Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Tag Team battles are a unique style of combat that allows two teams to be queued up for the same battle.  The two teams, identified by A & B, are not able to have duplicate heroes (excluding Association units).  Switching between the two teams from the team setting page can be done so by clicking the helmet icon in the upper left corner.

Team A will enter battle first.  During the allies’ turn, teams can be switched out by clicking the helmet icon in the lower left corner. Skills from the other team can be previewed without switching by clicking the card icon in the lower left corner below the helmet.

Tag team skills.PNG

Teams cannot be switched if a hero is incapacitated by an effect.  Additionally, if the enemy has an irremovable effect from an ally’s Unique or Commandment, the effect is removed when the teams are switched out unless the other team also has a similar effect from an ally’s Unique or Commandment.

Demonic Beast Crockshell

Demonic Beast Crockshell is the first event boss to utilize the tag team battle format.  This boss has an immunity effect, which requires bombarding him with Ignite effects to remove it.  Recommended units to use against this boss are those with Ignite, Stance Cancel, or Shatter effects.  The tag team battle mechanic can be best utilized for this event boss by having one team with Ignite effects to remove the immunity effect, and then having higher DPS units on the other team to finish off the battle.

Crockshell has two phases that will require beating, both of which have battle state changes, which can make him more difficult to overcome if utilizing a single-team strategy due to the variability of his pattern.  

In the first phase, Crockshell has a Fixed Damage buff that is removed when a certain number of Ignite effects are stacked against him.  When a certain condition is met, the battle state in the first phase will change.  After this battle state change, he will then use a Stance skill which will greatly decrease damage taken and begin inflicting damage based on Defense.  In this state, Crockshell receives increased damage from skills with a Shatter effect.  During this phase, Crockshell applies an effect at the start of the allies’ turn that prevents all enemies from using Buff skills for two turns when entering the battle or when changing to the original battle state.

In the second phase, Crockshell again inflicts damage based on Defense and uses a Stance skill which greatly decreases damage taken.  In this state, Crockshell takes increased damage from attacks with a Shatter effect.  After a certain number of turns the battle state changes and Crockshell starts using all-target attacks with high additional damage, so it is imperative to beat him early before he gets to this state.  In this state he also has a Unique ability that suppresses damage and prevents him from taking damage that is more than 30% of his max HP.  Crockshell’s Ultimate Move attack inflicts Flood damage on all enemies, which deals additional damage for every percent of remaining HP on self, further reinforcing the need to kill him off as quickly as possible upon entering the second phase’s second battle state.

Some viable units to use against this boss are Green Escanor, Red Demon Meliodas, Red Guila, Red Melascula, Red Kyo and Green Cain since they can all apply Ignite effects and remove the first phase’s immunity.  Some recommended units to use with Shatter effect are King (Blue, Red or Green), Green Liz of Danafor, Red Rem and Green Zaratras.