Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Below are the best answers to give each of the Tavern workers and guests in order to earn the highest amount of Affection points.

Tavern Workers


Icon fellowship ban.png
Question Best Response
Captain, out of the 720 brawls we fought, I won 361 times, right? No. I won 361 times.
The scar you gave me is really aching. That's because it's a very special scar.
If I'm your chef, what will you be doing for me? Brawl with you once a day.
How about a brawl, Captain?♪ Okay, let's go.
What do you look for in a significant other? Personality.
You don't have a chef's uniform? The concept I have in mind is a naked chef with just an apron.
Captain, I don't have enough ingredients to cook with. Want to have a hunting contest?
Captain, what kind of food do you like to eat? Roast.
Captain, remember "that incident"? The incident when we first met?
I wonder how my favorite person is doing. Who, Elaine?
Captain, you're not hiding anything from me, are you? .......
Man, I'm bored. What's there to do around here? Talk about Elaine.
You're kind of a weirdo, Captain. You know that?♪ That's why you and I get along.


Icon fellowship diane.png
Question Best Response
You missed me too, right captain? Sure.
What's going on between you and the princess, captain? We're just friends.
Captain, how do you think I've changed in the last ten years? You're prettier?
What hairstyle do you think I'd look pretty with? Pigtails.
Captain, where would you take me on a date? Forest of White Dreams
Captain, I'd do anything for you! Thanks.
I want a tavern uniform too! That's going to take awhile.
Why did you ask me to be a hostess? Because you're perfect for the job.
Are men really turned off by women who are taller than them...? Height has nothing to do with it.
Captain, what would you do if I were in danger? Save you, of course.
What outfit do you think I'd look good in? I like the outfit you're wearing right now.
What kind of man do you see me with? A strong man?
Captain, how did I look when I shrunk down to human size? Smaller, yet just as powerful.
Captain, what am I to you? A precious ally.
Captain, what does Hawk's Mama eat? Probably worms and mole rats?


Icon fellowship elizabeth.png
Question Best Response
Where should we take a trip to? The capital of Liones.
Sir Meliodas, what am I to you? Precious Existence
Have you ever met anyone who made your heart skip a beat? Have you, Elizabeth?
What nice weather we're having today. Yeah. Hopefully this brings a lot of customers.
What kind of person do I seem like? A responsible person.
What should I do today? Take over hosting duties.
What kind of person do I seem like? A responsible person.
What's your favorite color? Sky blue.
What hairstyle looks good on me? Long, straight hair.
Would you recommend a book for me to read? The Princess and Warrior's Love Story.
Do you think I've gained weight recently? Nope. Not at all.
Where should we take a trip to? The capital of Liones.
What's your favorite food? Anything made by you, Elizabeth.
What's the secret to making a tasty dish? I definitely know how to make food disgusting.
My heart's beating faster than usual today. I wonder what's going on? It's because you're with me.
What hairstyle looks good on me? Long, straight hair.
Hawk and I are going to start Hawk's Knights! What's that?
I'd like to try some armor on. Could you lend me a hand? That might be too much for you to handle.
Have you ever met anyone who made your heart skip a beat? Have you, Elizabeth?
Sir Meliodas, what am I to you? Precious Existence


Question Best Response
Is everything alright with M-Ms. Merlin? Just the usual.
Has it really been 10 years… I’m glad everyone’s still alive.
Ask me anything if you’d like to learn about ale. Then you wanna be the bartender here?
Is my presence an inconvenience? Of course not
You are the light to my monotony. You are the one they call Gluttony… A new piece you’re working on?
W-would it be okay to recite you a poem? Why don’t you recite it for Merlin
I’m elated that we’re able to meet again like this. I’m glad too, we’re allies.
Looking like this won’t help, will it? Its easier to talk to you
What dish should I try here at the tavern? We have a salad
What kind of person is Merlin’s type? Someone fun?


