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[Episode 86] We’ll Do What We Can

Due to the battle in the Northernmost Plains, [The Seven Deadly Sins] are being mentioned frequently in rumors. What could they be?

[The Seven Deadly Sins] begin this chapter of Ragnarok by conversing in the Boar Hat Tavern. Merlin shares with the team that rumors are spreading about Seven Evil Warriors, who attack Humans and Giants alike with great brutality, as well as a “ferocious wolf that devours everything”. At first, everyone assumes the wolf comment is about Fenrir, but then they realize it is more likely about Oslo. The team floats on as they look for Loki and attempt to decide on a location to visit next.

[Episode 87] New Destination

Merlin says rumors regarding the Giants are mostly untrue.

Meliodas and Fenrir discuss in the tavern where Loki might be. There was not much useful information gained from the last battle. Elizabeth expresses her happiness that the Humans and Giants have stopped their war, but Grimnir steps in and says it’s not as fortunate as the team might think. Since the end of the Humans and Giants conflict has ended, fighting between the Human factions has escalated substantially. With Ragnarok looming on the horizon, the Human factions are fighting one another to secure resources while Giants are rampaging all throughout Midgard. While there are rumors of more Giants arriving through Ymir’s Wall, Merlin feels these rumors are mostly groundless. She feels that the recent events have turned the long-rumored “Attack of the Giants” into a real thing for the people of Midgard and that the coming of Ragnarok has added to their fears which in turn has created further rumors. However, amongst those rumors could be truths regarding the Giants and Loki.

Meanwhile, Goddesses Urd and Verdandi converse about whether or not the people got their message since their prophecy was cut short. Sir Heimdallr, a god who watches over Asgard, approaches them and refers to them as the Three Fates, the goddesses Norn. He approaches to reprimand the Three Fates for having contacted the people of Midgard. Urd counters that the role of the Norn sisters is to help the people down below learn from their past, deliver messages of the present, and guide them into the future. Heimdallr says that while he’s certain their intentions were nothing less than pure, Humans are foolish and their rash actions have accelerated Midgard’s destruction. At this point, Heimdallr notices that Skuld is missing, and they show her that she is sleeping off to the side. Heimdallr acknowledges that Skuld is not an illusion or a stand-in, and Urd and Verdandi mockingly ask him if he thought they’d sneak away again. Heimdallr reiterates that the barriers and surveillance are to keep the Norn sisters safe and expresses his intention to strengthen the barrier and heighten security to make sure they never contact Earth again. Urd and Verdandi look on as Skuld sleeps and pray for her to be safe.

[Episode 88] Nasty Rumors

Every tavern customer seems dejected, thinking that the world is about to end.

The tavern customers dejectedly talk about the end of the world, but in their sorrow, they desire to drown their feelings with more beer which makes Meliodas more profitable. As Grimnir shares, everyone thought Ragnarok would be an event far in the future - no one imagined they’d have to face it happening to their world, and during their lifetimes, no less. The legend says that this land will lose the ability to withstand great power, shattering into a thousand pieces. In the Heavens, the walls of Asgard will collapse and Giants and Demons will run amok. The dead of the Underworld will be joined by flaming Giants and the Gods of Asgard will fall one after another, including even the Supreme Deity, Odin, and the God of Thunder, Thor. And so the gods will slowly sink into twilight, as the legend goes. Hawk points out to Grimnir that the story only talks about the end of the gods and not the end of the world.

Hawk and Grimnir are interrupted by a tavern customer arguing with others and insisting he saw Jormungand, the World Serpent, with his own eyes.

[Episode 89] Legendary Serpent

Meliodas and the gang hear a rumor about the giant serpent, Jormungand. Suddenly, Shall looks like she’s about to wake up.

The tavern visitor insists that he saw a huge snake, just like the legends say. It was so big that it stretched beyond the horizon. It thrashed about and caused massive earthquakes.

Grimnir informs [The Seven Deadly Sins] that Jormungand is also known as the World Serpent and is a monster of legend, said to be big enough to wrap around the entire world. She is said to be one of the children of the Evil God Loki.

Merlin points out that legends are hyperbolic by nature and rumors are often exaggerated but she is concerned that there have been many sightings throughout the land. Northern Midgard is experiencing frequent earthquakes and many are blaming it upon Jormungand running amok.

Shall interrupts the group by mumbling and waking up. She whispers that a great force is moving in the North Sea and that something bad will happen if the team does not help. With that, Shall falls back asleep.

[Episode 90] Another Prophecy

Shall says something terrible is happening in the North Sea.

