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Chapter 2: Fate of the Gods

Ragnarok Chapter 2 was released to Global on September 23rd, 2021.

[Episode 23] The Girl Who Sees the Future

The gang thought Shall had remained in Valbio Village, but she’s in the tavern! She wants to join [The Seven Deadly Sins] on their adventure.

The mysterious girl who appeared at the end of Chapter 1 is introduced as Shall. She decides that it is her fate to join [The Seven Deadly Sins], and the team accepts. Merlin believes that Shall has the ability to tell the future. Escanor recommends taking Shall home, and Shall shares that she is from Yggdrasil. As she describes it, Yggdrasil is a place with a big tree by a clean spring. She lived there with her big sisters at the roots of the tree.

[Episode 24] The Adventure Resumes

Shall says she used to live by the roots of Yggdrasil, the great tree at the center of the world.

Merlin and Shall speak about Shall’s ability, which Shall says is not magic. Grimnir shares that Yggdrasil is known as the World Tree, the center of all worlds, including Midgard. The team resolves to go back to looking for Fenrir’s dad. Fenrir is spooked by Oslo, but Oslo only wants to play. King suspects it is because Oslo senses a kindred spirit in the wolf Fenrir.

[Episode 25] Wielder of Gram

The Boar Hat Tavern arrives at the borders between Isenstein and Xantenburg. Fenrir smells something suspicious.

25-1 Wielder of Gram

The group arrives at the border between Xantenburg and Isenstein, two great kingdoms of Midgard. Isnstein is a kingdom rich with history and tradition. Xantenburg is a new nation founded by the current king. The military of Xantenburg is said to be more powerful than that of any other kingdom. The king of Xantenburg, Siegfried, is the hero who killed the evil dragon that terrorized Midgard. His great sword was passed down to his son so that he could focus on his kingly duties.

25-2 Xantenburg Legion

The Xantenburg Legion, under Hero King Siegfried’s command, approaches the group and conveys that they’ve received reports that a Demon, a minion of Loki, is being harbored at the Boar Hat Tavern. King and Meliodas prepare to attack, but Meliodas asks King to step out of the way. Meliodas attacks but intentionally tries not to hurt the soldiers. He introduces himself as the Dragon Sin of Wrath, which the soldiers interpret as him being the Evil Dragon Incarnate.

25-3 Prince Sigurd

Prince Sigurd steps forward and directs his men to stand back. Sigurd carries the legendary sword, Gram, which was passed down to him by his father. The sword had once slain the evil dragon, Fafnir. Meliodas takes a significant amount of damage from Gram and struggles as he tries to dodge the sword, fight Sigurd, and try to avoid killing Sigurd. Ban launches himself in front of Meliodas to protect him.

25-4 Gram, the Dragonslayer Sword

Fenrir runs forward and tries to give himself to Sigurd. However, Meliodas tells him to stay back, recognizing that even if Fenrir were to go with the men they wouldn’t stop attacking. Meliodas calls for Hawk’s Mama to rise, and directs Diane to grab Fenrir and run with Hawk’s Mama. Ban, King, and Meliodas stay back to stall the Xantenburg soldiers and Prince Sigurd. After battling, Ban’s healing is severely slowed, and King is greatly weakened.

Meliodas orders King to stop as he is concerned King will kill the soldiers, however, King doesn’t believe he has enough energy left to do so anyway. Oslo helps King, Meliodas, and Ban escape, but Meliodas is struggling to recover. The team suspects it is due to Gram’s effects and Meliodas’s dragon association. Elizabeth’s power is unable to heal Meliodas and he is left to rest in his bed.

[Episode 26] A Risky Journey

Merlin asks Hawk to change course slightly in order to lose their tail.

Merlin asks Hawk to change the course to lose the tail that might be chasing them, and Grimnir shares that they are at the border of the kingdom of Isenstein, a rich kingdom with a lot of history.

[Episode 27] Business Reopening

Meliodas looks energetic, at least outwardly. He decides to set up shop near the border of Isenstein to gather information.

Meliodas says he feels much better and he decides to open the Boar Hat for business. Their new customers share that everyone in Isenstein has been struggling from the continuing winter, but they’re hanging in there thanks to the House of Isenstein. The customers had heard thatthings were a lot worse in other areas, and they feel blessed to live in their city due to Lady Brunhild. Brunhild is the area’s princess, and she is as wise as she is beautiful, like a goddess who came from the skies. She also is incredibly brave and leads the Isenstein Legion.

[Episode 28] Princess of Isenstein

The tavern customers have nothing but praise for Princess Brunhild. What kind of information will Meliodas obtain from the customers?

The customers share that Isenstein is fighting a war against Xantenburg, and they all raise a glass on behalf of Princess Brunhild. Grimnir clarifies that she is actually the princess concert, the wife of the sovereign prince. Prince Gunnar fell in love with her at first sight, and they were swiftly married.

