfume
  • 1,000,000 Gold

General Strategy

The boss loses his immortality when the left-most enemy is killed.  Thus, it’s recommended to use a sacrificial cleanse such as Blue Princess Elizbeth or Blue Fraudrin.  Other good sacrifices to use are Blue Old Fart King or Red Taizoo.  

Some great damage dealers to use for this floor are:

  • Blue Demon Meliodas
  • Red Sariel
  • Red Lostvayne Meliodas
  • Red Escanor
  • Green Rugal
  • Red Howzer
  • Red Purgatory Ban
  • Blue Fairy King Harlequin

Viable support units for this floor are:

  • Blue Jericho - increases Attack-related stats for Speed attribute allies
  • Green Halloween Gowther - increases Attack-related stats, ranks up skill cards
  • Blue Lillia - Cleanse, increase Pierce Rate