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Tower of Trials is an end-game PvE content that unlocks after clearing Episode 155.  The global update on April 27th, 2021 brought about a complete revamp of the Tower of Trials.  The “old” format was still available until the end of Season 7 though, and details for that format can be found below.

With the new format for the Tower of Trials, the levels never go away and they can be farmed as many times as desired.  The Combat Class of the boss is hidden as is their last Unique ability, which can make it tricky to strategize. 

At initial release, there were only three floors available however more floors became unlocked over time. This page will continue to be updated with each additional floor added. Unlike with the original Tower of Trials, each level can use a different team build.

New Format: Floor-Specific Guides

Old Format of ToT (Seasons 1 - 8)

The goal is to conquer the final floor of the tower, fighting against increasingly powerful enemies. The Tower goes up to 25 floors and can be entered through the bottom left portion of the Battle menu.

Unlike other PvE content that requires repetitive plays, climbing the floors of the Tower of Trials will require more strategic play.  For seasons 1 - 4, at the start of the Tower of Trials, four heroes must be selected to use throughout the tower.  These four heroes cannot be changed once finalized unless the tower is reset or until a save point is reached.  These save points are after every five floors cleared (immediately after each boss battle). For seasons 5 - 7, new heroes can be selected each floor.

Tower of trials.jpg

Each floor grants a reward, which is only given for the first time that the floor is cleared.  All rewards and cleared stage information will reset at the end of the season.  The enemies in the Tower of Trials will change periodically during regularly scheduled seasons.  The Tower of Trials is the primary place to be able to get Super Awakening Coins.

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Powerful enemies await in the Tower of Trials, so take on the challenge and get various rewards!

Old Format: Season-Specific Guides


Level Reward
1 3 Stamina Recovery Potions
2 3 x 5* Water of Life
3 500k Gold
4 3 x 5* Demon’s Blood
5 7 * Super Awakening Coins
6 1 x 6* Water of Life
7 700k Gold
8 1 x 6* Demon’s Blood
9 10 Diamonds
10 7 Super Awakening Coins
11 30 Splendid Fabric
12 1M Gold
13 1 x Part 1 Guaranteed SSR Ticket
14 30 Brilliant Components
15 7 Super Awakening Coins
16 15 Diamonds
17 1.5M Gold
18 30 Alluring Perfumes
19 300 Anvils
20 7 Super Awakening Coins
21 2M Gold
22 20 Hammers of Vaizel
23 30 Diamonds
24 1 x Part 2 Guaranteed SSR Ticket
25 7 Super Awakening Coins

Total Rewards

  • 35 x Super Awakening Coins
  • 55 x Diamonds
  • 1 x Stamina Recovery Potions
  • 3 x 5* Water of Life & Demon’s Blood
  • 1 x 6* Water of Life & Demon’s Blood
  • 300 x Anvils
  • 20 x Hammers of Vaizel
  • 30 x Splendid Fabric, Brilliant Component & Alluring Perfume
  • 1 x Part 1 Guaranteed SSR Ticket & Part 2 Guaranteed SSR Ticket
  • 5M x Gold