However, Prince Gunnar was not a healthy man and he met an untimely demise. As a result, Princess Brunhild was left to rule Isenstein alone, carrying on her dead husband’s duties and continuing to protect the kingdom. Grimnir shares that he would be honored to meet Brunhild. Meliodas agrees and comes to the sudden decision to go out and meet Brunhild himself.

[Episode 29] A Sudden Departure

Meliodas leaves the tavern by himself, citing the need to meet Princess Brunhild of Isenstein. Everyone objects, but do not succeed in dissuading him.

The team tries to stop Meliodas, but he cannot be swayed.

[Episode 30] Losing the Tail

It turns out that Ban followed Meliodas. They joke with each other as they walk.

As Ban and Meliodas travel away from the Boar Hat Tavern, they run into Prince Sigurd and his men.

[Episode 31] Another Encounter with Sigurd

Sigurd declares he will eliminate Meliodas for sure this time. With no plan of escape, there is no choice but to fight.

Sigurd attacks Meliodas and Ban and wounds them greatly. Ban carries Meliodas on his back and runs away. Sigurd announces that as long as he wields Gram, they will never be able to run away from him.

[Episode 32] The Shadow of Pursuit

Ban carries Meliodas and runs as fast as he can, but Sigurd’s pursuit continues.

As Ban and Meliodas hide behind a rock, Ban recognizes that they’ll never be able to get away as long as Sigurd has Gram. Suddenly, the Isenstein Legion appears and announces that Sigurd and his men are trespassing. A blond-haired woman directs the man speaking (Hagen) to step back. She is revealed to be Princess Brunhild, whom the Xantenburg soldiers refer to as the Goddess of Death.

[Episode 33] The Princess of Rumors

Sigurd claims he crossed the border while pursuing Demons, but Brunhild doesn’t believe him.

Sigurd and Brunhild square off. Sigurd insists that he came chasing the Evil Dragon Incarnate, who has a mountain that moves and a wolf that devours everything. Brunhild sends him away as she doesn’t believe him.

[Episode 34 & 35] Crisis Avoided

Ban returns to the tavern with Meliodas on his back. Elizabeth rushes over in shock.

[Episode 36] Sigurd and Brunhild

Meliodas explains what happened. The gang decides to take advantage of the fact that Isenstein and Xantenburg are at war.

[Episode 37] Meliodas Collapses

While talking with the group, Meliodas says he needs to rest, then collapses on the floor.

[Episode 38] Imperfect Resumption

Meliodas is back up after a short rest. Merlin tells him the polluted wound is a cause for concern.

[Episode 39] Meeting Thonar Again

Tavern customers and merchants speak of the various rumors circulating throughout Midgard. Just then, someone enters the tavern.

The tavern customers share rumors about Giants and an Evil Dragon Incarnate who looks Human, as well as a terrifying wolf that devours everything it sees. Thonar walks into the tavern and is surprised to see that it is the same Boar Hat Tavern she visited previously.

She had thought it was a branch but it was in fact the exact same tavern. Meliodas asks Thonar about the men she’d taken when they’d last met, and Thonar advises that she’d dropped them off at the nearest kingdom to repent for their actions. Meliodas also inquires if the rumors of Giants and monsters are true, and Thonar affirms that they are.

[Episode 40] Shall’s Prophecy

Grimnir talks about the past when Giants were unable to cross into Midgard due to a great wall.

Grimnir shares that Giants were previously blocked from entering Midgard due to geographical features resembling a wall. This wall was tall enough to separate Midgard from Jotunnheim. In the mythology about the creation of the world, the walls were said to have been made of the eyelashes of the First Giant, Ymir.

Grimnir suggests that this legend may not be true though, or Fenrir would’ve never made it through to Midgard. Fenrir confirms that he didn’t pass through any wall, but rather went through a big, thick forest. To Fenrir’s knowledge, the border between the two worlds was protected only by dangerous forests or narrow paths. As this conversation takes place, Shall seems to be in a trance and repeats back a chant about Ymir’s Eyelashes.

[Episode 41] Another Encounter with Priest Vali

On the way to giant’s eyelashes known as Ymir’s Wall, Meliodas and the gang encounter Priest Vali in the plains of Isenstein.

41-1 Another Encounter with Priest Vali

Hawk, Gowther, and Elizabeth debate if Shall was sleep-talking. Gowther believes she had a prophecy, similar to the one that was witnessed in the village. Meliodas resolves to have everyone go immediately to the Giant’s Eyelash wall.

41-2 You Got the Wrong Idea

Giant exterminators, led by Father Vali, stop the gang on their journey. Meliodas gears up for a fight but suddenly grasps his head. Ban tells him to stand back. King, Diane, and Fenrir join in on the battle. King is concerned about hurting anyone, so Diane uses Merlin’s spell bead to apply Magic Cancel and grow back to her original size, with the hope that it will scare off the attackers. However, Father Vali shouts that [The Seven Deadly Sins] are Giants of Jotunnheim disguised as Humans, and orders his men to attack Diane and the gang.

