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Red Lillia improves the team's survivability by interrupting the enemy's Ultimate Move usage and healing allies.

Hero Rating & Base Stats

PVP (Normal) 5 / 10
PVP (Elite) 5 / 10
PVE 4 / 10
Unique Ability 8 / 10
Red Demon 2 / 10
Gray Demon 2 / 10
Howlex 2 / 10
Bellmoth 2 / 10
Hraesvelgr 1 / 10

Red lillia stat bar.png


Free Shooter
Icon liliahawaken skill 01.png Rank 1 Skillicon damage.png Inflicts damage equal to 200% of Attack on one enemy and restores the HP of the lowest HP ally by 80% of damage dealt.
Rank 2 Skillicon damage.png Inflicts damage equal to 250% of Attack on one enemy and restores the HP of all allies by 30% of damage dealt.
Rank 3 Skillicon damage.png Inflicts damage equal to 400% of Attack on one enemy and restores the HP of all allies by 40% of damage dealt.

La Traviata
Icon liliahawaken skill 02.png Rank 1

Skillicon damage.png

Inflicts damage equal to 150% of Attack on all enemies.
Rank 2

Skillicon damage.png

Inflicts damage equal to 150% of Attack on all enemies and depletes 1 Ultimate Move Gauge orb.
Rank 3

Skillicon damage.png

Inflicts damage equal to 250% of Attack on all enemies and depletes 3 Ultimate Move Gauge orbs.



Icon liliahawaken special 01.png Removes Buffs from all enemies and inflicts damage equal to 350 / 385 / 420 / 455 / 490 / 525% of Attack.


The Power of Desire
Icon exclusive skill 1870501.png Applies Corrosion on enemies with 3 orbs or less in their Ultimate Move Gauge for 2 turns. Decreases Attack of enemies with 5 orbs or more in their Ultimate Move Gauge by 10% for 2 turns. (Applies when entering battle, excludes Death Match)

Hero Guide

[Advent of Destruction] Lillia of Desire, also known as Red Lillia or Evil Lilla, is a PVP support hero known for applying Corrosion debuff in securing the effects of Festival King’s passive. She’s part of the Festival King PVP meta team together with Green Demon Hendrickson.

Red Lillia’s Unique ability works upon entering battle and automatically applies a debuff effect to the enemy. It may either apply Corrosion or Decrease Attack debuff depending on the 2 conditions. If the enemy has 3 orbs or less in the Ultimate Move Gauge, it will apply Corrosion debuff for 2 turns. Once it reaches 5 orbs, it will apply a Decrease Attack debuff of 10% for 2 turns.

To effectively use Festival King’s Unique ability, he needs support heroes that can inflict 2 or 3 of these debuffs: Poison, Bleed, Shock, and Corrosion. Since Red Lillia can automatically apply Corrosion during her turn, you can almost guarantee Festival King’s Unique ability to take effect which makes the enemy unable to remove Debuffs using Recovery Skills. Add in Green Demon Hendrickson’s Bleed and Shock effects, then Festival King’s Unique ability will additionally decrease an Ultimate Move Gauge orb from the enemy each turn.

Red Lillia can also Heal, Deplete Ultimate Move Gauge orbs, and Remove Buffs, which are all essential abilities for a top-tier support hero. Stats wise, she has a very high base Attack and HP. Her secondary stats are also above average but struggles with low base Defense.


  • Makes your Festival King team dominate in PVP
  • Above-average stats, notably Attack, HP, Resistance, Crit Damage, and Recovery Rate
  • One of the few heroes who have an AOE skill to Deplete Ultimate Move Gauge orbs
  • Versatile in various PVP situations, as she provides both offensive and defensive utility


  • Limited use outside PVP
  • Does not excel with other PVP teams other than Festival King teams
  • Her Unique ability does not work in the Sub (requires Red Lillia to be present in the battle to take effect)

Skill Review

Free Shooter - A single-target skill that heals allies based on the amount of damage dealt. You’d want at least a rank 2 card so you can heal all allies. However, you can also use a rank 1 card to heal an allied hero with the lowest HP. Rank 1 card heals much more if you’re aiming to specifically recover a hero.

La Traviata - This skill is similar to Blue Lillia’s “Pathetique” skill. It is an AOE attack with a decent multiplier, capable of depleting Ultimate Move Gauge orbs starting at Rank 2. It is especially useful when enemies are rushing their ults (using Green Merlin and Ult Food). Having a hero that can Increase Skill Ranks will maximize the potential of this skill.

Ultimate: Leviathan - This skill is mostly used to Remove Buffs from all enemies, so do not expect a high damage output especially when you’re using an HP / Def set for Red Lillia. It can only inflict decent damage with Attack / Def set and upgraded Ultimate Move.

Unique: The Power of Desire - The trademark ability of Red Lillia that coined her as one of the trios for Festival King teams. When active in battle, her Unique ability automatically applies a debuff based on certain conditions. Corrosion applies additional damage at the end of every turn, while Decrease Attack lessens the succeeding damage of the enemy, including their Ultimate Move.


Equipment Set - Onslaught (Attack) or Life (HP) / Iron Wall (Defense).

Substats are as follows:
Bracer/Ring - Attack
Necklace/Earring - Defense
Belt/Rune - HP

PVP - Red Lillia is a remarkable addition for players building a Festival King team in top-tier PVP. She can also do well with another team below Champion tier. As for her skill set, Red Lillia provides some of the best utility, whether in the offensive or defensive end of the battle. Her “Free Shooter” skill can be used as an offensive ability to inflict damage while healing your allies. Additionally, she can Deplete Ultimate Move Gauge orbs from all enemies.

PVE (Story / Farm / Sub-Quests / Boss) - Although there are heroes more viable in PVE with faster clear time, Red Lillia’s support capability can be used to clear the difficult stages and roadblocks of PVE battles and story mode bosses.

Training Grotto - She can be used against the Level 3 [Green Amber] Vigorous Conqueror to sustain your team and prevent the boss’ Ultimate Move Gauge from filling up. Alternatively, she can also be used to counter HP-type (Green) Illusion Ambers.

Holy Relic

Icon weapon liliahmagician 0551 c.pngAndvaranaut



Lilia is a mysterious young mage and a former apprentice of Merlin. She is an original character made for Hikari to Yami no Grand Cross mobile game. She is the founder and leader of the Seven Disasters.

Lilia was a former apprentice of Merlin, however, after enraging with her master, she left Merlin and started to learn magic by herself to, maybe one day, be able to surpass Merlin as a magician.