Meliodas responds to Shall’s prophecy by deciding to take the team to head North to find Jormungand. As the team travels, Fenrir points out that there is a salty smell in the air. Gowther points out that about 3.5% of the sea is sodium chloride (salt), and Hawk and Fenrir realize that the Boar Hat Tavern must have traveled to the ocean. Grimnir points out that the team has reached the edge of where the ocean starts, and then suddenly the ground starts shaking mightily.

[Episode 91] To the Seaside Town

Meliodas and the gang come across the merchants they met before and hear of a seaside village, their next destination.

The team runs into the merchants they met previously and the merchants let them know there is a small harbor town along the coast, heading up the way they’re coming from. This town is a town the merchants visit frequently to restock their goods. The merchants are heading back now after a wasted trip. While talking, another earthquake strikes, and the merchants share that the monsters along the coast go nuts every time there is an earthquake. Ordinary folks cannot make it through the monitors so they have to put their business in the region on hold while the earthquakes continue.

As the team continues traveling closer and closer to the North Sea, they notice that the earthquakes are getting even stronger.

[Episode 92] Another Encounter with Priest Vali

Meliodas and the gang come across Priest Vali by the northern coast. Vali threatens to crush the group.

Meliodas runs into Priest Vali who refers to them as Minions of the Evil God Loki and insinuates that they are trying to aid Jormungand in bringing forth destruction. He refers to the earthquake as their doing and points out that things won’t go as they wish.

Father Vali summons Gamber again, but there seems to be something different about him - he is glowing with a sort of red haze and says that the only way for him to restore his honor is to die fearlessly in combat, and he charges toward Meliodas and [The Seven Deadly Sins]. Of course, he is humiliated again, and Priest Vali shoves him aside. He insists that the bigger picture dictates that they retreat and stop wasting their time. Gamber utters more illogical threats at Meliodas, which make no sense since Gamber attacked first.

The team decides to keep moving forward, and the fog becomes thicker and the earthquakes are happening more frequently. Off in the distance, Diane spies a village.

[Episode 93] Seaside Town

As Meliodas and the gang run the tavern to gather information near the seaside village, they are reunited with Thonar.

The tavern visitors complain vocally about the earthquakes and wish that a warrior would come and destroy Jormungand. With that, Thonar appears and seems surprised but happy to see [The Seven Deadly Sins]. Thonar shares that she came up to the North Sea because she heard that Jormungand’s rampage has been causing earthquakes near the North Sea. Thonar isn’t necessarily there to vanquish Jormungand, though, and she quickly denies that implication.

[Episode 94] Wild Rumors

Thonar is on a journey to find the cause of the earthquakes in the north.

Shortly before Meliodas and [The Seven Deadly Sins] arrived at the North Sea, Thonar was also traveling along and observing that the earthquakes got worse the closer she got to the North Sea. Everyone is already having a hard enough time as it is with the continuing winter, and she is concerned about them having to deal with the earthquakes too. As she contemplates this, an angry Snow Bear approaches behind her and she realizes that Humans aren’t the only ones agitated by these earthquakes.

Thonar seeks to figure out the cause of the earthquakes as she attempts to protect the villagers from the upset monsters around them. One of the sets of villagers tells her about a large snake that they saw nearby, and Thonar asks for its location so she can go after it.

Thonar finds the giant snake that the people saw but confirms that it’s not Jormungand and it doesn’t seem connected to the earthquakes. Still, she is concerned it might end up hurting people and she can’t let it roam free. She runs towards the giant snake with her blade and kills it, apologizing while she does so. She decides to rest before continuing her search.

[Episode 95 & 96] Word Around Town

Thonar arrives at the seaside village to gather information. The people of the village are terrified due to the earthquakes.

In the coastal village, Thonar finds that things aren’t going very well. A villager continues to shout that he saw a giant snake soar into the sky and cause the earthquake. Thonar inquires about this giant snake and the villager insists that the snake he saw was as big as a house.

[Episode 97] Signs of the Serpent

Villager Ardin tells Thonar he saw a giant serpent causing an earthquake at Basfork Coast.

The villager, Ardin, tells Thonar that the snake was seen near Basfork Coast, which is not far from the coastal village that they are in. Ardin wishes aloud that someone would get rid of the snake and laments that he makes his living canning clams from that place and that he will starve to death at this rate. Thonar feels he seems sure of what he saw so she decides to check it out.

[Episode 98] Truth Revealed

Thonar continues to track down the suspicious signs. What did she find?