41-3 Ganber’s Thirst for Vengeance

Ganber steps forward and vows vengeance on [The Seven Deadly Sins]. Priest Vali allows Ganber to lead the charge, and gives him the protection of Odin, directing him to punish the minions of the Evil God. Ganber shares that he had been lost after he had suffered the greatest humiliation a warrior could be subjected to, yet Father Vali took him under his wings and granted him another chance to prove himself as a warrior. He threatens Meliodas, but Ban steps in the way and mocks him. After Ban fights Ganber, Ganber is again humiliated and furious. Priest Vali tells him to step aside.

41-4 Elite Forces

Priest Vali orders the elite warriors to get into formation, however, it is revealed that the “elite warriors” are actually conscripted criminals who had previously called themselves Loki’s minions, as well as other villagers that were made into soldiers in a hurry. Vali orders them to hurry forward and lay down their lives so that they can find their way into Valhalla if they die honorably. Fearfully, the “elite soldiers” run for their lives, with Priest Vali yelling angrily after them.

[Episode 42] Brunhild and Vali

Vali orders his “elite task force”, consisting of innocent villagers, to attack. [The Seven Deadly Sins] are unable to attack them.

42-1 Brunhild and Vali

Meliodas resigns himself to get involved, but Elizabeth urges him not to. Suddenly, a voice yells out to stop. It is revealed that the Isenstein Legion, a vanguard led by Princess Brunhild, has arrived.

42-2 Strong Heart

Brunhild and Vali exchange cross words, as Brunhild states that the teachings of Odinism do not allow the death of innocent civilians. Vali refers to Brunhild as a consort of the crown and criticizes her for her treasonous behavior in defying him. Brunhild calms Vali down by insisting that she is there to fight on his behalf, as fighting is meant for warriors only. She turns to [The Seven Deadly Sins] and challenges them to fight her.

42-3 Blade of Honor

As Brunhild prepares to fight, [The Seven Deadly Sins] are reluctant to battle again. Fenrir senses that a storm is approaching. Thunder and lightning start to surround the area. The men of Brunhild and Vali are scared, and suddenly Thonar comes running in. She tells [The Seven Deadly Sins] that she can’t let them die like this, and that they should take this opportunity to run away.

They do, fleeing on Hawk’s Mama. Priest Vali yells at Thonar and calls her Thor, and tells her that she is being ridiculous. Once back in the Boar Hat Tavern, Thonar denies hearing anyone calling her Thor and awkwardly reminisces about what great coincidence the thunderstorm was. Grimnir shares that Thor is one of the gods, a god of war and a god of thunder, who was responsible for thunderstorms. Thor is also the god of justice and detests unjust deeds. The group concludes that Thor must’ve seen their plight and stepped in, and Thonar laughs and takes her leave.

[Episode 43] Merlin Returns

[The Seven Deadly Sins] are saved by Thonar.

Merlin returns with information about an antidote that will help ease Meliodas’s symptoms.

[Episode 44] Golden Apples of Idun

The antidote is said to be inside the Capital of Xantenburg. Merlin says the place is famous for being impregnable.

Grimnir confirms that the Capital of Xantenburg is famous for its impregnable defenses. Merlin assesses that they seem to be effective against espionage from opposing nations. Grimnir is reminded of the goddess Idun, and the tale of Loki and his efforts to retrieve the Golden Apples.

Asgard was home to the Golden Apples, and the gods maintained their youth by eating them. One day the Giants were tricked by Loki into attacking Idun, the goddess who looked after the apples. The gods of Asgard were enraged and made Loki retrieve what they lost from the Castle of Giants. Loki used magic to transform into a hawk and snuck in through a window.

[Episode 45] The Search for Medicine

Ban volunteers to get the antidote.

[Episode 46] Rest in Peace

Ban and Fenrir arrive at the Refuge for the Dead. They counter a specter.

[Episode 47] Divine Messenger, Valkyrie

While talking with Fenrir, Ban sees strange figures flying high up in the sky.

[Episode 48] The Giant Wall

The Boar Hat Tavern is relocating to Ymir’s Wall. The wall begins coming into view.

[Episode 49] Site of the Collapse

The gang takes a closer look at Ymir’s Wall. It is indeed collapsing in several places.

Chapter 2 of Ragnarok’s storyline concludes with [The Seven Deadly Sins] visiting Ymir’s Wall. Diane attempts to use her Creation ability to rebuild the wall, however, she recognizes that after a while her magic will break and she won’t be able to block the opening. From what the group can identify, the wall has been destroyed in at least 13 confirmed areas.

The wall appears to have existed for several thousand years and began deteriorating over the past two to three years. There is no way to tell if the wall is simply reaching the end of its life or if someone is destroying the wall on purpose. Since the wall was created by a mythical being, only someone with comparable power (such as a god) could destroy the wall. This chapter ends without a solution, and with [The Seven Deadly Sins] standing at the base of Ymir’s Wall.