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Red Arthur has a skill which disables Recovery Skills of all enemies and another skill which removes Debuffs from allies and increases basic stats.

Hero Rating & Base Stats

PVP (Normal) 5 / 10
PVP (Elite) 5 / 10
PVE 5 / 10
Unique Ability 8 / 10
Red Demon 5 / 10
Gray Demon 2 / 10
Howlex 7 / 10
Bellmoth 4 / 10
Hraesvelgr 1 / 10


Light Pillar
Icon arthur sword skill 04.png Rank 1 Skillicon damage debuff.png Inflicts damage equal to 220% of Attack on one enemy. Disables Recovery Skills for 1 turn.
Rank 2 Skillicon damage debuff.png Inflicts damage equal to 220% of Attack on one enemy. Disables Recovery Skills for 2 turns.
Rank 3 Skillicon damage debuff.png Inflicts damage equal to 360% of Attack on one enemy. Disables Recovery Skills for 2 turns.

Royal Sword
Icon arthur sword skill 05.png Rank 1

Skillicon buff.png

Increases the basic stats of one ally by 20% for 2 turns.
Rank 2

Skillicon buff.png

Increases the basic stats of all allies by 20% for 2 turns.
Rank 3

Skillicon buff.png

Remove Debuffs from all allies. Increases basic stats by 30% and grants Debuff Immunity for 3 turns.



Icon arthur sword special 01.png Inflicts Sever damage equal to 560 / 616 / 672 / 728 / 784 / 840% of Attack on one enemy.


Rarthur passive.png Increase HP-related stats of human allies by 15%.

Hero Guide

[Camelot's Sword] New King Arthur or more commonly known as Red Arthur is one of the best Free-to-Play (Coin Shop) heroes extensively used in a lot of the game’s content. To this date, he is classified as a top-ranked PVP hero as part of the Mono-Red team with Red Escanor and Red Gowther. Mono-Red teams are effective in Normal PVP (Ungeared) and Elite PVP (Geared), but excels more in the latter.

Red Arthur is versatile in PVP that can bring damage and utility through buff and debuff effects. In PVE, he is seen as a support in Howlex (Crimson Demon) that adds protection and boosts Amplify damage. He is also viable in the early phases of Story Mode and Boss Battles.

Red Arthur’s ultimate inflicts a lot of damage and can easily be upgraded by purchasing duplicate coins in the Gold Coin Shop. It is highly suggested to buy copies of him and max out his Ultimate asap. Upgrading it also increases your Combat Power, thus increasing the chance of going first in every battle.

With Red Arthur’s buff, Red Escanor can obliterate enemies in PVP regardless of the attribute advantage/disadvantage. Red Arthur also has high base stats (Attack, HP, Defense) and high Crit Damage and Recovery Rate.


  • Easy to upgrade his Ultimate level
  • Complements very well with Human allies due to his Unique ability, especially Red Howzer and Red Escanor.
  • Strong Ultimate and a reliable critical hit
  • Can be used in Purgatory Ban PvP or Akumu team in lieu of Red Excalibur Arthur


  • Low Pierce Rate and skill damage multiplier
  • Slower clear speed in farming Free Stages / Boss Battles compared to heroes specializing in AoE attacks
  • Low Lifesteal
  • Enemies with Buff cancel can remove buff immunity and make you vulnerable to debuffs if they have them

Skill Review

Light Pillar - is a key skill that counters heroes with Recovery skills. It can readily apply the debuff at Rank 1 which makes it convenient to use. Despite having a low damage multiplier, it can still inflict a respectable amount of damage to HP-type (Green) heroes.

Royal Sword - Red Arthur’s signature buff skill which increases his allies’ basic stats (Attack, Defense, and HP) for an increase in damage and survivability. Ideally, you’d want this skill to reach at least Rank 2 to buff all allies. But in some cases, using it at Rank 1 can be enough to win you the game, especially when casting it on heroes with an Amplify damage effect. At Rank 3, it can boost more stats with additional Debuff Immunity that also cleanses any existing debuff.

Ultimate: Legendary - His ultimate is a strong single target skill and has a Sever effect that doubles the chance of landing a critical hit. Although it has a low damage multiplier at level 1, you can easily upgrade it by purchasing duplicate coins in the Gold Coin Shop. At max level, an 840% attack multiplier is already capable of one-shotting most enemies.

Unique: Charisma - Red Arthur’s unique ability complements well with other Human allies, increasing their HP-related stats (HP, Recovery Rate, Regeneration Rate, and Lifesteal) by 15%. This is especially useful with his constant Human partners, Red Escanor and Red Howzer.


PVP - Red Arthur can be used as a great support or buffer for mono-red teams.

Early PVE (Story / Farm / Boss) - Since you can easily acquire Red Arthur in the Gold Coin Shop and upgrade his ultimate, he is one of the most reliable companions early-game against PVE Boss Battles, Story Battles, and harder Free Stage battles. As you progress further, he can be replaced by AOE-focused heroes who can grind the stages more efficiently.

Knighthood Boss (Einek) - Since the amount of remaining team HP is a key factor in getting more points, Red Arthur’s unique ability will further increase the total HP of your Human/Mono-Red teams. Compared to other team options, building a Mono-Red team is F2P friendly as the core heroes are purchasable in the Coin Shop.

Red Demon - His viability only extends until Extreme and can’t be used in Hell difficulty. He is one of the early-game favorites versus the Red Demon after unlocking it on Chapter 5 of the main story.

Demonic Beast Howlex (Crimson Demon) - This demon is HP-type (Green) which is weak against Strength-type (Red) heroes. Since Hell difficulty only allows the use of advantageous type heroes, Mono-Red teams are highly recommended for this Death Match. With Red Gowther’s ability to quickly rank-up Red Arthur’s buff, Red Escanor can then easily dish out huge damage with his “Blazing Sun” skill to the demon.

Holy Relic

Icon weapon arthur 0551 c.pngGlowing Sword of the Ljosalfar



Before becoming a king, Arthur was a simple child who was adopted by a man who happened to be a Holy Knight and had an adopted older brother named Kay. Kay harbored a hatred for the young boy. Once, while they were children, Kay took Arthur's sword and offered to give it back to him if he crushed an apple with a stick whilst blindfolded and in the middle of a gorge on one of several platforms.

Arthur completed this challenge with ease. Kay was furious at Arthur's skill and tossed the sword at him which lead to Arthur falling down unfazed while Kay smiled. However, Arthur was saved by a strange Holy Knight who was shocked and amazed at how Arthur managed to be brave and fearless whilst falling to his doom. He was also impressed as to how Arthur forgave his brother, even telling him he should be a king instead of a Holy Knight like their father. Arthur was shocked until it was revealed that he was Bartra Liones, the 11th king of Liones, as he wondered if he was never going to be a Holy Knight as the king of Liones and his two escorts, Slader and Hugo, left for a meeting with King Uther Pendragon.

During the Introduction arc, Arthur is rumored to have just became the new king of Camelot by the drinking patrons at Boar Hat in the small town of Bernia. In Camelot, a giant sword fell from the sky to the Earth, where people believed that it was a holy sword sent from God. Every Holy Knight tried to pull it out, but they all failed until Arthur came and successfully pulled the sword, making him the new king of Camelot.

At some point in time Arthur met Merlin, the Boar's Sin of Gluttony, who became his teacher and resolved to rescue King Bartra from the Holy Knights.


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