A unique life form that appeared from a Red Amber. Its violent nature is a source of fear for many.


Level 100
Combat Class (CC) 90,000
Attack 8,442
Defense 3,868
HP 153,080


Dissolve Immunity
Immune to effects which deplete Ultimate Move Gauges.

Heals 50% of lost HP when surviving an Ultimate Move.

Skill Use Increase
Number of Skill Uses increased by 2.

Effect Immunity
Immune to Freeze / Stun


Stone Rage
Inflicts damage equal to 120/180/300% of Attack on all enemies.

Weathering Dust
Increases damage taken by all enemies by 20/30/50% for 2/2/3 turn(s).


Stone Pillar
Inflicts damage equal to 840% of Attack on all enemies.

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