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Chapter 3: Beacons Unite

Ragnarok Chapter 3 was released to Global on November 23rd, 2021, and Chapter 3.5 was released on February 8th, 2022

[Episode 50] The Search for Medicine

Ban and Fenrir head to the Capital of Xantenburg to find the medicine that will heal Meliodas. Will they be able to find it?

Chapter 3 of Ragnarok begins with Ban and Fenrir walking towards the gate of the Capital of Xantenburg. Fenrir is alarmed because he overhears that an entry pass is required. However, Ban “borrows” an entry pass from a nearby merchant, and returns it before the merchant even notices. The guard at the gate is wary of Ban, but Ban passes the test by being able to sufficiently convey that he is a chef and is visiting Xantenburg to trade ingredients. Once inside the city gates, Ban and Fenrir overhear numerous townspeople extolling the amazing qualities of King Siegfried and Prince Sigurd. Ban and Fenrir then head to the tavern to try to get more information.

[Episode 51] Information From the Capital

Ban and Fenrir finally enter the Capital of Xantenburg. What’s their next move?

In the tavern, the customers chat about the long-lasting winter and war. One customer hypothesizes that the recent events are all due to the curse of Fafnir the Evil Dragon, but other customers tell him to stop and that such a thing cannot be possible as all of Midgard is affected. As they continue their conversation, they discuss that Prince Sigurd recently faced the Dragon Incarnate and defeated him handily, and thus would easily be able to defeat the curse of Fafnir if it were real. They believe that Prince Sigurd will be an excellent king in the future, and a perfect inheritor of the Legendary Sword Gram.

As Fenrir listens in, he is saddened by the thought that great parents bear great children, unlike himself. Ban questions this statement, as Fenrir is supposedly the son of Loki. However, Fenrir shares that Loki had adopted Fenrir when he was orphaned and alone. Loki taught Fenrir how to survive by himself.

Going back to the tavern customers, we learn about the Order of Dragonslayers, the unit under the direct command of Prince Sigurd. Within this unit, the rules are strict and the training is hard, and there is even a rumored “special medicine” that all soldiers (including the king and prince) must take as being near the Legendary Sword Gram can make a person’s health deteriorate.

Upon overhearing this discussion, Ban inquires if Fenrir’s nose can pick up the smell of medicine from the soldier who fought Meliodas. Ban and Fenrir plot to climb the castle’s walls to find the medicine.

[Episode 52] Sneaking In

Ban and Fenrir hear a clue regarding the medicine while eavesdropping on the residents of the capital.

As Ban and Fenrir sneak into Xantenburg Castle, they chance upon one of the soldiers who’d been with Prince Sigurd. Ban recognizes that the soldier won’t be willing to come on his own and that they will need to use force.

[Episode 53] Medicine Whereabouts

The two make it inside the castle, but there’s a long way to go yet!

Ban and Fenrir proceed through a series of battles against the Xantenburg soldiers. Upon knocking out all of the soldiers, Fenrir smells something peculiar that he’s never smelled before. The pair search deeper into the castle to find the source of the smell.

[Episode 54] Real Dad, Fake Dad

Seeing Fenrir amazed by his skills, Ban tells him about his past.

Ban teaches Fenrir how to sneak about the castle and avoid detection. Ban shares that he learned these skills from his father when he was young, which makes Fenrir sad again. However, Ban shares that his “real” father was a Werefox - Zhivago was his real father regardless of not being blood-related. Ban challenges Fenrir to reevaluate his assessment of his relationship with Loki.

As Ban overhears the soldiers talking about intruders, he rushes Fenrir to hurry up. Fenrir investigates the area and determines the location of the medicine is on the floor above them. Ban leaps through the ceiling and grabs the medicine.

[Episode 55] Mission Accomplished

Ban and Fenrir finally find the medicine! Time to escape.