From what Thonar sees, it seems that something has burst from the ground. She questions herself if villager Ardin was correct in what he saw and if it is really Jormungand this time. However, she doesn’t know why Jormungand would be in this area and decides she must see for herself.

As she approaches, she sees something that she realizes people would mistake for a giant snake. A woman surrounded by a green haze is causing water to spew from the ground. The water does not seem associated with the earthquakes, however.

Suddenly, Meliodas calls Lady Thonar out of her memories and brings her mind back to the tavern.

[Episode 99] The Giant at the Fishing Hole

Meliodas and the gang hear of a Giant causing trouble at the fisherman’s coast.

Thonar apologizes to Meliodas that she doesn’t have much information that she can give to them. Giant serpents, the end of the world… Thonar doesn’t know much more information than the gang. Merlin surmises that the fear of earthquakes might have made ordinary things seem scary to the villagers and there’s a chance that the earthquakes were always natural occurrences. The villagers, however, resent this and tell her she doesn’t know anything and that the earthquakes were never normal. Furthermore, the villagers lament that there is a Giant living by the fishing area on the beach and they are all terrified. A band of warriors went to drive it away to no avail. The endless winter has already made fishing hard enough as it is and the Giant’s presence made it even harder. The villagers debate amongst themselves if the earthquakes are being caused by the Giant or by Jormungand. Meliodas decides to head out to see the Giant.

When they arrive, they see the Giant angrily stomping his feet and throwing down his axe. Seeing the situation, King says he can see why people might think the Giant is the cause of the earthquakes. Meliodas approaches the Giant and asks him what is wrong.

[Episode 100] Governing Rage

The gang meets Hymir the Giant at the fisherman’s coast, but he charges at them in anger.

The Giant, Hymir, is very angry and feels that Meliodas and King are fools uttering nonsense when they ask about the recent earthquakes. He asks why people won’t stop bothering him and leave him be.

[Episode 101] Hymir’s Apology

Meliodas and the gang successfully calm Hymir down. They return to the seaside village after the Giant promises not to cause any more trouble.

Meliodas asks Hymir why he won’t calm down, and Hymir apologizes and says he thought they were more Human soldiers coming to attack him. He shares that Human soldiers came to attack him recently, saying that he invaded Midgard but that argument was absurd because he’d lived in the area for a very long time, spending his days fishing in peace. The continuing winter means there are fewer fish biting, so he was already frustrated when they arrived and he became enraged. His intention was never to cause trouble but he lost his temper and believes he gradually lost control after hearing the bellow of some kind of horn.

Diane questions the notion of the trumpet of a horn making someone so angry all by itself. Merlin shares that certain sounds can heighten one’s emotions, but it’s hard to say if this horn sound had that kind of effect. Meliodas says that something feels off about the story but he has no way of confirming. Since it doesn’t appear that Hymir is the cause of the earthquakes, Meliodas directs the team to head back to the village.

[Episode 102] Source of the Rumor

Meliodas hears one of the tavern customers claiming to have seen Jormungand.

As the team heads back to the village, another strong earthquake strikes and a villager yells about how he saw Jormungand with his own eyes. He shares that he saw it in the place where he goes to dig up clams – he felt the ground shake and then a giant snake soared into the sky. This is the same villager that Thonar spoke to earlier, and [The Seven Deadly Sins] are directed to visit Basfork Coast.

[Episode 103] To the Epicenter

Villager Ardin says he saw Jormungand at Basfork Coast, not far from town.

The team heads to Basfork Coast to investigate. When they arrive, they see what Thonar saw – vertical columns of water with a large green shape floating in between them, which looks almost like a snake shooting into the sky. However, it’s not a snake – it’s some kind of magic that has materialized and is ripping out of the ground. Nearby, they see a person in scantily clad clothing and surrounded by a green haze. They believe this to be Jormungand.

[Episode 104] World Serpent Jormungand

The gang finally meets Jormungand! She isn’t a monster as the rumors had described her.

The figure confirms that she is Jormungand. She tells Meliodas that his rumors are ridiculous and that she doesn’t have time to play with him. She angrily demands that he get out of her way. Meliodas responds by striking her, but then the group is shocked by another earthquake. Merlin surmises that the earthquakes seem to be a natural occurrence and that Jormungand seems to be trying to stop them rather than cause them. The timing between her injecting energy into the earth and the earthquakes are strangely asynchronous, making Jormungand seem almost desperate.

