Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

For fans of the anime, 7DSGC’s storyline very closely follows the plot-line of Season 1.  Each chapter is broken up into episodes, which each take place in a specific area on the World Map.  In addition to the main storyline, there are also smaller sub storylines and trials/event storylines.  At the end of each chapter, there is a boss that can be beaten and replayed via the Boss Battle menu.

In some of the episodes, there are video clips and dialogue that are very reminiscent of the anime, although the graphics are slightly different.  You always have the option to skip through these story content items and get right into battle, and you can go back and replay the animations whenever you want once you’ve beaten the episodes.  

Each chapter also has Free Stages that can be repeated over and over to farm for equipment and cooking ingredients.

Chapter 1: Vanya

Chapter 1 begins in Vanya by introducing Meliodas, the Dragon Sin of Wrath.  Additionally, Episode 8, In Search of Allies, requires clearing the main stage The Lightning King’s Pursuit in the Forest of White Dreams to acquire [Heart of the Land] Mercenary Diane.  

Chapter 2: Dalmally

Chapter 2 takes place in Dalmally and begins with Episode 9, A Girl’s Dream after Meliodas is heavily injured in a ferocious battle against Gilthunder.  

Chapter 3: Post Town Tala

Chapter 3 takes place in Post Town Tala and begins with  Episode 21, Post Town Tala, where a girl is found collapsed without warning.  In Episode 25, Capital of the Dead, a precious memory has opened the path to the Capital of the Dead, after which completing this episode will acquire The Grizzly Sin of Sloth, King the Fairy King.

Chapter 4: Vaizel

Chapter 4 takes place in Vaizel and begins with Episode 29, Old Man of Mystery.  Completing the episodes in Chapter 4 unlocks the ability to join the PvP Fight Festival.

Chapter 5: Ordan Village

Chapter 5 takes place in Ordan Village and begins with Episode 41, Tavern Opening Prep.  At the start of this chapter, the Boar Hat has set up shop in the vicinity of Ordan Village, which is a town known for its windmills.  The tavern needs customers to earn money for travel expenses, so the chapter begins with Hawk and Elizabeth promoting the tavern in Ordan Village.  Gowther, the Goat Sin of Lust, can be obtained by completing Episode 45, The Goat Sin of Lust Joins Up.

Chapter 6: Liones Castle

Chapter 6 takes place in Liones Castle and begins with Episode 50, where the West District is found to be collapsing and Guila’s younger brother (Zeal) is in need of saving.  Completing Chapter 6 unlocks the ability to join a Knighthood.  Episode 72, Saving Elizabeth, is one of the primary hurdles that need to be overcome in the storyline.

Chapter 7: Camelot Castle Walls

Chapter 7 introduces the Kingdom of Camelot, the new yet prosperous kingdom to the far south of Brittania. Camelot is led by the current king, Arthur Pendragon, who is advised and mentored by the Boar Sin of Gluttony, Merlin of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Chapter 8: Sacred Land Istal

In Chapter 8, the Seven Deadly Sins and their friends venture to Istal, the peaceful and sacred grounds of the Druids. Here, the group must face a series of trials.

Chapter 9: My Sweet Gluttony

Chapter 9 introduces [The Ten Commandments].

Chapter 10: Death Trap Maze

In Chapter 10, the [Seven Deadly Sins] find themselves inside the Giant Labyrinth as they look for the Great Vaizel Fight Festival.

Chapter 11: Degenerating Humanity

Chapter 11 focuses on the journeys of Golgius and Zaratras. People in Brittania are resorting to cruel methods to survive the tyranny of [The Ten Commandments].

Chapter 12: Defending Liones

Chapter 12 covers the battles of [The Seven Deadly Sins] against Estarossa and Grayroad.

Chapter 13: Demonic Tyranny

Chapter 13 finds Ordan Village in danger! [The Seven Deadly Sins] must save the villagers.

Chapter 14: The Four Archangels

Chapter 14 focuses on the battle between [The Four Archangels] and [The Ten Commandments]. The Gate of the Celestial Realm is introduced, and Gowther the mage is released from the Demon Realm's prison by Melascula.

Chapter 15: Promise of a Previous Life

Gloxinia and Drole mentor King and Diane in Chapter 15, and King grows wings!

Chapter 16: Coffin of Eternal Darkness

In Chapter 16, Meliodas shares about the reincarnations that Elizabeth has experienced and how he has shared each life with her.

Chapter 17: Distress Signal

In Chapter 17, Orlondi and Nanashi are introduced. Arthur and the other citizens of Camelot are fighting back against the Demons. When Monspeet and Derieri fail to respond to Zeldris, Chandler and Cusack step in.

Chapter 18: Foundation for the Future

Chapter 18 begins with Drole and Gloxinia fighting Chandler and buying [The Seven Deadly Sins] time to escape. Meliodas reawakens, but not as the Meliodas that we all know.

Chapter 19: Ludociel

Chapter 19 finds [The Seven Deadly Sins] members and their friends scattered around Brittania. Ban has gone to Purgatory in search of Meliodas's soul. Margaret, Dreyfus and Hendrickson are looking for Gilthunder, when Margaret becomes possessed by Ludociel.

Chapter 20: Return to Liones

Chapter 20 finds [The Seven Deadly Sins] back to Camelot, and later Liones. Ludociel shares the story about the death of his brother, Mael.

Chapter 21: The Loss of a Team Member

Chapter 21 finds [The Seven Deadly Sins] tragically losing a key team member.

Chapter 22: The Loss of a Commandment

Chapter 22 finds [The Ten Commandments] also losing a key team member.

Additional information will be added about subsequent chapters as they become available.