Icon fellowship gowther.png
Question Best Response
He's totally different in form, voice, and scent from the King I used to know. Who is he really? I wonder?
What purpose does that pig serve? He's the food.
Captain, why do humans fight? To protect the ones they love.
What is my role at this tavern? I guess you'd be part of the wait staff.
Captain, which book should I read? The Secret to Success in Social Life.
What's my worst trait? Your expressions.
What kind of glasses would suit me? Horn-rimmed glasses.
Why do tears form? Because of happiness.
What's the thing that Humans value most? Honor?
Why do Humans consume alcohol? To try and forget certain things.


Icon fellowship hawk.png
Question Best Response
What the hell do you put in your food to make it taste like that? Just normal ingredients.
Where'd you get the tavern uniform? I had it made by a master craftsman.
Where'd you get the tavern uniform? I had it made by a master craftsman.
To be honest, I don't really like beef. Yeah, I prefer pork.
What's my role here at this tavern? Scraps disposal.
What should you add when cooking to sweeten dishes? Sugar
What are you looking at? You're cute, that's all.
Hey, are you sure Diane is cool? That thing she said before about pork... She'd never eat a friend.
Now that we have a proper chef, it's time to add something new to the menu. Any ideas? Sweet apple pie.
Huh? What's that smell? Ban's cooking.
I've been getting much less scraps recently. What's going on? Maybe my skills have improved?
The tavern's sales aren't doing very well. What should we do? We can hand out flyers.
Who do you think is the mascot of Boar Hat? Hawk
Shouldn't we get me a uniform since I'm the mascot of Boar Hat? That's not necessary.
I can't figure it out... We keep coming up short on cash. Think someone's stealing?
I can't figure it out... We keep coming up short on cash. Think someone's stealing?
I think the lack of scraps has turned me in the skinniest pig ever. Yeah? Funny, you don't look different to me.
I think the lack of scraps has turned me in the skinniest pig ever. Yeah? Funny, you don't look different to me.
Who are you closest with out of everyone here? Hawk
If there is such a thing as a past life, I wonder what I used to be? A parrot.

Icon fellowship king.png

Question Best Response
Where do I sleep? Outside the tavern.
You don't expect me to work, do you? Yup. You're in charge of cleaning!
Isn't Diane adorable...? Yep.
What kind of men are women into? Nice guys.
Do you know what kind of men Diane likes? Men who are like old friends to her?
Captain, what's your opinion on Diane? I think she's cute.


Icon fellowship merlin.png
Question Best Response
Captain, will you let me do some research on you? I'll think about it after everything else is taken care of.
Arthur still believes what you said about becoming the Grandmaster of the Holy Knights of Camelot. I just said I'd think about it.
Do I really look that suspicious when I smile? A little.
Can you tell me how you managed to wake Princess Elizabeth up? I just told her to wake up.
What was your impression of Arthur, captain? I thought he was a good kid.
That thing from ten years ago, does it still weigh on your mind? It must have happened for a reason.
I'd like to try some more magical experiments on the king. Any ideas? Magic to improve health.
Captain, what do you think my best trait is? Your intellectual passion.
The laboratory still feels a little bare. What should I add? Research materials.
What am I to you, captain? Someone I'd prefer to not have as an enemy.

Tavern Visitors


Icon fellowship alioni.png
Question Best Response
There's something suspicious about this tavern showing up out of nowhere... That's our business model, actually.
I had absolutely no idea who you were when we met. That's because I look nothing like my wanted poster.
The [Beard of the Mountain Cat] is on the side of justice! That's a bit pretentious.
So you're the infamous Meliodas, [b]The Dragon Sin of Wrath[/b]! Correct! No prize for guessing correctly, though.
I'm gonna become a Holy Knight one day! You might, if you keep trying.
Does the Knighthood of Scraps Disposal have other members? If there were, they'd have to find their own share of the food.
The next time I visit the tavern, it'll be as a customer. You're welcome anytime.
Is your tavern hiring? We've actually been short on help lately.
That pig's body slam packs a hell of a punch. Really? Maybe it's from all those scraps.
I swear I'll repay you for saving my life one day. Maybe I'll take that repayment for your life right now.


