Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Chapter 1: Foretold Traveler

[Prologue] A New World

A new story begins for [The Seven Deadly Sins] in an unfamiliar world

In this prologue, we see Mama Hawk walking with the Boar Hat Tavern on top.  [The Seven Deadly Sins] are seen resting and chatting at the tables.  Outside, the weather appears to be very cold, and a voiceover shares that “[w]ithout a moment of summer, the winter will continue for three years, bringing forth snowstorms throughout.  Amidst the cold, countless wars will be fought.  Brothers will kill their own… All on the land of Yggdrasil.  When the third winter comes, heroes shall arrive from distant lands.  They are called [The Seven Deadly Sins].”

As the prologue ends, a large white wolf-like creature can be seen looming, as a princely figure and his surrounding army charge towards the creature.

[Episode 1] Successor to the Hero King

Sigurd is exterminating the Demonic Beasts causing trouble in Midgard.  Unlike the struggling soldiers, Sigurd’s sword knows no mercy.

The figure from the prologue is revealed to be Sigurd, the son of King Siegfried, as he speaks to a Xantenburg soldier.  As they are speaking, a giant demonic beast covered with ice crystals appears.  Sigurd announces that he will send the creature born of darkness back from where it came.  With one fell swoop of Sigurd’s large sword, the demonic beast falls.

[Episode 2] A Suspicious Tavern

While defeating the Demonic Beasts, Sigurd hears word that a strange tavern has been discovered.  He gathers his men to begin the pursuit.

A messenger reports to Prince Sigurd that he has urgent news to report, which is that the rumored tavern which was said to be hiding Demons had been spotted nearby and heading towards Ellua Plains.  Sigurd directs the soldiers to start heading towards Ellua Plains, as Demons should be in Jotunheim, outside of Ymir’s Eyelashes, and cannot be allowed to live in Midgard.  

[Episode 3] The Evil God’s Followers

Sigurd appears before Meliodas, who had been subduing the soldiers of Xantenburg by force.  How will this fight end?

3-1 The Evil God’s Followers

Meliodas is seen battling Xantenburg soldiers.  They recognize the symbol on his forehead as being that of a Demon, and decide that he must be the Evil Dragon Incarnate.  

3-2 Follower of the Evil God?

As Meliodas looks on at the field of wounded Xantenburg soldiers, Prince Sigurd walks toward him and brandishes his legendary sword, Gram, which was passed down to him by his father, the hero-king Siegfried.  Gram is the sword from the times of old, and was the slayer of the evil dragon, Fafnir.  It glows bright red as it is brandished, and as Sigurd announces that if Meliodas really is the Evil Dragon Incarnate, then he will slay Meliodas.  As Sigurd waves Gram towards Meliodas, a dark gray smoke travels through the air towards Meliodas and King.

Meliodas takes heavy damage from the sword swipes from Sigurd.  Each cut that Gram makes on Meliodas’s skin emanates more of the dark gray smoke.  Ban shouts out and warns Meliodas to be careful, and Meliodas laments that this will be a tough battle since he’ll need to dodge the sword, fight the man, all while trying not to kill the man.  Ban, Diane, and King start to feel poorly as more smoke billows around them.

3-3 Gram, the Dragonslayer Sword

As Sigurd faces off with [The Seven Deadly Sins], a young boy with wolf-like ears and bright eyes (one red and one blue) shouts out that he will join Sigurd.  Meliodas declines, and rebukes that he had committed to helping the boy find his father.  Meliodas does not believe that the soldiers will let them leave even if the boy turns himself over, and he shouts for Hawk’s Mama to carry the boy and everyone else to safety.  Hawk’s Mama runs away, leaving Meliodas, Ban, and King behind to continue to battle.  As Ban is attacked, his healing is slowed, most likely as the result of some power that Gram possesses.  King attempts to use his Spirit Spear Chastiefol, but collapses due to his spent energy.  In the end, Oslo comes down and swallows up the three Sins to protect them from further attack as he teleports away.  However, Sigurd knows they have not gone far since Gram still shows a reaction.

