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Participate in the Knighthood Competition Regular Season! Join forces with all Knighthood members and devise the perfect strategy for attacking opposing Knighthood bases!

It is a game mode where Knighthoods wage an ungeared battle against each other. Form Attack Teams and Defense Teams and win by capturing as many bases as possible from the other team.

All Knighthoods that have signed up can participate in the Knighthood Competition Regular Season. Participating Knighthoods will go through a single 1 vs 1 Regular Season Competition through matchmaking.

Signing Up

If the Knighthood has 20 or more members, the Knighthood Captain or Vice-Captain can sign up to participate.

Registering Account Combat Class

Tap [Register Combat Class] to register your Account Combat Class. Please remember to register for the Account Combat Class, not Team Combat Class.

It is recommended to register as many Knighthood member Account Combat Classes as possible to be placed in a higher tier.

Registering Defending Teams

Defending Teams can be set until the start of the battle phase.

Members who are not yet registered to Defending Teams may not attack enemy bases during the battle phase. Tap [Register Defending Team] to save a Defending Team. Up to 5 Defending Teams can be set, consisting of four heroes and 4 associated heroes. Duplicate heroes cannot be set. Tap [Save] to register the set Defending Team.

For more information about the best PVP heroes in the game, check out the wiki’s PVP tier list.


Regular Season Competition details are shown below.

  • Participation sign-up period (2 days)
  • Opposing Knighthood matchmaking period (2.5 hrs)
  • Battle phase against the matched Knighthood (2 days)
  • Result calculation period

Registration Period

You can only sign up during the registration period. The Knighthood Captain can place Defending Teams in bases from the time of registration to the start of the battle phase. Bases have varying effects; it is important to place teams according to these effects.

Regular Season tier levels are determined by the Knighthood’s Account Combat Class info at the time of sign up.

Matchmaking Period

When matchmaking begins, each Knighthood will be placed in varying tiers according to the Knighthood’s registered Account Combat Class. Matchmaking randomly pits your Knighthood against another in the same tier.

Tier Selection Based on Account Combat Class Ratio

Tier Top % rank
Challenger 2%
Champion 3-10%
Master 11-20%
Platinum 21-30%
Gold 31-40%
Silver 41-60%
Bronze 61-80%
Iron 81-100%

Battle Phase

You can attack the opposing Knighthood’s bases during the battle phase.

Calculation Period

The results will be determined by converting each Knight’s remaining battles to Capture Points and combining them with Capture Points acquired during the battle phase.

The remaining battles are converted to Capture Points in the event of all bases being destroyed.

Rewards will be sent to the Inbox based on the results when entering the Knighthood Headquarters after calculation.


You can select a player to attack their Defending Team to attack inside the opposing Knighthood’s base.

Form a team with heroes you own and begin the battle. Choose the heroes carefully as they can only be set once.

When the battle begins, it will continue until all of your Attacking Teams are defeated.

Please note that the battle will be canceled if it doesn’t proceed for 10 minutes, and participating heroes cannot be used again.

Battle Rules

Battles are 4 vs. 4 with 3 skills usable each turn. (Skill usage is reduced when 2 or 1 hero/es remain).

The Defending Teams are controlled by AI while Attacking Teams can be manually controlled.

Base Effect

Each base has different effects, which are shared between linked bases.

Effects are applied at the start of the battle, aiding Defending Teams.

The base must be captured to remove its Base Effect, so Strategy is crucial.

Clearing All Defending Teams

Losing against a Defending Team saves its remaining HP up to the moment of defeat; winning against a Defending Team removes it.

Acquire a player’s Capture Points when defeating all of their Defending Teams.

Capturing Bases

Removing all players in a base captures it, providing its Capture Points.

Attack Count

There is a limit to the number of times you can attack the enemy. Each player can start up to five battles.

Any remaining unused attack after all bases have been captured will be converted to Capture Points during the calculation period.