Icon fellowship arden.png
Question Best Response
What do women like? That depends on the woman.
Is there a place to practice with my bow? Definitely not in here.
What can I do to be more popular? You just gotta do your best.
Do women not like young guys? Age doesn't matter.
I want to be a better Holy Knight. Training is the answer.
Think there's a way to upgrade my bow? How about changing your arrowheads instead?
Sometimes, I can't understand my feelings. In love, huh.
Think Waillo can get married? Well, there's someone out there for everyone, so...
I wonder what it feels like to be in love. You probably know.
I wonder what it feels like to lose someone who'd been with you for a long time. You get used to it.


Icon fellowship arthur.png
Question Best Response
Will you reconsider becoming the Grandmaster of the Holy Knights of Camelot? Since you put it that way, maybe I'll give it another thought.
How can I learn to use magical abilities? With blood, sweat, and tears.
A moving tavern... It's truly amazing. Everyone says the same about the Boar Hat.
I heard many things of your cooking, Sir Meliodas. I have perfect taste buds. Don't believe every rumor you hear.
What kind of person was Merlin of [The Seven Deadly Sins]? She hasn't changed one bit.
What are the qualities of a great king? Benevolence.
I envy your camaraderie with your allies. You're my ally now, too.
Please tell me a tale from one of your adventures! I don't have one to tell.
Will I live up to Merlin's expectations? Of course. Trust yourself.
Do you believe in fate? A little bit?


Icon fellowship cain.png
Question Best Response
Danafor was a wonderful place. Yep, Danafor was pretty beautiful.
Elizabeth reminds me of her back then. You still remember her?
What exactly happened that day? .......
I could really go for some ale today. Yeah. Let's forget our troubles with some ale.
You haven't aged a bit. And you have.
The world is as small as it is big! Isn't it? I never thought I'd run into you here.
I'm surprised to see you running a tavern. Would you like to try my food?
Does your tavern offer a friends and family discount? A 100% discount, in fact!
So what happened in Danafor? Beats me.
I've grown quite old, wouldn't you agree? There's no escaping the sands of time.


Icon fellowship deathpierce.png
Question Best Response
I have a friend only I can see. Interesting. It's a secret friend, then.
♪♬♪ You must be a good singer?
Have you thought of growing out a mustache? No thanks, it's a pointless attempt at charming.
I apologize for the trouble at the medal bestowment ceremony. Is that rascal from that incident alright?
There are a lot of things keeping me busy lately. You looked like you were free. I guess not?
What are your thoughts on [The Pleiades of the Azure Sky]? They're a band of skilled Holy Knights that are one of the best in Liones.
What do you think is your most appealing quality? Incredible strength!
Do you have a type? Someone trustworthy.
Do you like music? I like humming?
We will defend Liones no matter what. Oh, how dependable.


Icon fellowship deldry.png
Question Best Response
Did you fall for me? All of a sudden?
What are you looking at? The ale barrel behind you.
Hmm, you're not my type. What a relief.
If Waillo comes looking for me, tell him you never saw me. Why?
What should I do about the little brat? Subdue him by force.
I'm a pretty powerful Holy Knight, you know. Wasn't curious.
[The Pleiades of the Azure Sky] is strong. I know. You're Holy Knights under Denzel.
Why would people do something like get married? Because they love each other.
I'm tired of boys who are immature. I think I know who you're talking about.
Love can become a very powerful weapon. Yeah, it lets people surpass their limits.


Icon fellowship dogedo.png
Question Best Response
We, [The Pleiades of the Azure Sky], will defend Liones! That's a lot of confidence.
You caught me off-guard. I'll make sure to win next time. I'm sorry about that time. It was nothing personal.
Ah, I'm so bored. So boring. Nothing fun to do, huh?
Have you ever lost someone dear to you? Of course. Countless.
Hmph. [The Seven Deadly Sins] weren't that special. You know many people were watching at the medal ceremony, right?
I'll make sure to take out all the demon scoundrels! Nice and confident!
I want the tavern's most delicious dish, please. How about a really big meat pie?
Strength is everything to a man! All brawn and no brains wouldn't make you very popular.
Who do you think is the coolest member of [The Pleiades of the Azure Sky]? Captain Denzel?
I want to become a [Diamond] Holy Knight already! You might want to work a little harder.


Icon fellowship dreyfus.png
Question Best Response
Is Griamore really alive? He's still alive.
I wonder what kind of father I was to Griamore? The worst kind of father.
Do you think... I could ever be forgiven? Is that what you want?
Who do you should be the next Grandmaster of the Holy Knights? Gilthunder
Who do you think is stronger, me or Hendrickson? Hendrickson.
What will become of Griamore now? He'll be branded the son of a traitor.
What kind of sentence will I receive? Death.
I'm worried that Griamore's too emotional when it comes to Veronica. That's not something to worry about.
I'd be fine with never running into Gowther ever again. What did Gowther do now?
I wish I could beg for Zaratras's forgiveness... It's too late for that.


Icon fellowship elaine.png
Question Best Response
I want to give Ban a gift. What should I give him? He'll like anything you give him.
How is my brother doing? He seems to be having fun.
Falling in love is a fascinating thing. I think so too.
Why are humans always so greedy? Not everyone is like that.
Is there a nice place I can go with Ban? He'll like wherever you take him.
Do you think Ban will ever fall in love with someone else? There's no one for him except you.
Is it normal to feel anxious when I'm away from him for a long time? Nothing out of the ordinary.
Why are humans always so greedy? Not everyone is like that.
...Do I look too young? I don't know. Ask Ban.
Is it fun going on adventures? You'll find out if you come with us.


Icon fellowship fresia.png
Question Best Response
I'd love to bring my precious insects to the village. You know what will happen if you do, right?
It's tough work keeping an eye on criminals. I'm sure you have your hands full.
I wonder, how honest of a person are you? I'm always honest.
I need meat to feed my adorable little insects. What kind of food do those buggers like?
You're always putting up a front like you're so cool. What if it's not just a front?
Where on earth is Ruin? Alive, somewhere.
Golgius's predictions are always right. He must be a smart cookie.
You wanted to see my cute little insects? I do like insects.
Insects are far more trustworthy than Humans. They must make for better friends than I thought.
Isn't this a fantastic whip? I hate tools used to inflict pain.


Icon fellowship gil thunder.png
Question Best Response
I've said some terrible things to the residents of Vanya... Go and apologize, right now.
Is it true that anxious men aren't very popular? That's what Diane says.
I'm now more powerful than any of [The Seven Deadly Sins]! Is that your mantra?
Was it truly Dreyfus who harmed my father? I'm not completely sure.
I've wronged Hawk in the Forest of White Dreams... I'll bet Hawk doesn't even remember.
Is there anyone in the world more beautiful than Margaret? Elizabeth.
Was Margaret here by any chance? Why are you looking for Margaret here?
Meliodas, I'd like to work with you! I didn't realize I was so popular.
I'm not little Gil anymore. I'd say you've still got a lot of growing up to do.
I used to get sucked into Griamore's and Howzer's pranks often as a child. I'll bet you were the real prankster!


Icon fellowship golgius.png
Question Best Response
Whoa, whoa. I have no desire to go head-to-head with [The Seven Deadly Sins]. I'll fight you anytime.
Princess Elizabeth is your weakness, I see. Weakness? Elizabeth is really strong, actually.
I hear Dana is alive? Fortunately.
If you could become invisible, what's the first thing you'd do? Rob a bank.
It's all over for the [Weird Fangs]. You might get back together, you never know.
You were not like what I expected at all. You weren't what I expected either.
Please don't be alarmed if I vanish all of a sudden. Planning on going somewhere?
All means are justified in the aim of a noble purpose. If the purpose really is noble, maybe.
Is my place in the darkness or in the light? Is that important to you?
I think I need to find a new Knighthood to join. What about the Knighthood of Scraps Disposal?