[Episode 4] How Did This Happen?

Sigurd is determined to continue pursuing [The Seven Deadly Sins] and orders his men to move out.

Sigurd orders his men to chase after [The Seven Deadly Sins].  Meanwhile, at the Boar Hat Tavern, Meliodas, Ban, and King discuss the heavy damage they have just taken.  Meliodas has a memory of a few days ago, when he was in a large library and a book fell out on the ground towards him.  On the cover of the book was a large tree.  In his flashback, he sat in front of a tree reading the book to a little girl with silver hair.

[Episode 5] Waking Up in a Snowy World

A few days before encountering Sigurd, [The Seven Deadly Sins] are suddenly transported to a new world called Midgard.

As Meliodas reads to the little girl, he shares that “[b]efore the world could see another day of summer, the third winter came.  With the snowstorm came countless battles.  Brothers began to fight one another.”  The little girl shares that she is scared, and that she doesn’t ever want to fight her sisters.  She is concerned that the Kingdom of Liones of Brittania could undergo a similar fate.  Suddenly, Meliodas is transported back to present-day, as he stands outside in a snowstorm.  He reflects back on the book, confused, and then runs into Elizabeth, who is very cold.  Both are confused how they ended up in this land after having just woken up.  The pair find Hawk, who is also freezing, but is elated to find both Meliodas and Elizabeth.  King and Diane run towards the group, and a shirtless Ban strolls casually up while announcing that he thought they were all in a dream.  Last, but not least, Merlin and Gowther approach the group.

[Episode 6] Sins Reunited

Meliodas and the gang intuit that Escanor must also have been transported to this new world.  They decide to look for him.

The last [Seven Deadly Sins] member missing is Escanor, but Merlin can sense that his magic is not far away from the group.  Escanor is found facing a wolf, and he is unable to change forms due to the heavy snow in the area.  As Gowther evaluates, he believes that winter has been going on for at least two or three years due to the heavy layers of snow.  The group head off to look for a village, and stumble into the Boar Hat Tavern.  None of the members of the group can recall how they got to this land; only Elizabeth can recall that she was dreaming a dream she used to have as a child, and then woke up in the snow.  In her memory, she is certain that someone was reading to her from a picture book, and it is revealed that she was the little girl that Meliodas was reading to in his own memory.  Merlin is unable to use her ability “Teleportation” to return them to Brittania, and she is also unable to determine the coordinates of space.  Thus, the group decides to settle down and open the Boar Hat Tavern for the meantime while they try to gain their bearings and speak with townspeople.

[Episode 7] Open for Business

Perhaps it was the cold weather that brought customers to the tavern before opening.  [The Seven Deadly Sins] open the tavern for business.

As the tavern opens up for business, luckily after having its pantry recently stocked by Ban, the group receives their first customer.  Their customer has a large slash across one eye, and is very excited to find warm food  and drinks in “a place like this”.  He shares that this land used to be a nice pasture, but that the winter has continued for three years and that there are rumors of the world coming to an end.  As more and more customers fill the tavern, they reminisce on a festival that had occurred four years ago, before the weather changed and before Demons were present.  In the distance, a hooded figure approaches the tavern, while a bard plays tunes within the tavern.  The customers request the story of Trickster God Loki pretending to be Thor, the god of thunder, disguising himself as a bridge.  Before the bard can begin however, the hooded figure enters and reveals one red and one blue eye that shocks the customers as they proclaim him to be a Demon and that he must leave.  Meliodas announces that he will not refuse service to anyone and so the customers quiet down.  The hooded figure stumbles in and looks at Meliodas, then proclaims “Dad!” and then promptly collapses to the floor, much to the shock of [The Seven Deadly Sins].

[Episode 8] A Strange Boy

The group can’t decide what to do regarding the boy’s identity.  They decide to wait until he regains consciousness.

Merlin inspects the boy, and determines that he lost consciousness due to fatigue and hunger, but is otherwise safe.  Diane, King and Elizabeth discuss amongst themselves why the boy would’ve called Meliodas “Dad”.  Meliodas denies any allegations and dismisses their questioning.

