Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

From the Quests tab, there are three main areas where you can perform tasks to earn rewards:

  • Story
  • Daily Tasks
  • Challenge Tasks


Quests Story.jpg

Main Story

These are the episodes that you are in progress of completing within the main storyline.  You can only have one active episode at a time.

Side Story

This section contains side stories (Sub or Trials) with quests that you have pending to complete.  You can only have one active episode at a time of each Side Story, but these are separate from the Main Story.

Village Story

The Village Story section contains repeatable quests for Free Stages, which you can farm in each Village for Equipment and Ingredients.  Additionally, each Village has a series of side-plot storylines that can be completed once each, for you to meet the various individuals around the Village and learn about their stories.

Daily Tasks

As implied by the name, these are tasks that you can repeat on a daily basis.  As you progress in the storyline you’ll unlock more types of daily tasks.  The primary tasks to do daily are:

Challenge Task

This section contains challenges that are not directly related to the Story section or the Daily Tasks.  

Quests Challenges.jpg

Hero’s Way

The Hero’s Way is easily accomplished as you complete the early stages of the game.  There are five sections to complete, and you don’t really need to go out of your way at all to complete these.  Just check in periodically to collect any rewards that you’ve finished as you’ll likely complete these quests just through your other progression activities.

  • Hero’s Start
  • Hero’s Equipment
  • Awakened Heroes
  • Evolved Heroes
  • Complete Heroes

Quests Hero's Way.jpg

Tavern Quests

These are quests specific to each of the Tavern workers:

  • Hawk
    • Reach Friendship Level 3 with Vanya Village
    • Register Recipe
  • Elizabeth
    • Evolve Hostess Elizabeth to SSR
    • Evolve Hostess Elizabeth to UR
  • Diane
    • Wear Equipment
    • Salvage Equipment
  • Ban
    • Cook a Dish
    • Evolve Prisoner Ban to SSR
    • Evolve Prisoner Ban to UR
  • King
    • Exchange Materials
    • Evolve King the Fairy King to UR
  • Gowther
    • Evolve Young Villager Gowther to SSR
    • Evolve Young Villager Gowther to UR
Quests Tavern.jpg


These quests are based on side missions that will come up throughout the storyline.  Additionally, sometimes there are special events that have their own quest plotlines, so make sure to check here and get the most rewards that you can.

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Stamina, Enhance Stones, Gold, and Diamonds can be obtained for completing Achievements in Growth, Adventure, Challenges, and Misc.  You’ll likely earn most of these Achievements through regular progression activities, so check in periodically to see what goodies you’ve earned.  Since the Stamina does not roll over when you level up, you may want to save the Stamina prizes until there is an event or when there is not a risk of leveling up and wasting any Stamina.

Quests Achievements.jpg

Earning more Achievements adds up cumulative points towards your Achievement Point Reward, which provides Diamonds at various earning thresholds.


Title challenges are obtained by performing a high number of specific tasks.  Some of these come by through daily gameplay (for example, “I Played That Much?” is based solely on time spent in the game), whereas others require performing specific tasks (for example, “I Hate Everything” requires breaking 30 chests in each village).  The hardest of these titles are “Wow, Awesome”, which requires earning an SSR hero from a single draw, as well as all of the titles pertaining to the Final Boss, as these are only available to achieve during a Final Boss season.

Knighthood Tasks

Knighthood Tasks are not a part of the main Quests menu but can be found from your Knighthood menu.  You can’t complete these tasks on your own, so make sure you join an active Knighthood to help support you to earn as many Knighthood coins as possible.  From earning these coins, you’ll be able to buy items in the Knighthood Shop.

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