While his mission was successful, Ban created so much noise that the soldiers easily identified where they were standing. Ban throws Fenrir over his shoulder to escape. As they run away, Fenrir shares that he believes that Loki is his real dad after all. Ban expresses that he’s sure Loki believes the same thing.

[Episode 56] Ominous Aura

Sigurd suddenly senses an ominous energy. Where is it coming from?

Somewhere unknown, Prince Sigurd senses an ominous energy thanks to the Legendary Sword Gram. He goes to follow it, believing it might be the Dragon Incarnate.

Curse of the Dead.PNG

[Episode 57] One Who Calls to the Sword

Sigurd discovers a cave spewing the ominous aura. He enters slowly.

The ominous aura that Prince Sigurd sensed is revealed to be the Evil Dragon Fafnir, returned as an evil spirit. Fafnir mocks Sigurd and says that Sigurd’s father, Siegfried, was nothing but a thief who stole Fafnir’s gold and founded his kingdom upon pilfered coin. Additionally, Fafnir says that the Legendary Sword Gram is actually far from legendary, but is really a sword that will bring Sigurd and Siegfried nothing but destruction.

[Episode 58] Fafnir’s Spirit

Sigurd encounters the spirit of the Evil Dragon Fafnir. Realizing Sigurd is Siegfried’s son, Fafnir’s spirit begins to taunt him.

Angered by Fafnir’s remarks, Sigurd wields Gram and attacks Fafnir. With Fafnir’s Spirit’s dying words, he ominously reminds Sigurd that he too shall come to ruin by the curse on the abominable sword.

[Episode 59] Medicinal Effect

Meliodas recovers after taking the medicine Ban and Fenrir brought.

Back in the [Boar Hat Tavern], Merlin inspects the medicine brought back by Ban and Fenrir and declares it not to be an antidote but a suppressant for the symptoms. Meliodas feels completely refreshed after taking the medicine, which Merlin attributes to his strong body. Grimnir is shocked to see Ban and Fenrir make such a glorious return after stealing the medicine from Xantenburg Castle and proclaims that Fenrir is truly the son of Loki.

With the remaining medicine after Meliodas’s dose was administered, Merlin feels she can concoct a potion with the same effect. She plans to do more research to understand more about the Legendary Sword Gram. Meliodas jumps back into action, despite Merlin’s caution to take it easy.

[Episode 60] A Terrible Rumor

Meliodas hears from the merchants that Priest Vali has formed an army in preparation for a war.

Tavern customers begin talking about the Giants of Jotunheim beginning their assault on Midgard, led by Loki. Upon further questioning, Meliodas determines that the leader is actually Priest Vali and that Xantenburg and Isenstein are working together against the Giants. The customers begin to debate if this is the “final battle” of legend, Ragnarok.

[Episode 61] Another Prophecy From Shall

[The Seven Deadly Sins] are worried a war will break out between Humans and Giants. Shall wakes up.

Meliodas and Merlin discuss the possibility of this final battle. Merlin affirms that it is true, given a few things that she has heard. There is no doubt that Giants are appearing in droves, and it is confirmed that Vali is gathering soldiers to form a large army. Vali seems to have taken advantage of his role as arbiter and intermediary between countries at war, and is using the situation to grow his influence. However, as Grimnir shares, as long as Vali acts “in the name of Odin”, there isn’t a single country that can disobey. Fenrir remains dubious of Loki’s involvement.

At this moment, Shall wakes up. “It’s going to be a fierce battle”, she says. “At this rate, many people will die… Humans… Giants…” and promptly falls back asleep again upon completing her prophecy. Fenrir insists that he wants to go see if it is true that Loki is leading the Giants to Midgard. Elizabeth expresses concerns about human lives being lost if a war breaks out, and inquires if there is anything that [The Seven Deadly Sins] can do. The team decides that before they can do anything, they must determine the truth.