[Episode 9] Berserker Ganber

The boy introduces himself as Fenrir and apologizes for mistaking Meliodas for his father due to a similar scent.

9-1 Berserker Ganber

The boy groggily awakes, and apologizes for calling Meliodas “Dad”.  He shares that he is Fenrir, and he is trying to find his missing father, Loki.  A banging at the door by an unexpected visitor demands that the tavern door is opened.

9-2 Unexpected Pursuer

A soldier outside the tavern demands that Meliodas hand over the Demon, but Meliodas declines.  A looming figure (Ganber) behind the soldier, with dark hair and a red scar down one side of his forehead, announces that he will eliminate all Demons of Jotunheim even if it means destroying the tavern in whole.  He launches an attack at Meliodas.

9-3 Berserker Ganber

Merlin determines that the combat styles of these warriors are completely different from those of Brittania.  Gander attacks Meliodas and sends him flying off of his feet into the snow.  He shares that he has been blessed with the protection of Odin, the omnipotent god.  He is the chosen warrior, a berserker, and he feels neither fear nor pain.  Meliodas launches an attack back, and Ganber begs Meliodas not to kill him.  Death in combat doesn’t scare Ganber, but he doesn’t want to be killed while helpless or he’ll never be able to go to Valhalla, the blessed land which only permits warriors who died bravely in battle to enter.  He requests a weapon from Meliodas and to be allowed to die honorably.  Meliodas however declines and tells him to stand back up and that he won’t be killing Ganber.  Ganber is upset and threatens to avenge this offense the next time they meet.  Fenrir apologizes, but Meliodas dismisses the apology.

[Episode 10] Bard Grimnir

After all the customers have run away, the only person left is a bard.  Who is he?

All of the customers ran off due to Ganber, except for the bard who was sitting off to the side.  He affirms to Merlin that the warriors of Midgard usually think like Ganber, and shares that he’s been watching the group ever since the boy entered the tavern.  He introduces himself as Grimnir, a wandering bard, and indicates that he can tell that none of them know the area very well.  He requests to join them on their journey, which Merlin supports due to his knowledge of the area.  King, however, is wary of a Human who is friendly and says nice things.  Diane is also wary, and feels he is awkward and sounds like he is pretending to be gentle.  Ban is also suspicious of Grimnir, but Grimnir responds that his only wish is to hear the hardship and adventure from their journey to help his future as a bard.  After some thought, Meliodas agrees to let Grimnir join the group.

[Episode 11] Missing Father

Meliodas and the gang learn that Fenrir’s missing father is the Evil God, Loki.

Grimnir shares that Loki is a name known to every Human in Midgard, as he is the Evil God Loki, leader of the Demons, and is known for his mischief in Midgard and in many other parts of the world.  Fenrir protests that his father isn’t evil; that he is kind and good but would sometimes go overboard with his jokes.  Loki disappeared suddenly, and so Fenrir is out looking for him.  He shares a special connection with Loki even when far away, but suddenly the connection disappeared.  Fenrir doesn’t believe that Loki can be dead, so he feels Loki must be in danger.  Fenrir pleads with the Sins to save his father.

[Episode 12] Food First!

Meliodas and the gang decide to help Fenrir find Loki.  Meanwhile, Meliodas offers to cook something for the hungry Fenrir.

Gowther, Elizabeth, Merlin and Meliodas discuss the story and come to the agreement to help Fenrir since they don’t have anything else to do right now.  Meliodas decides to cook for Fenrir and Grimnir, while Ban continues to express his lack of trust in Grimnir.  Meliodas makes his signature Boar Hat Special Meatpie, which Fenrir says smells dangerous but Grimnir criticizes his sense of smell.  Upon his first bite, however, Grimnir is violently ill.  Despite the pie tasting horrible, Fenrir is so hungry that he gorges down on the disgusting meal, which makes Elizabeth pity him even more.  

