Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

A frenzied Giant who appeared from a Red Amber. The Giant’s entire body is a weapon, flailing around without restraint.


Level 100
Combat Class (CC) 90,000
Attack 6,138
Defense 3,713
HP 169,818


Debuff Cancel
Removes 1 Debuff on the hero at the start of every turn.

Dissolve Immunity
Immune to effects which deplete Ultimate Move Gauges.

Skill Use Increase
Number of Skill Uses increased by 2.


One Punch
Inflicts Shatter damage equal to 180/270/450% of Attack on one enemy.

Removes Buffs from one enemy and inflicts damage equal to 220/300/400% of Attack. Cancels stances at rank 3.


Heavy Rock
Inflicts damage equal to 525% of Attack on all enemies