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Red Lostvayne Meliodas has a skill which fills up his own Ultimate Move Gauge, allowing him to unleash his Ultimate Move quickly, and another skill which ignores enemy Defense.

Hero Rating & Base Stats

Red lostvayne meliodas radar chart.png
Red lostvayne meliodas stat bar.png

Hero Advanced Stats

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Division Impact
Icon meliodas lostvayne ssr type01 skill 01.png Rank 1 Skillicon damage.png Inflicts damage equal to 240% of Attack on one enemy.
Rank 2 Skillicon damage.png Inflicts damage equal to 300% of Attack on one enemy and Fills the Ultimate Move Gauge by 1 orb.
Rank 3 Skillicon damage.png Inflicts damage equal to 500% of Attack on one enemy and Fills the Ultimate Move Gauge by 2 orbs.

Triple Avatar
Icon meliodas lostvayne ssr type01 skill 02.png Rank 1

Skillicon damage.png

Inflicts Charge damage equal to 130% of Attack on all enemies.
Rank 2

Skillicon damage.png

Inflicts Charge damage equal to 195% of Attack on all enemies.
Rank 3

Skillicon damage.png

Inflicts Charge damage equal to 325% of Attack on all enemies.


Virtual Body Doubles
Icon meliodas lostvayne ssr type01 special 01.png Inflicts Secret Technique damage equal to 300 / 330 / 360 / 390 / 420 / 450% of Attack on all enemies and deals damage with attribute advantage regardless of attribute. Secret Technique Multiplier per Ultimate Level: 20 / 28 / 36 / 44 / 52 / 60%


Icon exclusive skill 1395001.png Increases the ranks of all of the hero's skills when the hero takes Crit Damage during the enemy turn.

Hero Guide

[Virtual Body Doubles] Lostvayne Meliodas or more commonly known as Red Lostvayne Meliodas is the first Festival Hero of 7DSGC. He was released during the Half Anniversary event and can only be acquired during Festival Draws. Like pick-up events, he is a guaranteed reward after completing the loyalty gauge for spending 900 Diamonds.

Festival units are top tier heroes and are sought after by most players. They have special characteristics that can be game-changing when used correctly. Now with Meliodas in possession of his Sacred Treasure “Demon Sword Lostvayne”, he can use his power more effectively than ever.

When enemies land a critical hit on Red Lostvayne Meliodas, all of his skill cards on hand will instantly rank-up. With his base Crit Resistance at 0, most of the time he will be receiving critical hits. His high Resistance, however, compensate for the damage received.

With cards ranked up, he fills his Ultimate Move Gauge much faster and delivers a strong Charge attack to enemies in AoE (ignores enemy Defense). Most importantly, his Ultimate deals AoE damage with attribute advantage, meaning the damage is increased by 30% regardless of the enemy’s attribute.


  • Top pick for use in Akumu Knighthood Boss teams
  • Great to use for Tower of Trials, especially when paired with Red Jericho because she increases Attack-related stats
  • Fills his ultimate move gauge faster than most heroes
  • Has an attack that overrides the enemy’s attribute and will always inflict damage with attribute advantage (+30%)
  • Easy skill rank up
  • Deals significant damage to heroes with high Defense


  • Can be countered by heroes with attack disable
  • Limited use in Death Matches
  • Low Regeneration Rate, Crit Resistance and Recovery Rate

Skill Review

Division Impact - Has a relatively high damage multiplier, immediately imposing a threat to his enemies. At skill rank 2, it has an additional effect that increases his Ultimate Move Gauge. With his unique ability taking effect, you can use his Ultimate frequently. In PVP, set Red Lostvayne Meliodas in the leftmost slot of your main team to get the chance of naturally merging Division Impact on your first turn.

Triple Avatar - This AoE skill ignores the enemies’ Defense. It does not deal significant damage at rank 1, so it is usually best to keep this on your hand until it ranks up. When your unique ability activates and you happen to have multiple “Triple Avatar” skills, then you can do massive accumulated damage on the next turn.

Ultimate: Virtual Body Doubles - An overpowered skill that obliterates enemies regardless of their attributes. His Ultimate has the Secret Technique effect which causes additional damage with more of his cards on hand.

Lvmeli Ult.jpg

Unique: Rebate - This ability is what makes Red Lostvayne Meliodas dangerous. His Unique will increase the ranks of all of his skills when he gets hit by Crit Damage. It is best to keep his Crit Resistance at 0 to frequently activate this effect, anyway, he has a high HP and Resistance which will help reduce the total damage taken.


Equipment Set - Onslaught (Attack) / Iron Wall (Defense).

Substats are as follows:
Bracer/Ring - Attack
Necklace/Earring - Defense
Belt/Rune - HP

PVP - Red Lostvayne Meliodas is a decent choice for starters.

PVE (Story / Farm / Sub-Quests / Boss) - Although there are heroes more viable in PVE with faster clear time (Red Howzer & Blue Demon Meliodas in Boss & Free Stages, Red Derieri in Story Mode), Red Lostvayne Meliodas can still clear most of the PVE content with ease. He also has a decent clear time because of his AOE skills. He is a top pick for Akumu Knighthood Boss and Tower of Trials.

Demonic Beast Howlex (Crimson Demon) - This demon is HP-type (Green) which is weak against Strength-type (Red) heroes. Since Hell difficulty only allows the use of advantageous type heroes, Mono-Red teams are highly recommended for this Death Match. Other heroes that can outmatch Red Lostvayne Meliodas are Red Escanor, Red Demon Meliodas, and Red Derieri.

Training Grotto - He is mainly used to counter HP-type (Green) Illusion Ambers, especially against Level 3 stages.



Meliodas is the Dragon's Sin of Wrath and captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, formerly the owner of the renowned tavern Boar Hat, and is the main protagonist of the series. His Sacred Treasure is the Demon Sword Lostvayne and his inherent power is Full Counter.