Jormungand shouts out that she doesn’t have much time and that she needs to stop the earthquakes. Nearby, the villagers shout out in fear. Suddenly, a bright orange light appears and a figure emerges. He announces himself as Tyr, the God of War, and a god of Asgard. As a divine general of Supreme Deity Odin, Tyr has come to save the land.

[Episode 105] Enter the God of War, Tyr

As the fight between Meliodas’s group and Jormungand continues, Tyr, the God of War, appears.

Tyr shouts toward Jormungand that he is here to punish her. Jormungand retorts that she doesn’t care if Tyr is a god. She wants him to stay out of her way. Merlin recognizes Tyr from mythological tales and legends and inquires who Meliodas will side with - the evil serpent who seems to be destroying the world, or a god from the heavens who seeks to vanquish her? Meliodas says that it’s obvious that they will side with Fenrir’s family, as he is a friend of the Boar Hat, after all.

Fenrir jumps in to help and runs toward Tyr. Tyr mocks him as weak and pathetic, being merely a werebeast from Jotunnheim and only capable of delivering a half-measure. Tyr flings fireballs at Fenrir, encasing him in a tunnel of fire and blocking his exit passing through his power, “Art of War”.

[Episode 106] The Cause of the Earthquake

Jormungand apologizes for her misunderstanding. What was she doing at Basfork Coast?

As another earthquake strikes, Jormungand yells again that there isn’t enough time and Meliodas questions her on her statements. He demands to know why Jormungand is there in the first place, and Elizabeth implores her to let them help. Jormungand begins with an apology and says she’s sorry for attacking them without warning and without explanation for what was going on. She says that she can sense the energy of the earth flowing beneath the ground. It’s an energy that connects the entire world, which she calls the World Serpent. The World Serpent sometimes thrashes about violently, which causes large-scale earthquakes and natural disasters. Jormungand has been traveling the world, calming it down. She came to the North Sea after she sensed it thrashing around. It usually takes time and focus to calm the World Serpent down, but this time was especially difficult. However, she was interrupted, and now the serpent fled to a place her ability doesn’t reach. Jormungand laments that the World Serpent now won’t stop moving and it’s going to cause a devastating earthquake. She wishes that she were a little bit stronger, which Merlin interprets as if they can find some way to amplify Jormungand’s magic, they might have a chance of stopping the earthquakes.

[Episode 107] The Thrashing World Serpent

Diane, Jormungand, and Gowther work together to stop the World Serpent!

Gowther reiterates Merlin’s hypothesis and states that in short, Jormungand has the power to detect earth energy and then manipulate it to change its flow. If this power can be amplified, the amount and range of earth energy she can control will be expanded. Jormungand protests that this isn’t that simple and that her power can get much stronger if she’s on packed soil or veins of ore, but this area doesn’t have any of those. Merlin realizes that Jormungand’s power can be amplified simply by changing the composition of the ground she is on, and asks Diane to get involved.

Diane directs Jormungand to read the earth's energy and let Diane know where the World Serpent’s movements are located. Then, Diane will change the composition of the soil there so Jormungand’s magic can reach it. Diane’s magic, “Creation” can change the density and hardness of ground layers. Gowther’s magic, “Broadcast”, can link their minds so information can be shared. Jormungand agrees with the plan and the team succeeds!

[Episode 108] The Return

The gang and Jormungand finally quell the World Serpent.

Now that the World Serpent has been put to sleep, the team decides to head back. Elizabeth invites Jormungand to join them and celebrate with some ale.

Fenrir meets Jormungand in the Boar Hat Tavern and is shaken by her being his older sister. However, Jormungand counters that Fenrir was adopted first and thus he is the older sibling even though he is much smaller. Fenrir is embarrassed, and while he struggles to recover, Diane invites Jormungand to travel along with the team and she agrees, saying that she feels she can trust them and that she is also looking for Loki.

[Episode 109] Family I’ve Never Met

Though they are not related by blood, Fenrir’s heart is racing at the thought of meeting another child of Loki.

Jormungand tells Fenrir that she’s heard of him from their father, Loki. Loki had told her that there was a boy who became his son, similar as to how it happened with her. She was surprised they ended up finding one another in this way.

[Episode 110] Still Misunderstood

Meliodas and the gang learn that the villagers are spreading misinformed rumors about their meeting with Tyr.

The villagers continued to spread rumors that Tyr saved the village from the horrible Jormungand. Thonar overhears this and feels disappointed. [The Seven Deadly Sins] learn of this from Grimnir, and Fenrir feels overwhelmingly sad. Jormungand, however, is unfazed and feels happy that she got to know the team and Fenrir and that the whole team knows the truth about her.