[Episode 13] Disappearance of the Evil God

The tavern customers begin sharing tales of Loki.  None of them seems to be saying anything good about him, however.

A wandering warrior, with a spunky brown ponytail, wanders in and requests a drink.  Meanwhile, the other tavern customers gossip about how the town over yonder was razed to the ground by Demons, but then a mysterious wandering warrior took care of the Demons with one fell swoop.  The villagers blame Loki for the winter, but they are thankful for the rumored traveling savior.  After everyone is done eating and drinking, the villagers leave, and the wandering warrior thanks Meliodas for the ale and wishes divine protection to be granted on the tavern.  

[Episode 14] Loki’s Minions

Fenrir senses that a fight is happening somewhere.  It’s happening in the forest up ahead.

14-1 Loki’s Minions

Meliodas asks Grimnir for directions to a nearby village to obtain more supplies.  Fenrir smells something in the air and believes the customers who had just left are in danger.

14-2 Unfamiliar Minion

Loki’s henchmen, who appear to be Humans wearing wolf and bear skins as hats, intimidate the villagers.  They are attacked by [the Seven Deadly Sins] and they run away for their lives.  The villagers thank the Sins for rescuing them from the Demons, and Meliodas points out that they were Humans and not Demons.  Fenrir recalls the runaway henchmen’s smells, and the gang begins tracking them.

14-3 Demonic Beast of Tantir Forest

A large whitewolf attacks from nowhere, which Fenrir identifies as a Demonic Beast.  The Beast chases the henchmen, who run away screaming and pleading for help.  Meliodas stands on the side laughing, but Fenrir jumps in to save them.  Demonic Beasts are dangerous beings, and Fenrir feels they will be in trouble if the gang continues to wait.  A voice from afar affirms Fenrir’s words, and as she approaches, the wandering warrior states that ‘[e]ven if they are evildoers, real justice is lending a hand to those in need!”  She reveals that her name is Thonar, and she is not so great a warrior as to have her name be recognized.  She raises her hand and calls out to the hammer of justice, but nothing happens.  Awkwardly, she glances over at the Sins, and pulls out her sword instead and launches an attack.  After felling the Demonic Beast, Thonar turns her sword upon the henchmen and shares that she knows they’ve been attacking innocent passersby and that it’s only right for them to pay for their sins.  However, if they turn themselves around and repent for their sins, she will allow them to live.  The henchmen announce they will no longer serve Loki, but instead the god of justice, Thor.  Thonar takes the henchmen to be handed over to the authorities at the nearest country, where their future of repentance can be decided through either becoming soldiers or by doing hard labor.  

14-4 Dangerous Blood

Grimnir asks Thonar to share her stories so he can tell the stories of her greatness and spread the word of her service.  He feels she is a righteous warrior who saves the people she meets in her journey, and that the way she fights is as impressive as the god of war, Thor.  However, Thonar protests and says she doesn't want to be known to others.  She does not want to make a name for herself and she does not want to be noticed.  Meanwhile, Merlin senses a strange life form’s activity in the place where the Demonic Beast’s blood was spilled.  She is concerned that it will be trouble if left to be and determines that someone infused evil energy into an ordinary animal and turned it into a monster.  Grimnir shares that the numbers of Demonic Beasts have increased in recent times, again believed to be caused by Loki.  Thonar bids the group goodbye and leaves.

[Episode 15] Village in Danger

The Sins try to cheer up Fenrir, who is dejected after hearing so many bad things about his father.  Suddenly, Fenrir says there’s a strong smell of steel.

Fenrir senses a smell of fighting from the direction of the village that the group is heading towards.  As the group comes upon the village, they see villagers arguing with soldiers.  The villagers want to leave because they feel the village is in danger, but the soldiers say the village is an important supply base and the villagers cannot act rashly.  The villagers beg for reconsideration under the belief that the Giants will attack, and the soldiers call Father Vali, a priest.  Vali directs the soldiers to capture anyone who disobeys and make it rain blood as sacrificial offerings to the gods of Asgard.  The episode ends with Grimnir speaking Vali’s name.