Icon fellowship griamore.png
Question Best Response
I swore my undying loyalty to Lady Veronica. I think that's pretty obvious.
Do you think I'm pathetic? Not really?
I'm not talented enough to be a Guardian Knight... Don't even worry about that.
I'm sick and tired of being helpless. Everyone feels like that sometimes.
You say Lady Veronica is upset? She seemed pretty bent out of shape.
Lady Veronica is worried about Lady Elizabeth. She doesn't need to be.
I'm the strongest of all my friends. I thought Gilthunder was the strongest?
Not even you can break through my Wall, Meliodas. Is that what you think?
Where's Lady Elizabeth? Why do you wanna know?
Gilthunder and I are actually cousins. I thought everyone knew that.


Icon fellowship guilar.png
Question Best Response
Have you heard of the ability, Explosion? You mean the one that blows things up?
Erm... Nothing's wrong. If nothing is wrong, that's good.
You've taught me many things. You still have a lot to learn.
I'm sure there will be a next time. Maybe!
I'm planning on returning to the capital soon. What's going on?
Do you remember my father, Dale? There's a rumor that he turned on his allies.
I may have lost this time, but the next battle... We're gonna win that one too.
I'd do anything for Zeal. You're a good sister.
I'm searching for the reason behind my father's disappearance. I hope you find it.
I'm trying my best to become more powerful. Don't be too impatient.


Icon fellowship gustaf.png
Question Best Response
I can't believe Jericho drank Demon blood... Why would she do that? To defeat you.
Why does Jericho chase after Ban so hard? To improve her cooking skills.
Why do you think Jericho is avoiding me? Because you nag too much.
Jericho is lacking in too many ways to be a Holy Knight. But that's just your opinion.
What kind of brother am I to Jericho? A brother she envies.
I can use the power of ice. Want to work as the tavern fridge?
How should I comfort Jericho? Just leave her alone.
Jericho has moments when she can be quite adorable. If you say so.
I think Jericho has a crush on someone. Do you know who it is? I do, but I can't tell you.
I've never seen a talking pig before. He's our tavern mascot.


Icon fellowship helbram fairy.png
Question Best Response
I'm a master of transformation. Transform into Elizabeth.
What is the Human race like? A foolish race.
Which appearance suits me the most? Fairy Helbram
Harlequin is always late. I'm sure he has his reasons.
I wonder if Harlequin and I are still friends? Once you're friends, you're friends forever.
I wonder if that Giant means more to Harlequin than I do? Of course.
I don't like that Giant girl. Are you jealous?
Do you know how it feels to see your loved ones destroyed right before your eyes? Don't kid yourself into thinking you're the only one.
Put my drinks on Harlequin's tab. So I'll just have King pay the bill?
I wanted to give Harlequin a helmet as a gift. What a bad gift idea.


Icon fellowship hendrickson.png
Question Best Response
What would happen if I drank your blood? Want to find out?
Did I really make the wrong choice? Totally wrong.
Everything I did, I did for Liones. That's just an excuse.
You're the same now as you were back then. The same goes for you.
Dreyfus...was killed by my hand. Do you regret it?
What are your thoughts on brewing ale with Demon blood? I don't think that's gonna sell.
The person I feel the most sorry towards is... Dreyfus?
Meliodas, are you truly a Demon? I can't tell you that.
I was originally a Druid. No way, liar!
I'd like to have a tavern of my own when I retire. Why don't you take over this place?


Icon fellowship howzer.png
Question Best Response
Are King and Diane pretty close? Yep, they're really close.
A Fairy and a Giant? They don't go well together at all. What? They look just fine together.
All that Griamore does is follow Veronica around like a dog. Kind of like how you follow Diane around.
Gil is way too serious and no fun at all. I think you should be more like him.
I'm the only one without a significant other... Chin up.
I can harness the power of the wind. Then why don't you try blowing that guy's hat away?
I want to form my own order of Knights. Any good ideas for a name? Howzer and the Gang.
Diane is so cute... King says that too.
I can't believe I've been tricked by Dreyfus and Hendrickson all this time! Yeah, dummy.
I wasn't able to protect Diane... You did your best.


