Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Hero Rating & Base Stats

PVP (Normal) 10 / 10
PVP (Elite) 10 / 10
PVE 9 / 10
Unique Ability 9 / 10
Red Demon 2 / 10
Gray Demon 1 / 10
Howlex 2 / 10
Bellmoth 2 / 10
Hraesvelgr 10 / 10
Eikthyrinir 10 / 10

Red festival diane stat bar.png

Hero Advanced Stats

Red festival diane advanced stat.png


Crazy Rush
Icon diane queen ssr type01 skill 01.png Rank 1

Skillicon damage.png

Inflicts Pulverize damage equal to 180% of Attack on one enemy. If the hero's Ultimate Move Gauge has 4 orbs or more, removes 1 orb from the enemy's Ultimate Move Gauge.
Rank 2

Skillicon damage.png

Inflicts Pulverize damage equal to 270% of Attack on one enemy. If the hero's Ultimate Move Gauge has 4 orbs or more, removes 1 orb from the enemy's Ultimate Move Gauge.
Rank 3

Skillicon damage.png

Inflicts Pulverize damage equal to 450% of Attack on one enemy. If the hero's Ultimate Move Gauge has 4 orbs or more, removes 1 orb from the enemy's Ultimate Move Gauge.

Spinning Hammer
Icon diane queen ssr type01 skill 02.png Rank 1 Skillicon stance.png Assumes a Stance for 2 turns which increases HP-related stats by 12% and Taunts enemies.
Rank 2 Skillicon stance.png Assumes a Stance for 3 turns which increases HP-related stats by 18% and Taunts enemies.
Rank 3 Skillicon stance.png Assumes a Stance for 3 turns which increases HP-related stats by 30% and Taunts enemies.


Queen's Embrace
Icon diane queen ssr type01 special 01.png Inflicts Quell damage equal to 380 / 418 / 456 / 494 / 532 / 570% of Attack on all enemies, then heals HP of all allies by 3 / 5 / 8 / 12 / 20 / 30% of damage dealt.


Queen of the Earth
Ssrr passive.png When taking damage from the enemy, increases the hero's damage dealt by 10% (up to 50%). Combines up to 500,000 damage taken by skills and skill effects, then increases damage dealt by 20% of the accumulated amount, then decreases allies' damage taken by 40% while the Stance is active.

Hero Guide

[Waves of the Earth] Queen Diane, commonly known as Red Festival Diane is the featured character for 7DS Grand Cross’ 2nd Anniv. Festival Draw. At the time of her release, she boasts the highest Combat Class Rating, HP, and Critical Resist stats in the game. Aside from PVP, Festival Diane plays a crucial role in the Demonic Beast battles, replacing Red Halloween Matrona. Since her CC and HP are quite high, she can be used as an effective shield with her Taunt ability.

In Grand Cross, Festival Diane can increase her offensive power by taking more damage from the enemy. With the help of her Unique ability and Stance skill, she can deal significant damage using her Ultimate Move (Quell increases damage dealt by 40% per active Stance on self).

Her first skill has a Pulverize effect that increases damage dealt for each orb in the hero’s Ultimate Move Gauge, additionally depleting the enemy’s Ult Gauge if Festival Diane has 4 orbs or more in hers. This gives her the utility to prevent enemies from using their Ultimate Moves while setting up and scaling her damage.

In PvP, she shines by supporting the team’s main attacker, soaking all single-target damage and mitigating the amount of AOE damage received. Moreover, she gains back the lost HP very quickly from the effects of the HP-related stats boost. Her Recovery Rate, Regeneration Rate, and Lifesteal is increased by a significant amount while the stance is active.

Her Ultimate ability inflicts high damage when used correctly. First, the Stance ability should be active to trigger Quell damage. Secondly, she should receive high amounts of damage to equally inflict more damage on the enemy.

Red Festival Diane excels in PVP because of her high base stats and immense power to boost her team offensively and defensively. She is also ideal to use against Hraesvelgr and Eikthyrnir.