[Episode 62] Northernmost Plains

[The Seven Deadly Sins] are headed to the Northernmost Plains to pursue the Giants. They find wounded Isenstein troops, led by Hagen.

Grimnir and Merlin project that the battle must be happening at a place called the Northernmost Plains, which is the edge of the land and is famous for the auroras in the sky above it. The team heads for this area.

Once [The Seven Deadly Sins] arrive at the Northernmost Plains, they see the beaten-down soldiers of Isenstein. However, Princess Brunhild is missing and none of the soldiers know what has happened to her.

[Episode 63] Hagen’s Story

Hagen explains what happened with Priest Vali and expresses anger.

Hagen approaches [The Seven Deadly Sins], frustrated by their presence. Meliodas asks Elizabeth to heal the soldiers of Isenstein. Diane inquires about Princess Brunhild, and Hagen shares that it has been decided that the Isenstein Legion will join Priest Vali’s expeditionary force as a vanguard role.

He recalls some time ago at the allied forces’ base in the Northernmost Plains, Priest Vali mockingly provided orders that should’ve been a simple task for the greatest army in Midgard and its leader, the great Brunhild. Hagen took offense at the remarks, but Brunhild calmed him down and reminded him that Isenstein was part of the allied forces and thus their only responsibility was to fight bravely under the given circumstances.

However, despite the soldiers of Istenstein fighting as bravely as they could, their weapons could barely scratch the Giants and they were hopelessly defeated. Hagen felt that Vali’s orders were payback for what had happened in the past. During the battle, Brunhild realized that attack would be meaningless and stayed by herself to fight the Giants and buy time for the soldiers’ retreat.

[Episode 64] Individual Investigation

Elizabeth is left by herself after the gang leaves for the Northernmost Plains. She doesn’t like the idea of doing nothing but waiting.

Now that the soldiers have been healed, they can return to save Princess Brunhild. Hagen thanks Elizabeth and Meliodas for their assistance.

Merlin reflects that the battlefield is in absolute chaos. The Giants spread out over a large area and are attacking as they see fit. Thus, Meliodas recommends that [The Seven Deadly Sins] split up, not to fight but to see what is going on. Elizabeth remains at the tavern with Hawk, Gowther, and Escanor. She wants to look for anyone wounded on the battlefield.

[Episode 65] Dangerous Situation

The gang arrives in the Northernmost Pains, but Loki is nowhere to be found. They decide to keep searching for him.

Meliodas and Fenrir go off together. Meliodas asks Fenrir if he still feels a connection with Loki, but Fenrir says he doesn’t sense his father anywhere on the battlefield. However, the pair see two Giants near the North Side of the Northernmost Plains so they head over towards them.

The Giants are overheard conversing about how Humans are weak and how Loki tricked the Giants into wasting their time. As Fenrir approaches the Giants, they attempt to recruit him as a Werebeast. Fenrir inquires if Loki was their leader, and the Giants scoff at Loki being considered a leader as he is a liar and a traitor. According to the Giants, Loki tricked them into believing something amazing would happen once they got past the wall, Ymir’s Eyelashes. However, nothing amazing happened and the wall is now destroyed.

The Giants move to attack Fenrir, and Meliodas leaps into the way to defend Fenrir. Meliodas defeats the Giants and they run back towards their friends. Meliodas assesses that the Giants are amateurs with no real experience in combat and that they have no leader but are running amok.

[Episode 66] In Search of Survivors

Elizabeth arrives in the aftermath of a brutal battle. She quickly looks for survivors

Meanwhile, Elizabeth, Hawk, Gowther, and Escanor find the scene of a massacre, filled with corpses. Elizabeth is determined to find a survivor, which Hawk does on the Northeast Side of the Northernmost Plains. The survivor is found to be Princess Brunhild, who mumbles Sigurd’s name, and mysteriously whispers “…”, as Elizabeth heals her. Brunhild awakes, shocked by this miraculous healing.

