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Next Steps

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Making Your First Edits

Now that you have created your account, feel free to jump around the wiki and look for places to contribute. The New Editor Guide is a step-by-step instruction of making your first edit on an article page. Any additions of missing content for pages is always helpful. For more information on editing, view these help pages.

  • Help:Editing - Information about the different editor options at Fandom.
  • Help:Links - Information on how to set up different types of links on a Fandom page.

Ongoing Editing Projects

Below are current projects and areas of the wiki that can utilize your help with fleshing out:

  • Assistance with translating English guides to other languages, primarily German, French, Spanish, or Portuguese.


The following users are staff members of the 7 Deadly Sins Grand Cross wiki. Feel free to reach out to these users if you are looking to help contribute on the community or have any questions:

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