Icon fellowship hugo.png
Question Best Response
Who's the strongest out of all of you? Me, of course.
Being tall has its disadvantages. Being short has its disadvantages too.
Everyone assumes Simon and I are father and son when they see us together. Because one's so big and one's so small?
To be honest, I admire you. Really?
I only think about the next battle. Work's over. Take some time to relax.
The [Roars of Dawn] are the greatest Knights in the kingdom. Let's not forget about [The Seven Deadly Sins].
Why do you run a tavern? Because I need the money.
A captain's authority is absolute. Must be nice for Slater.
Of all of us, who looks the strongest? I think you'd be the strongest.
Aren't you curious how our order of Knights was assembled? Not really.


Icon fellowship jericho.png
Question Best Response
I'm gonna become even more powerful than my brother. Don't you think you're powerful enough?
I'm a lot more powerful now! Good for you. You're powerful.
Is it true that Ban does the cooking here? That's right. He's our tavern chef.
I- I'm not here to see Ban. I swear! But you've been gazing towards the kitchen all day.
Could it really be that I have a talent for barbering? You might make it big as a barber.
What kind of person is Ban, really? Why, do you like him?
Is Guila not here? I think she just left.
I absolutely hate bugs! I don't think there are bugs at the tavern.
I like the food, but I don't like the chef. You sure it's not the other way around?
I haven't forgotten the humiliation I suffered at Baste! Just drown it in some ale.


Icon fellowship jillian.png
Question Best Response
Hey, what do you think you're looking at? Nothing?
Don't underestimate me for being a woman if you know what's good for you. I've never underestimated you.
Why does everyone fight so ruthlessly? Because it's cool?
I wish our fight went on a little longer. I'd say we duked it out fine.
The teamwork of [Roars of Dawn] is perfect. You call that perfect?
Don't you think I'm the most beautiful of all Holy Knights? Wow. Don't you feel even a little embarrassed saying that?
Hey, is it true that your cooking is terrible? It's just the taste that's bad. That's all.
I can't wait for my next mission. I hear you only take on missions where you get to kill your target.
What's the vibe at your tavern like? Exceptional.
Once my magic ensnares you, you're done for. Wanna work for the tavern and hunt game meat?


Icon fellowship jude.png
Question Best Response
I can't scrub the stench of blood off me. Drinking some of our ale will help you forget about that.
Everyone tells me the truth in the end. That's pretty handy.
What do you think I like? Meat?
I can shut the mouths of customers who complain about the food here. Forever. It's not necessary to keep people from voicing the truth.
I love having a mug of ale after a hard day's work. Ale after a day of lazing around is nice too.
Would you like to experience what my hands are capable of? Nah, I hate pain.
[b]The Fox Sin of Greed[/b] was captured by none other than myself. Wow, impressive.
We just perform our duties the best we can. So you're just carrying out orders from above, is that it?
I guess it's time to find another line of work. Want me to introduce you to some people?
All cannot help but feel weak before me. So that's why I've been so annoyed.


Icon fellowship liliahmagician.png
Question Best Response
What do you think proves your worth? I don't need to prove anything to be me.
Do you think I can surpass my master? Well, do your best, I guess.
Without a doubt, your cooking is the closest thing to the apocalypse. Don't go scheming to end the world with my cooking, you hear?
There are so many types of drinks. How about a recommendation? How about a sweet drink?
Would you like to join me in carrying out my plans? Hmm, I'll give it a thought, sure.
How about allying yourself with me instead of Merlin? Merlin is a precious ally of mine.
I know I give off a gloomy vibe. It's not that bad.
Tell me, how did you become so powerful? I don't know. Maybe it's all thanks to someone important to me.
You're plotting to eventually interfere with my plans, aren't you? Yeah. I don't want the world to end.
Do you know Merlin's weakness? Oh! Let me know if you find one!