[Episode 67] Princess Brunhild’s Thoughts

Brunhild comes to. She thanks Elizabeth for saving her.

Brunhild is surprised that Elizabeth would save her, with her being her enemy. However, Elizabeth says there is no such thing as allies or enemies when helping people. She believes that what Brunhild did on the battlefield to help the innocent was a truly remarkable thing to do. However, Brunhild protests being placed on a pedestal, saying that the only thing she knows how to do is thrust her spear and bring death to her soldiers and enemies.

Elizabeth asks Brunhild about her calling out to Sigurd when she was unconscious. Brunhild awkwardly responds that Sigurd is her sworn enemy, and at all hours she is filled with nothing but hatred for him.

Elizabeth responds that she once knew of an unfortunate couple who loved each other very much but could only be hateful to each other. Elizabeth feels such a situation may be the same for Brunhild and Sigurd.

[Episode 68] Hidden Feelings

Elizabeth helps Brunhild. Meanwhile, what is happening to [The Seven Deadly Sins]?

Brunhild denies Elizabeth’s assumptions vehemently. While she is grateful to Elizabeth for saving her life, she still states that if they were to meet again in battle, Brunhild would carry out her duty without fail.  

[Episode 69] Unexpected Encounter

Ban finds some Giants about to hurt Human soldiers and jumps in.

Meanwhile, on the West Side, several soldiers are confronted by Giants. The soldiers are told they must stay and fight as this is an honorable way to die. Ban approaches the scene and begins to fight the Giants.

As Ban defeats the Giants, the Human soldiers thank him. However, their commander angrily approaches and asks why he would interrupt their battle. Ban grips him by his neck and asks him if he’d like to die with honor. The other soldiers look on in horror and realize that there’s no way a regular Human would be able to defeat Giants, and so Ban must be a monster. The soldiers cowardly run away.

After the soldiers run away, Ban spies an unknown blond-haired female sitting on top of the fallen Giant. She is revealed to be Megellda the Valkyrie. She remarks that Ban must be a surprisingly strong Human, and must be a well-known hero. Ban begins to walk away, and Megellda pulls out a sword to attack him. She stabs Ban through the back and announces that she’ll make sure his soul gets to Valhalla safely, as she will take him there. Ban angrily turns around, and Megellda questions how he survived the Valkyrie Strike.

Ban attacks Megellda back, knocking her out. She profusely apologizes and begs for forgiveness. Ban is not interested in killing someone begging for their life. He pardons Megellda, and she graciously thanks him. She shares that as a Valkyrie, her job is to guide the souls of Humans who died bravely in combat to Valhalla. However, her track record isn’t very good as a Valkyrie. Valkyries live under strict rules, and one mistake can cause one to be tossed down to the earthly realm. Megellda was hoping that Ban’s top-notch soul could be used to boost her job performance. Uninterested, Ban walks away, but Megellda stabs him through the back again, however again Ban doesn’t die.

Megellda asks Ban if he is immortal, and he says he is, which is a pain because he cannot be with the woman he loves. So, he asks Megellda to go ahead and kill him, but she cries openly about the fact that he cannot die. As Megellda says, “death is the calm after a hard and painful life”, and “should be the beautiful final moment of a Human’s life”. Megellda vows to find a way to help Ban to die so that if he dies she gets to take his soul to Valhalla. She consigns herself to being Ban’s exclusive Valkyrie in a strange turn of events as Chapter 3 comes to a close.

[Episode 70] What They Found After splitting up to check the state of the battle, [The Seven Deadly Sins] regroup at the tavern to share what they found. The [Seven Deadly Sins] converse in the tavern, and Merlin encourages everyone to share what they’ve discovered. Upon hearing everyone’s findings, it’s determined that the Giants are winning by a large margin and that Humans are losing the battle in various locations. Fenrir was unable to locate Loki, but Meliodas did confirm that Loki is not the one leading the Giants as suspected. In fact, the Giants refer to Loki as a liar and a traitor. Meliodas talks with Elizabeth privately afterward about her rescue of Brunhild.