[Episode 16] What Kind of Priest…

Priest Vali is threatening the people with violence.  Meliodas tries to stop him to no avail.

Grimnir believes that Vali is a priest who worships Odin, and shares that those priests have the most power in Midgard.  Meliodas questions the strength of the gods, so Vali shouts to the soldiers to make the [Seven Deadly Sins] the first sacrificial offerings.  The Sins are too strong, however, and Vali and his men storm away.  The Mayor thanks Meliodas, and Meliodas tells him to blame the issue on them as outsiders, as long as the Mayor shares about the Giants and Jotunheim in return.  The Mayor explains that seven days ago a young girl, who looked to be a traveler, came to the village and said “Giants will attack this village in seven days.  Everyone run away.”  No one believed the child, however, and the Fortuneteller looked into the future but didn’t see the same outcome.  However, the child said many other things before leaving, such as who would fall over and get hurt, and that the livestock would be stricken with a plague.  Everything she said came true, and in the end the villagers became afraid.  

[Episode 17] The Reason for the Fear

Grimnir explains that Humans are afraid of Demons and Giants because of a prophecy.

Diane is horrified about the banishment of a young girl, but Grimnir explains that the Fog Giants of Jotunheim are great in size and strength, not to mention violent.  Fenrir protests that Giants aren’t all bad, and reveals that Jotunheim also has Demons and Werebeasts, like himself.  He promises to talk to Giants if they were to attack.

[Episode 18] Valbio Village in Danger!

Fenrir runs out after he senses something strange from the village.

Fenrir smells that conflict is nearby, and he runs after it.  Two giants, Gjalga and Greib, are intimidating the village.

[Episode 19] Words Don’t Work...

Fenrir shows up and tries to convince the Giants to stop fighting.  Will he be able to stop the Giants?

Fenrir pleads for Gjalba and Greib to stop, but they are upset that a native of Jotunheim is siding with the Humans.  They call him the cowardly wolf Fenrir, son of the traitor, Loki.  They attack Fenrir, but Meliodas steps in the way and defends him.  Frightened by Meliodas’s strength, Gjalba and Greib run away.  The villagers realize that the young girl was right, and they feel sad and sorry for banishing her.  THey are worried she has frozen to death in the cold, all alone in the snowstorm.

[Episode 20] The Missing Girl

After the Giants have been taken care of, the villagers begin to worry about the girl who foretold the event.  How will they be able to find her?

Grimnir finds that the girl left in such a hurry that she dismissed her cloak catching on a fence and tearing on the south side of town.  He gives this piece of fabric to Fenrir, who tracks her down using his sense of smell.  He finds the girl collapsed in the snow next to a tree, but she states that “I already knew you’d come to save us.  That’s why I wasn’t scared.”

[Episode 21] Identity Revealed

Fenrir returns to the village with the girl, but the villagers find out that he is a Demon.

The episode begins with Fenrir carrying the young girl.  Grimnir and Meliodas let Fenrir know that his sense of smell is an incredible asset and that he should take pride in his abilities.  As he sets the girl down, Fenrir’s hood falls back and his wolf ears are revealed to the villagers, who proclaim him to be a Werebeast and a Demon of Jotunheim.

[Episode 22] The Same Look

Now aware that Fenrir is a Demon, the villagers cautiously suggest he leaves the village.

The Mayor sheepishly thanks the Sins for their help, and Meliodas recommends that he tell any soldiers asking about what happened that they had come through like a storm and left right away.  Fenrir reflects back with sadness on his interactions with the villagers, and Ban comforts him and reminds him that he played a major role in the day’s events.  Diane apologizes to Grimnir, but King still continues to not trust the bard.  Fenrir shares that Grimnir faintly smells like his father Loki, which shocks and seemingly offends the bard at first.  However, Grimnir has recited the words of Loki, so he thinks this may be what Fenrir is smelling.  The episode ends with the little black-haired girl appearing at the door of the tavern.

Additional episodes will be posted as they become available!