Icon fellowship marmas.png
Question Best Response
How about recruiting me as an associate? I guess the more the merrier.
Instrument? The maraca is no instrument. It's the ultimate weapon. It's hefty. I like that in a weapon.
Tsk, that Howzer. He thinks he's all that. He's always been stuck up.
Gravity is the most powerful force in the world. Agreed. Must be why I always feel so tired and sluggish.
There's nothing like having a drink after a hard day's work. There's nothing like a drink after a day of relaxation, either.
Ever thought about making jerky out of that pig? You mean the captain of the Knighthood of Scraps Disposal?
I don't get why people keep calling me a roly-poly. Because that's what you look like.
Boom boom pow, chick chicky boom! There you go, liven things up a bit.
Let's be honest. My skills don't compare to the likes of Jericho or Guila. I never thought about that before.
I'm telling you, maracas are all the rage in Liones. This is the first I'm hearing of it.


Icon fellowship melascula.png
Question Best Response
What do you believe? Where does your faith lie? I believe in only one thing.
Give your soul to me. Never.
I heard you sell ale? Give me some. Our tavern doesn't sell to just anyone.
Don't you have someone you'd like to bring back to life? No, the present is more precious to me.
I want to collect more Human souls! I'm not letting you do what you want.
3,000 years, and this place is still the same. There's a lot that's changed if you look closely.
Me, I prefer talking things out. But you're not saying you won't fight.
Don't you want to know how it feels to be sealed away? I have no idea, but I also don't want to find out.
There are a lot of strong and clear souls here. Don't even think about it.
Not long until the Demon King arrives! That won't happen.


Icon fellowship ruin.png
Question Best Response
Who do I look like to you? I want to say, Diane...? But I know that you're Ruin.
What a broken-down hovel. How about if I play my bell? Great! As long as you don't hypnotize me.
How's the pay here? Sorry to disappoint you, but it's all volunteer work.
Should I put on a live performance here? Why not! I'll set the stage.
Which would you choose... A dreamy illusion or a harsh reality? I'd just make my own reality better.
You may be part of [The Seven Deadly Sins], but you're still just a little brat to me. Haha! You're not the first to tell me that.
My body is stronger than steel! Want to test that theory?
Some Humans deserve retribution. Retribution, you say...
You all seem dangerous somehow. We're the furthest thing from dangerous.
Know anyone who can craft a good bell? Just average ones.


Icon fellowship simon.png
Question Best Response
Don't treat me like a child. I don't.
Man, I'm so bored. I know. Boring.
Hey, do you really own a tavern? That's right, I'm the dashing proprietor.
What do you think about my swordsmanship? It's not totally useless.
There's no other Knighthood like the [Roars of Dawn]. That's a brash thing to say with [The Seven Deadly Sins] right in front of you.
Everyone thinks I'm Hugo's son when I'm with him. That's because he's so huge and you're so tiny.
There's nothing more pathetic than being defeated in battle. I'd say living to see another day is victory enough.
What's your secret to stay looking so young? It'll cost you... You sure you wanna know?
I'm bored. What's there to do? Drink at the tavern, maybe?
Is that talking piggy your emergency food ration? He used to deal with the scraps. Now he takes care of the finances.


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Question Best Response
I must say I was surprised by the unexpected encounter. We could say the same.
I'm so happy I got to meet [The Seven Deadly Sins].♡ I'm honored to hear that.
The mask? It can get in the way sometimes. Then take it off.
All [Roars of Dawn] get-togethers will be held at the Boar Hat tavern from now on! Can you even afford to foot that bill?
Men without tact tend to be unpopular. What do you mean?
A talking piglet? Unbelievable! Want to take him?
[Roars of Dawn] is a pretty cool name, right? It's a pretty gaudy name, more like.
We are the [Roars of Dawn], the Knights of His Royal Majesty of Liones. You're Royal Knights? Not mercenaries?
Are [The Seven Deadly Sins] really that powerful? Wanna find out?
What's the best way to manage your comrades? Believe in them. That's all there is to it.


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Question Best Response
I'm a three-time winning champion of the Fight Festival! I know.
This year's Fight Festival has been ruined! Not my fault.
You gonna join the Fight Festival next year? You betcha!
Are you guys really [The Seven Deadly Sins]? Yeah, and I'm the [b]The Dragon Sin of Wrath[/b], Meliodas!
I work on my fitness for the Fight Festival every year! You work on your fitness all year?
How old do you think I look? 20s?
So, we don't have a champion this year, right? Well, I suppose so.
Starting next year, I'm going to ban Holy Knights from entering the Fight Festival. Come on, that's not fair.
You think I could become an Apprentice Holy Knight? It's possible if you work harder.
If you're really the captain of [The Seven Deadly Sins]... How old are you? Over 3,000 years old.