[Episode 71] Suspicious Interruption Megellda suddenly appears when Brunhild’s name is mentioned. How does she know Brunhild?” Megellda appears and asks if the pair are talking about “THE Princess Brunhild”. Hawk and King are bothered by Megellda’s sudden appearance, and Ban steps in to inform them that she followed him in from the battlefield. Megellda conveys that she is Ban’s personal Valkyrie and requests that she be remembered. King asks Ban why he always has weird women following him around and states that Elaine would be upset if she found out. Grimnir hops in and starts singing a song about Valkyries - he knows much about their history but he’s never met one in person. He asks Megellda for more details about her life, but Megellda declines and says that Valkyries have non-disclosure agreements, then suspiciously runs away from the tavern.

[Episode 72] Espionage After hearing everything, Merlin begins sharing what she discovered from the Midgardian encampment. While Merlin is fascinated by the Valkyries, she does not want the group to deviate from their focus. She shares that a few hours earlier at the Northernmost Plains allied forces encampment she learned that most of the warriors who went out to battle were badly defeated and that many units are completely gone. Even Brunhild’s elite forces didn’t fare well in battle. The soldiers were frightened by the knowledge that the Giants are so much stronger than them. The Warrior of the Order commands silence and announces that Father Vail is to speak. Father Vali stands in front of the soldiers and reminds them that they are faithful servants of the great Odin. In his opinion, the outcome of the first battle was very disappointing because the Isenstein soldiers pitifully retreated and ran away. He confirms that he’d badly underestimated the power of the Giants. To prevent future defeat, Father Vali bestows upon all of the soldiers some of Odin’s blessings.

[Episode 73] Priest Vali’s Blessing Over at the Human encampment, Priest Vali announces that he will bestow “Odin’s Blessing” unto warriors. The soldiers are freaked out by the implication of a magical blessing, so Priest Vali demonstrates on Ganber. He mutters an incantation and suddenly Ganber starts glowing purple and gold and has a ton more strength to swing his ax. This excites the soldiers and makes them all line up to receive the blessings. Meanwhile, Father Vali looks on menacingly.

[Episode 74] Priest Vali’s Plot The warriors blessed by Priest Vali with Odin’s Blessing become incomparably strong. Their battle shout is strong; the warriors are sure they will win the next battle.

[Episode 75] Unveiled Conspiracy After analyzing what she discovered, Merlin predicts warriors blessed by Odin will fight the Giants.

[Episode 76] Moving Forward [The Seven Deadly Sins] feel something is off before the fight between Humans and the Giants of Jotunnheikm. What will Meliodas do?

[Episode 77] The Attack The day of the battle is here. [The Seven Deadly Sins] are busy preparing for combat.

[Episode 78] Blessed Warrior Ganber The gang arrives at the Northernmost Plains. [The Seven Deadly Sins] join the fry to stop the pointless fighting.

