Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki


Question Best Response
Do you believe in the gods? I trust myself.
What is the best way to remember something that I never want to forget? Start writing a diary.
Do the people in this world discriminate and persecute others for being different? Nope. Being different isn't a bad thing.
Hating someone is an easy thing to do. It might be easier to love someone.
Why are you looking at me? I wasn't. I was only looking around.
What do I do about the guilt of having been unable to protect them? You can't move forward without letting go of your guilt.
Does perfect evil exist? No, everyone has a reason for being evil.
What's a good way to get along with an ally I don't feel comfortable with? Why not crush them in a duel?
I heard the chef of the Boar Hat is quite skilled. Yup. He's the most skilled chef in all of Liones.


Question Best Response
I want a cup of strong, dark coffee. How about Vanya Ale instead?
Will you be my escort...? Escort? Is that the name of a dish?
How did you and Ban become friends? Why? Is it that weird?
What does Vanya Ale taste like? It has a nice and heavy mouthfeel. Goes down like a dream.
I am Eastin, the next ruler of the Amabilis clan. Okay.
Do you know what I want to get rid of the most? I don't know. Could it be...
What is hunger? It's kind of like how you want to figure things out right now.
Can't you do something about the goofy way you walk? Is that supposed to be a compliment?
All Lillia cares about is bringing destruction. Everyone knows that. You're the same, aren't you?


Question Best Response
Without a doubt, your cooking is the closest thing to the apocalypse. Don't go scheming to end the world with my cooking, you hear?
I know I give off a gloomy vibe. It's not that bad.
Tell me, how did you become so powerful? I don't know. Maybe it's all thanks to someone important to me.
How about allying yourself with me instead of Merlin? Merlin is a precous ally of mine.
What do you think proves your worth ? I don't need to prove anything to be me.
There are so many types of drinks. How about a recommendation? How about a sweet drink?
Would you like to join me in carrying out my plans? Hmm, I'll give it a thought, sure.
Do you think I can surpass my master? Well, do your best, I guess.
You're plotting to eventually interfere with my plans, aren't you? Yeah. I don't want the world to end.


Question Best Response
What is morality? A complicated issue.
What is a hobby? Doing something you like.
What is love? Being unable to kill someone you have to kill?
Isn't it natural to kill something that threatens you? It's not natural.
Do I have to deal with people who aren't my targets? Because not everyone's a target.
I am defenseless when I sleep. I don't ever want to sleep. Even machines need to take a break sometimes. You too.
Time went by too slowly in the research facility. Did something happen?
How can one live without orders? I think it's normal.
I heard everyone is driven by instinct. Are you living by your instincts?


Question Best Response
Stop getting in my way and move! I wasn't trying to get in your way
Do you think I'm weak? I don't think so.
I want to become more powerful so no one can look down on me. You're gonna need more than power.
Do people really have that much to think about, all the time? Depends on who you're asking.
Are you interested in my face too? No, I'm not interested in your face.
Anything goes when one's trying to survive, right? Sometimes, there's no choice.
Are there human traffickers here too? Bad people exist anywhere you go.
Manners? Never heard of it. What is it? Something that can be meaningless sometimes, I guess.
You're gonna use me, aren't you? I don't want to use you.


Question Best Response
Silence is golden, don't you think? I think it's okay from time to time.
Wanna come back to my world with me? I hope you can come back.
This place is similar to the world I read about in a book before. Tell me more.
What is your motive in talking to me? I'm curious about your world.
Isn't it always better to act alone? Sometimes.
Doesn't this world have a tutorial NPC...? I don't know what you're talking about.
I knew I wasn't connected but I checked it again anyway. What are you checking for?
Know anyone who can control lightning? There's someone called the Lightning King.
Don't you think power is the most valuable thing? Power comes from being able to protect what matters.


Question Best Response
Do you want to go destroy the world I'm from? Well, I am curious about what other worlds are like...
Is there an exclusive method to growing taller in this world? Try drinking a lot of milk.
Have you been sealed away before? I think so.
I want to eat something spicy! Really spicy! I know a tavern with really good food.
I want to be introduced to a researcher who knows this world in detail! I know a great mage.
What's the best thing to do when you don't want to do what you're supposed to? Don't do it if you don't want to.
Are you interested in my new invention? If you're only showing me, sure.
Is it weird not to have any memories of your parents? No, not really.
I found out a really fun truth ! Wanna hear ? I'll hear it.

Special thanks for Sirdek from Reddit for compiling these questions and finding the best answers.