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The Titan Conquest Event is one of the 3 playable contents for the 7DS x AoT collaboration event. It can be unlocked after clearing [The Colossal Titan Returns!] World Quest. In this event, up to 4 players can tag along and form teams to fight against the Colossal Titan.

Participants can gain Omni-Directional Mobility Device Fragments as rewards which can be exchanged for growth support items and limited-time AoT hero costumes in the Event Exchange Shop. Imperial Reports on Titans are needed to enter the Colossal Titan Quest and it can be farmed on Titan Elimination, Free Stages, SP Dungeon, Boss Battles, and Death Matches.

The event runs in a span of 2 weeks from July 21 to August 4, 2020.

Recommended Heroes

Attack on Titan heroes has an immense advantage against the Colossal Titan. Hero affinity advantage also applies which means HP-type heroes also have an edge against the boss.

Damage Increase Enemy Damage Decrease
[Attack on Titan] Heroes +300% +80%
Attribute hp.png HP-type Heroes +30% +20%

Main Team Heroes

Beren.png Geren.png Rlevi.png Bmikasa.png Gelizabeth.png Gescanor.png
Gjericho.png Gking.png Gmeliodas.png Gmerlin.png Gvalenti.png

Sub-slot Heroes

Gjillian.png Relizabeth.png Galioni.png Rarthur.png Gdeathpierce.png Rhowzer.png

Team Recommendations

All-Star Teams

Team 1 Beren.png Rlevi.png Bmikasa.png Rhowzer.png
Team 2 Geren.png Rlevi.png Bmikasa.png Rhowzer.png

F2P and Mid-Level Teams

Team 1 Beren.png Gescanor.png Gvalenti.png Rhowzer.png
Team 2 Beren.png Gmeliodas.png Gelizabeth.png Gjillian.png
Team 3 Gmeliodas.png Gescanor.png Gvalenti.png Relizabeth.png
Team 4 Gescanor.png Gelizabeth.png Gmerlin.png Galioni.png

Beginner-Friendly Teams

Team 1 Beren.png Bmeliodas.png Bking.png Bmarmas.png
Team 2 Beren.png Gmeliodas.png Bking.png Relizabeth.png

Blue Eren: Best Hero Against the Colossal Titan!

Blue Eren is hands down the best hero for this event. His skill set is designed to wreck collaboration event bosses, similar to the previous Slime collaboration’s Blue Rimuru where he just owns the Ifrit boss. Amazingly, Blue Eren is given to us for free so you must take advantage of using him in this event. Hurry up and Evolve him to UR level 60 at the very least!


Skill Description
Now’s the Time! Can inflict damage up to 500% of his Attack at rank 3.
I Will Succeed! Increases basic stats and gains Evasion. Perfect for getting an attack boost before using his Ultimate.
Ultimate: I Will Wipe You Out! Shatter damage ignores resistance. Inflicts damage up to 945% of his Attack at max level.

How to Max-out Blue Eren’s Ultimate

You can max out Blue Eren’s Ultimate without purchasing any packs. Instead, work on beginner-friendly event missions to acquire duplicate coins and upgrade his ultimate. Blue Eren is the ideal hero to put up against the Colossal Titan in the Titan Conquest Event. Clearing this event will give you fragments used to exchange for cool items in the Exchange Shop (Growth support items and Limited-Time AoT hero costumes)

Event / Mission Condition
Check-In Event Log-in to the game any time between the event period (7/21 - 8/3)
Special Mission Finish all 5 AoT collab missions
Hawk Pass Reach level 10 by completing Hawk’s missions
World Quest Clear the entire World Quest
Titan Elimination Event Destroy the Secret Base
Exchange Shop Purchase with 50 Omni-directional Mobility Device Fragments

Colossal Titan Info

Normal Hard Extreme
Level 100 120 140
Attribute Attribute speed.png Attribute speed.png Attribute speed.png
CC 80,000 120,000 180,000
Attack 4,460 6,312 7,878
Defense 4,160 6,450 9,090
HP 2,407,500 3,810,000 5,512,500
*All difficulties require 10 Imperial Report on Titans to enter the fight

Skills and Unique Abilities

  • Immune to HP Decrease / HP-related Stats Decrease / Corrode.
  • Immune to Stun / Petrify / Freeze / Coerce / Skill Disable.
  • AoT heroes have their damage increased by 300% and incoming damage decrease by 80%.
  • Increases damage taken from skills with an Amplify effect by 100%.
  • Skill Effects: Disables Buff and Debuff skills, Removes Buff, Decreases Attack-related stats, Infect, Disables Unique Effects, Increases Damage Taken by all enemies, Increase Pierce Rate, Pierce, Disables Ultimate Moves
  • Battle state may change depending on damage dealt by the boss and heroes. Each battle state inflicts different skill effects and after a certain number of turns, returns to the previous battle state.

Boss Mechanics and Strategy

Titan Conquest Battle Screen.png

  • Each difficulty has a time limit and you have to defeat the Colossal Titan before time runs out.
    • Normal - 20 minutes
    • Hard - 15 minutes
    • Extreme - 10 minutes
  • Rewards depend on the ranking and damage dealt. Do take note that rewards become smaller the fewer participants there are, so it is strongly advised to always run a 4-player party.
  • Damage done by other players is added either at the end of your turn or the boss turn depending on the timing.
  • The boss usually casts a disable buff on Blue Eren, you’ll have a small window to cast your buff so take advantage of using it when available.
  • One of the boss’ ultimate can disable your team from using ultimate moves so make sure to use them immediately when ready. This also helps you to achieve a higher ranking if you can deliver good amounts of ultimate move damage throughout the duration of the battle.
  • Notable support heroes: Green Princess Elizabeth, Green Merlin, Red Elizabeth, Green Jillian
  • Notable damage increasing debuffs: Ignite, Bleed
  • Green Meliodas users can use his counter skill when his HP falls below 50%. Supports can then use healing skills to bring his HP back up.
  • Full AoT team (Blue Eren/Green Eren, Red Levi, Blue Mikasa) is the best and most effective team because of their inherent advantage against the Colossal Titan. However, just having a Blue Eren surrounded by HP-type heroes is more than enough to do well in this event.

Rewards and Exchange Shop

Rewards are distributed by ranking and damage dealt. Use the Omni-directional Mobility Device Fragments to buy growth, equipment, and special items in the Exchange Shop.

Place Reward
Normal Hard Extreme
1st 10 20 30
2nd 5 10 15
3rd 3 5 7
4th 2 3 4
Annihilated 1 2 3

Damage Reward
Normal Hard Extreme
1,200,000+ 10 1,900,000+ 20 2,750,000+ 30
960,000+ 9 1,520,000+ 18 2,200,000+ 27
720,000+ 8 1,150,000+ 16 1,650,000+ 24
480,000+ 7 760,000+ 14 1,100,000+ 21
400,000+ 6 650,000+ 12 950,000+ 18
330,000+ 5 530,000+ 10 770,000+ 15
260,000+ 4 420,000+ 8 600,000+ 12
200,000+ 3 300,000+ 6 450,000+ 9
120,000+ 2 200,000+ 4 280,000+ 6
*A bonus of 3 fragments are given to the host of the party.

Titan Conquest Special Exchange Shop.jpg

Titan Conquest Growth & Equipment Exchange Shop.jpg