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Question Best Response
Confirmed! I'll be collecting that useful little piggy of yours! Sure. Take him.
I don't have any money, so... dine-and-dash, confirmed! Okay. Just pay what you can and eat.
Confirmed! One mug of ale! But whether or not I'll sell it to you is my choice.
Confirmed! My apprenticeship ends next month! I'm a Holy Knight! Your apprenticeship is about over? I'm impressed.
Confirmed! A 50% discount on ale! Alright! Just this once.
Confirmed! I declare this establishment with its terrible food permanently closed! You can't just confirm whatever you feel like.
Confirmed! I'll be arresting all you wanted criminals! Just drink some more ale and put a lid on it.
Confirmed! I'll have whatever that piggy's having! Hawk! Bring out the scraps!
Are you trying to recruit me as an ally? The more friends you have, the better.
Cooking? You'll be needing my knife skills. Want to join the tavern staff?


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Question Best Response
Have you been sealed away before? I think so.
Do you want to go destroy the world I'm from? Well, I am curious about what other worlds are like...
What's the best thing to do when you don't want to do what you're supposed to? Don't do it if you don't want to.
Is there an exclusive method to growing taller in this world? Try drinking a lot of milk.
I want to eat something spicy! Really spicy! I know a tavern with really good food.
Are you interested in my new invention? If you're only showing me, sure.
I found out a really fun truth! Wanna hear? I'll hear it.
I want to be introduced to a researcher who knows this world in detail! I know a great mage.
Is it weird not to have any memories of your parents? No, not really.
Do you believe in things you can't see? Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they don't exist.


Question Best Response
A traveling tavern, huh? That's pretty interesting. Yeah! Convenient, isn't it?
So what's the deal with that pig? Hawk is my wonderful ally!
That Griamore, he can be so annoying. Yeah, he is annoying.
Ellie's hanging out in this dirty place? I don't know if it's dirty, but she likes it here.
Who even hires a princess as a waitress? She's the one who wanted to do it.
Griamore was here? Hmph, whatever! I don't care one bit. I think he was looking for you.
These kinds of cheap meals don't agree with me. Then how about some Vanya Ale? It's the best.
What's the tastiest thing at the tavern? My cooking?
I was surprised when Ellie said she was going to find you guys. But she managed to do it after all.
I wonder if I should go on a journey to become stronger. Do you want to work at my tavern as a new mascot?


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Question Best Response
Between me and Margaret, who do you think looks better with Gil? You.
Why does Gil like Margaret...? She's pretty.
My feelings for Gil... what would you call them? A crush.
Gilthunder... He's so dreamy... I'm dreamier.
After three painstaking years of experimentation, my Elixir of Love is finally complete! Are you sure it works?
That woman Merlin is the devil! I think that description applies more to you.
I just wanted to stay by Gil's side! How sad.
I'm going to surpass my master as a mage one day! Good luck. I'm rooting for you.
What does Margaret have that I don't? A hot bod.
I want to work here too. It's because Gilthunder's a regular, right?


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Question Best Response
An end to another productive day. And there's no better way to end the day than with ale.
I'm planning on paying your tavern a visit today. That's a great idea. I'll cook something special for you.
How is it you came to commit treason? That's a secret!
I didn't think anyone could catch my arrows with their bare hands. That's because Gowther isn't just anyone.
What are you most confident about? Cooking
What do you think of my bow skills? I think you're pretty good.
Ale is the best thing to help you unwind. You know your stuff!
What is your opinion of the [Roars of Dawn]? I think you guys are pretty strong.
It's been a decade, and yet you all seem exactly the same. That's because a lot of us are of races that age differently from Humans.
Do you have darts at your tavern? Should I get a dartboard?