[Episode 79] The Sun Rises Again The war continues. How will it end? Escanor stands in the middle of an icy battlefield, lamenting that this world’s sun is weak which results in him always being scrawny. Nearby, Escanor overhears some Giants taunting some Humans. The Giants tell the Humans if they can lift a heavy ax stuck in the ice, they’ll leave the Humans alone. Otherwise, they will murder the Humans. Escanor resolves to get involved even though he is weak and scrawny, as Fenrir was brave even though he’s weak and Escanor wants to learn from his example. He meekly approaches the Giants and asks them to cease their violence. The Fortuneteller with the humans tells Escanor to save his breath, and another Village Soldier cries that the Giants have no intention of letting them go, as he knows they are only mocking them. However, Escanor turns to them and states that he has realized after coming to this world and losing his powers that standing your ground and facing your fears is the definition of true power. Meanwhile, a Giant smashes Escanor and sends him flying. A small blue bead falls from his pocket, which he quickly recognizes as a spell bead from Merlin. He uses the spell bead and finds that it transforms the heavy ax into Escanor’s Sacred Treasure, Rhitta. This was made possible by Merlin’s magic, “Object Transference”. However, Escanor is concerned that even if he has Rhitta he will be unable to lift it. However, he is happy that he is able to protect the people around him. Nevertheless, as Escanor sadly trails his finger down Rhitta’s handle, sunlight emanates from his Sacred Treasure and he realizes that Rhitta was able to absorb the power of the sun the entire time [The Seven Deadly Sins] were in Midgard, despite the meager amount of sunlight. With this revelation, he is covered in sunlight and he transforms into his buff Lion Sin of Pride form. He reminds the Giants that they promised to leave the Humans alone if one could pick up the heavy ax, and also reminds them that they said the weak shall grovel before the strong. This frightens the Giants and they run away. The villagers celebrate Escanor as he returns back to his weak form. Suddenly, Escanor recognizes the Fortuneteller as the one from the village where [The Seven Deadly Sins] met Shall.

[Episode 80] The Reason for Fighting Meliodas and the gang confront the Isenstein Legion led by Brunhild. Will they be able to stop Brunhild from charging into war?

[Episode 81] Cooperating Halfway Meliodas faces against Sigurd once again. Who will emerge victorious? Sigurd confronts Meliodas about infiltrating Xantenburg Castle while he was away. Meliodas gloatingly informs him that he was looking for the secret elixir that Sigurd loves so much. Sigurd rages, and Gram seems to be reminding Sigurd of something as Sigurd mumbles about an abominable sword from the Spirit of the Evil Dragon. Behind Sigurd, a large black and blue dragon appears. He moves to attack Meliodas, however, Brunhild steps in the way and informs Sigurd that she believes him about the Dragon Incarnate and wolf monster that Sigurd previously mentioned. She reminds Sigurd that they are enemies, but despite that, she is willing to work together because she wants to see for herself if they are truly evil or not.

[Episode 82] Bad Situation The exhausting battle is over. Meliodas and the gang return to the Northernmost Plains for a breather.

[Episode 83] Devotion Elizabeth sees that things are bad on the battlefield. What will she do?

[Episode 84] Prophecy of the Goddesses The Three Fates appear out of the blue. Why did they show up in the middle of a war? From the sky, three cute girls known as the Norns, or the Three Fates, appear. These three are sisters born from the roots of the World Tree, Yggdrasil, and are goddesses who tell the fate of the world from Urd’s Well. The oldest sister is Urd, then Verdandi, and the youngest is Skuld. The GIants and humans all stop their fighting to kneel before the goddesses. [The Seven Deadly Sins] are impressed that the Three Fates are revered by all. As all look on, the Three Fates begin to state that the harsh winter has continued for three cycles, which is an omen. The moment of Ragnarok will arrive soon, which will bring about the end of the world. There have been many prophecies in the past about Ragnarok but none have been accurate. However, none had been told by the Norns themselves, who are the greatest authority on fate in all the worlds of Yggdrasil. The Three Fates remind the Giants and Humans that now is not the time to fight, and that they have entrusted their “future” to the earth.

[Episode 85] Arrival of the End [The Seven Deadly Sins] breathe a sigh of relief after avoiding catastrophic danger, but it’s not over yet! The Giants start heading back and the Humans call to stop fighting. Everyone retreats to prepare for Ragnarok. Meanwhile, Priest Vali yells at his men for failing to not kill the Giants. In the tavern, Shall is fast asleep by the bar. Grimnir and Meliodas discuss the merits of Vali’s plan. While he didn’t agree with Vali’s tactics, Meliodas does feel that Vali’s overall plan would have resulted in a more cohesive and united Midgard. Now, with the fear of Ragnarok, every nation will fight to try to save themselves.