  • High HP and Defense-related stats
  • Able to provide offensive and defensive firepower for your team
  • Excels on both PVP and PVE content
  • One of the best Tank (Taunt hero) in Hraesvelgr and Eikthyrnir Demonic Beast battle


  • Very reliant on Taunt ability to stay effective in battle
  • Stance removal and stace disable can remove her HP-increasing buffs and prevent her from using them

Skill Review

Crazy Rush - This skill inflicts Pulverize damage, which deals an additional 20% additional damage for each orb in the hero’s Ultimate Move Gauge. Thus this attack becomes more effective the more orbs that Festival Diane has in her gauge. Additionally, if she has at least four orbs in his Ultimate Move Gauge, she can deplete the enemy’s Ultimate Move Gauge orbs.

Spinning Hammer - A powerful skill that works well with her Unique ability. While the Taunt is active, Festival Diane decreases allies' damage taken by 40%. She can effectively soak and minimize target damage. At the same time, her damage increases based on the damage received (up to 50%).

Ultimate: Queen's Embrace - Her Ultimate move inflicts Quell which increases damage by 40% per active Stance on self, additionally healing all allies based on the damage dealt. To maximize its potential, use the Ultimate Move while her Stance is active.

Unique: Queen of the Earth - Festival Diane protects her allies and increases her attack damage based on the damage absorbed from the enemy. This distinctive ability works best in combination with her Spinning Hammer ability. While the Stance is active, it decreases allies' damage taken by 40%.


Equipment Set - Life (HP) / Iron Wall (Defense)

Bracer/Ring - Attack
Necklace/Earring - Defense
Belt/Rune - HP

PVP - A top-tier PVP hero, especially in Geared (Elite) mode. Having a Life/Iron Wall set provides numerous benefits for the team. First, Festival Diane will have more capacity to absorb damage. Second, she’ll constantly gain a huge damage bonus by being able to withstand enemy attacks, thus making her a viable damage dealer. Third, Festival Diane is at her peak power on mid-late rounds when she has 4 or more Ult Gauge orbs.

PVE (Story / Boss) - Festival Diane can be used to clear the difficult stages and roadblocks of PVE battles and story mode bosses. She will have limited use in grinding free stages, however, since she’s built more for defense.

Demonic Beast (Hraesvelgr and Eikthyrnir) - Festival Diane is ideal to use on all floors of the Demonic Beast battle as the main defensive support/Taunt hero. She can dish out a good amount of damage when her Unique effects are timed perfectly.

Training Grotto - Festival Diane counters HP-type (Green) Illusion Ambers and most Level 4 stages.



Many years ago, Diane left the Giant's Clan due to her hatred for fighting. After her departure, she formed two rock-like golems to accompany her, despite either of them being unable to talk. She was always alone playing with them as there were no other living beings who would accept her.

At one time, however; Diane found an injured King lying unconscious on a riverbank and nursed the fairy back to health. King, who had taken a hard blow to his head, had lost all memories of his past and in his gratitude spent the next five hundred years playing with and protecting Diane. Diane later met an old man, a human, who offered Diane and King some food despite them being Fairy and a Giant. King was wary with the old man and told Diane to be careful around humans. Due to unknown reasons, Diane ended up getting a fever, in which King panicked due to Fairies never having fevers and went out to get herbs. However, Diane stopped him, telling him to not ever leave her side since she didn't want to be alone anymore. The old man who gave them food found them, and concocted a herbal medicine for Diane's fever, eventually curing her of her ailment. As soon as Diane got better, King and Diane ended up playing tag with each other, as King told her that if she caught him, he will grant her a wish.

Diane took it seriously and caught King, but ended up getting her clothes ripped off in the fray, leaving her entirely naked, much to King's dismay. King ends up making her new clothes and the two went to visit the old man hunter's place, only to find more houses had sprung up around there, and that the man they believed was the hunter they had met was actually the late hunter's grandson. After leaving the forest, King told Diane about marriage between two humans who love each other. Diane asked if King loves her, which he flushed to, but agreed. Diane thus chose to use King's promise to make him always love her. He agreed wholeheartedly. Later that night, King ended up remembering who he is through various flashbacks in his dreams and found out that the village close by was on fire. King told Diane to stay back as he went to the town, promising to come back. Diane waited in tears, hoping for King to return, only to find King return and strike her with a flower to her spine to erase her memories of him. Diane eventually awoke from her slumber without any memories, but curiously picked up King's flower and walked outside. She rejoins the Giant's Clan afterward.