Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Shop Menu

The Shop Menu contains the majority of shops where things can be bought.  This can be reached by the Shop portion of the bottom menu.

Shops main navigation.jpg

Equipment Draw

In the Equipment Draw section of the Shop menu, you can acquire various pieces of equipment and Enhancement materials from equipment drawing.

Golden Keys or Gold can be spent to draw equipment.

Shops draw equipment.jpg

Additionally, on a weekly basis, you can earn Sapphire, Ruby, or Emerald boxes to spend on equipment by participating in the PvP Vaizel Fight Festival.  The number of boxes that you’ll earn is determined based on your ranking in the Fight Festival.  These boxes can be used to draw more equipment, as shown in the below image.  The better you rank in the Fight Festival, the more boxes and higher rarity boxes you will receive.

Shops draw sapphire.jpg

Purchase Bundle

You can purchase various bundled items here.  These will change on a periodic basis depending on what events are currently happening.

Purchase Diamonds

Purchase Diamond bundles of various prices here.  The first purchase that you make has an added bonus of a [The Seven Deadly Sins] Guaranteed SSR Ticket.

Shops first purchase.jpg

Sacred Treasure Shop

Purchase various items that change Heroes’ appearances in this section.  The Sacred Treasures that are available here rotate on a periodic basis.

Shops Sacred Items.jpg

Coin Shop

The Coin Shop is where you’ll use Friendship coins and extra Hero Coins to purchase rare items.

Shops Coin Shop.jpg


Platinum Coins can be spent to buy other Platinum Coins, depending on which Heroes you are missing.  The most cost-effective way to spend Coins is to wait for specific Heroes to show up in the Limited-Time Sale section.  Unfortunately, there is not a way to see which Heroes you have already maxed out their Ultimate Moves on to know which Coins are safe to spend without impacting any of your other Heroes, so it’s a good idea to already spend any Heroes whose Ultimate Moves you want to level up before you come to the Coin Shop.


Gold Coins can be spent to purchase certain Heroes’ Platinum Coins, as well as Awakening and Evolution materials.  Affection hearts and Enhancement anvils can also be purchased in this shop.


You can use Silver Coins to buy certain Heroes’ Gold Coins, as well as event tokens, Stamina potions, Dungeon Keys, race draw tickets, awakening materials chests, and R and SR Evolution Pendants.  In the Silver Coin Shop, you can get a daily free SSR Treasure Chest which can be sold for 37500 Gold.

Additional information about the Heroes that can be purchased in the Coin Ship can be found on the Coin Shop Purchases guide.


Friendship coins are earned by interacting with friends on a daily basis, by completing Death Matches together, “borrowing” their heroes for battles, and sending coins from the Friends menu.  These coins can be used to buy a variety of items, as shown below.

Shops friendship.jpg

Item Shop

The Item Shop contains items that require Diamonds to purchase.  From the main Item portion of this tab, you can buy Stamina (50 for 1 Diamond), Event Dungeon Keys (3 for 5 Diamonds), Gold Dungeon Keys (5 for 2 Diamonds), and Fight Festival Entry Tickets (3 for 1 Diamond).

Additionally, on the Stamps tab you can purchase Stamp sets for Meliodas, Hawk, Diane, King, Ban, and Gowther.  These are great to use in PvP or Death Match when you cannot use text to communicate, although they don’t serve many other purposes except to be adorable.

Shops stamps.jpg

Village Shops

In addition to the shops that are available from the Shops menu, there are also several shops that are available in villages.  You can earn discounts for these village shops by interacting with Veronica in your Tavern or by completing Death Matches.  

These village shops are:

  • Materials Shop (buy and sell Ingredients, Cooking, and Awakening materials)
Shops Materials.jpg

  • Equipment Shop (buy and sell Equipment, with the type of Equipment being available for purchase based on the Village’s propensity)
Shops Equipment.jpg

  • Pop-up Shop (only open in each village on rare occasions based on a schedule.  Rare items are available for purchase here, such as special weapons and gifts that can be given to heroes to increase Affection)
Shops Pop-Up.jpg

Higher rarity items from each of these village shops become unlocked as the village level is increased.

Fight Festival Shop

The Fight Festival Shop can be accessed from within the Vaizel Fight Festival area.  Here you can purchase a variety of Equipment, Weapons (costumes), and miscellaneous Equipment Enhancement and Awakening materials with the festival coins that you earn for winning arena battles.  You will unlock more options for purchase as you reach higher tiers in the Fight Festival.

Knighthood Shop

Last but not least, after joining a Knighthood, items can be purchased from the Knighthood Shop.  Awakening materials, Evolution materials, Cooking items, and Stamina potions can be bought by spending Knighthood coins.  

Shops Knighthood.jpg

Knighthood coins are earned by completing daily Knighthood Tasks.  You can’t complete these tasks on your own, so make sure you join an active Knighthood to help support you to earn as many Knighthood coins as possible.

Quests Knighthood.jpg