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Published: 06/13/2022

Festival Elizabeth (Light Eternal Rebirth Elizabeth) can deal greater damage the more Ultimate Move Gauge orbs she has based on her Max HP.

Hero Rating

PVP (Normal) 10 / 10
PVP (Elite) 9 / 10
PVE 10 / 10
Unique Ability 10 / 10
Red Demon 7 / 10
Gray Demon 7 / 10
Howlex 7 / 10
Bellmoth 1 / 10
Original Demon 1 / 10
Hraesvelgr 10 / 10
Eikthyrnir 10 / 10

Hero Advanced Stats

Light elizabeth advanced stats.PNG


Spiral Light
Icon elizabeth blood ssr type01 skill 03.png Rank 1 Skillicon damage debuff.png Inflicts Flood damage equal to 200% of Attack on one enemy.
Rank 2 Skillicon damage debuff.png Inflicts Flood damage equal to 300% of Attack on one enemy.
Rank 3 Skillicon damage debuff.png Inflicts Flood damage equal to 500% of Attack on one enemy.

Valley of Light
Icon elizabeth blood ssr type01 skill 01.png Rank 1

Skillicon damage.png

Inflicts damage equal to 110% of Attack on all enemies, then deals additional damage equal to 3% of Max HP for every orb in the hero's Ultimate Move Gauge.
Rank 2

Skillicon damage.png

Inflicts damage equal to 165% of Attack on all enemies, then deals additional damage equal to 5% of Max HP for every orb in the hero's Ultimate Move Gauge.
Rank 3

Skillicon damage.png

Inflicts damage equal to 275% of Attack on all enemies, then deals additional damage equal to 8% of Max HP for every orb in the hero's Ultimate Move Gauge.


Jonah's Ordeal

Icon elizabeth blood ssr type01 special 01.png Inflicts damage equal to 30 / 36 / 42/ 48/ 54/ 60% of the hero's Max HP on all enemies, then applies Resurrection on allies for 1 turn, which revives them with 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 30 / 50 % of Max HP when dying (effect is removed after reviving, does not revive when dying from reflected damage).


Eternal Reincarnation
Icon exclusive skill 1030501.png Every time one of the applicable allies (self, [The Seven Deadly Sins] or [The Four Archangels]) uses a skill, increases their basic stats by 4%, stacking up to 6 times . At the max stack, applicable allies Recover 30% of Max HP, then increases all of the hero's stats by 15% for 5 turns (does not apply to Recovery Rate).

Hero Guide

[Restored Memories] Elizabeth of Eternal Rebirth was released on 7th June 2022 as part of the 3rd Anniversary. Known in the community as “Bloody Liz”, she is the first Light Unit to be introduced in-game, bringing an all-new Ultimate Move, “Resurrection”.

Elizabeth’s passive allows your team to gain a boost of 4% on each card you use but is restricted to only members of [The Seven Deadly Sins] and [The Four Archangels]. Since Elizabeth is the first Light Unit, her passive reduces damage by 10% from disadvantaged elements.

Elizabeth comes with two attack cards, both bringing to the table amazing firepower. The attack cards are based on HP stats similar to Purgatory Ban.

The primary team Elizabeth is used with is [The Four Archangels] team. Elizabeth's main role is being the main damage dealer, while her passive gives overall stat boosts and increases the survivability of the team.


  • Excellent damage output
  • Easy gear building with high CC
  • High Durability (Health/Defense)


  • Needs Duplicates for longer Ultimate buff and gray buff as lower rank buffs can be countered by buff removal
  • Not great for most PvE content
  • Long passive build-up
  • Unique only works only those who are the Seven Deadly Sins and 4 Archangels limiting who can be on her teams

Skill Review

  • Spiral Light: A single target damage card, each rank at 200/300/500% Attack inflicting “Flood” damage gaining an extra 80% damage boost at max HP. With the help of Elizabeth’s passive, damage will also increase by another 15%.
  • Valley of Light: AOE damage card, each rank at 110/165/275%. Depending on the team composition, more Ultimate Gauge can yield increased damage to this card.
  • Jonah’s Ordeal: Light Elizabeth introduces a new Ultimate Ability, “Resurrection”, which allows dead teammates to return to the field on an enemy turn if the Ultimate was used previously. At Ultimate Level 1 through 3, the Resurrection buff is blue, meaning it can be removed by the enemy, but at 4-6, the buff is gray.
  • Eternal Reincarnation: When units from [The Seven Deadly Sins] or [The Four Archangels] use skills, their basic stats gain an increase of 4% up to 6 stacks. It’s recommended to allow your teammates to take a turn and save Elizabeth’s cards for the next turn to get the most out of this passive damage.
  • Equipment: Life (4 set) and Iron Wall (2 set)
  • Substats: Bracer/Ring- Attack
  	        Necklace/Earring- Defense

Belt/Rune- HP

PvP - Although Elizabeth can have a large damage output, you’ll need a support team to allow her enough time to build her passive and damage. The support team will consist of Blue Festival Ludociel (Margaret) and Red Festival Queen Diane. In this team composition, Festival Ludociel provides cleanse to the team and increases damage by 30% on level one, up to 50% on level three and increases defense by 20% level one up to 40% on level three. Festival Diane serves as the tank and Ult control. To fill the sub slot, there are several options of characters, such as Green Merlin for Ultimate rushing, Red Purgatory Ban for extra CC, or Red Ragnarok Ban for increasing own stats and decreasing enemy stats. Since Elizabeth’s passive needs to build up this team will allow you to benefit in two ways. One will be skills being used on the first round building her passive right away,and the second that defense and firepower will be outstanding to this point and allow Elizabeth to defeat her opponents. This can be challenging due to missing units, being out CC’ed, or Elizabeth taking too much damage from AOEs making her Flood card hit for less. Although Elizabeth's passive is restricted to members of [The Seven Deadly Sins] and [The Four Archangels], it’s not that detrimental because units in this category are powerful and fun to run allowing you to create some exciting teams.

PvE - Elizabeth does not excel in PvE mainly because as stated the passive build is the set back compared to her counterpart Traitor Meli who does immense damage on first turn. Examples of content she will not perform well in will be Clock Tower/Forbidden Square since these two are on a time limit it would be preferable to complete this faster, so time would be lost building her passive when units like Gamer Shin or Fairy King Harlequin can melt enemies on their first turn. For end game content such as Hraesvelgr and Eithyrnir, Elizabeth will provide little to no benefit, because her AOE card will be either patienced by the boss or deal little damage and not give Traitor Meli a stack to his passive. However, Elizabeth’s passive providing that extra 4% to basic skills each turn is worth noting as it will provide units like The One and Traitor Meli that leverage to speed through certain stages of Hraesvelgr. For Eithyrnir she suffers from the same situation as Traitor Meli because their attributes do not spin the wheel and her cards will take slots away from RGB units. Lastly, for boss battles, other units outshine her and outspeed her on their clear time. Regardless, that does not take away that she can be used in boss battles as she can enter Extreme mode.

Holy Relic




Elizabeth「エリザベス」 is one of the highest-ranked members of the Goddess Clan and the Supreme Deity's daughter. She also is the original incarnation of Elizabeth Liones, as well as Meliodas' lover 3,000 years ago. Due to her helping members of the Demon Clan in the Holy War and by falling in love with one of them, Elizabeth was punished by the Demon King with a curse to reincarnate as a human and losing her memories, dying over and over again. Source: