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Knighthood Competition, also known as “Guild Wars” is a PvP content that requires your entire Knighthood to participate. 

Knighthoods are selected for the Knighthood Competition based on members’ scores in the Knighthood Boss battles, so if you want your Knighthood to be able to participate make sure you get everyone actively logging in and engaged in participating. 64 Knighthoods with the highest scores will be eligible to compete in the [Knighthood Competition Elite], and the 32 Knighthoods with the next highest scores will be eligible for the [Knighthood Competition Regular].

Knighthood Competition Ranks.PNG

The Knighthood Competition content can be accessed through the Knighthood area by going to the “Competition” section on the navigation bar.  Knighthoods must be a minimum of Level 3 in order to see both the Knighthood Boss and the Knighthood Competition screens.  

Knighthood competition.PNG


The Knighthood Competition begins with 32 Knighthoods divided into eight Leagues of four Knighthoods each based on their Knighthood Boss battle rankings.  Four Knighthoods in the same League will battle three times over twelve days in order to determine the highest scoring Knighthood.  This battle period begins with a two-day preparation period phase and a two-day battle phase.  


During the two-day preparation phase, Knighthoods can assign heroes to Assault Teams and Defense Teams.  Heroes, including Associated heroes, that are assigned to one team may not be selected for the other team.  Defense Team heroes and their equipment are locked in once the preparation phase ends.  Equipment stats apply for all units. Both competitions will be held simultaneously, and the competition schedule is shared on the Netmarble Forum.

Squad items cannot be used in [Knighthood Competition Regular]. Up to 12 attacking teams and 3 defending teams can be formed.

When a guild is relegated from [Knighthood Competition Elite] to [Knighthood Competition Regular], their previously saved setups of 4th and 5th defending teams will be deleted.

Knighthood captains are able to use Placement Mode to assign Knighthood members to bases, set bonus points to desired regions, and determine magic bases by assigning them base effects.

Capture Points

Once the two-day battle phase begins, the Assault Team will attack bases in the opposing team’s territory and gain Capture Points upon each successful attack.  Attack attempts may be made until all heroes that are set during the preparation phase have been used.  Each hero may be used only once when setting an Assault team, and once the battle for the base begins, it will continue until all heroes set have been defeated.  The battles will be against bot-versions of opponents so you do not need to worry about needing to wait for others to be online to battle in real-time.

When the battle concludes, the amount of Capture Points acquired throughout the battle will determine the winner of the battle.  The Knighthood will be awarded three points for a win, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss.

Capturing all bases in a region will award the captor with Region Capture Point, which may have had bonus points assigned during the preparation phase.  Region bonus points are not visible to opposing Knighthoods, so it is very important to assign these points strategically.  Unassigned region bonus points will automatically be distributed to all regions.

The Knighthood that has the most Capture Points against opposing Knighthoods over this four-day period will be declared the victor.

Magic Bases

During the preparation phase, the Knighthood captains are able to apply effects to bases to set them as magic bases.  Only one magic base may be set to each region, and other bases in the region will be granted a basic stats buff.  If a magic base becomes captured, any effects being applied to other bases will also disappear.

Defending Team Balance

The following stat changes apply to the defending team only:

  • Increases basic stats by 15% when all allies in battle are of the same race
  • Removes all enemies' Buff effects when an ally's Ultimate Move Gauge is completely filled
  • Becomes immune to all Debuff effects
  • Heals 25% of Max HP at the start of the next turn if allies do not take damage during the enemy's turn
  • Increases allies' basic stats by 2% for each Buff effect on enemies
  • Increases allies' damage dealt with single-target skills by 30%


Knighthood Competition rankings are based on the results of all three wars during the twelve day period.  Knighthood members will receive rewards that are based on the Knighthood’s rankings in their individual inboxes upon entering their Knighthood Headquarters after the rank calculations have been completed.  

In the event of two Knighthoods having the same number of wins, the Knighthood that has the most Capture Points will rank higher.  If two Knighthoods have the same number of Capture Points, the Knighthood with the higher Account Combat Class will rank higher.

Season rank costumes are able to be claimed in the "Knighthood Competition Costume Reward Box" when players enter the Knighthood Headquarters after the season ends for Knighthoods that are eligible to claim the rewards.

Note that season rank costume reward chests will be deleted from players' costume inventory after 28 days. When equivalent rewards are claimed in the next Knighthood Competition season, the duration resets 28 days later.


Players who are not a part of the top 32 teams are still able to view the results of the Knighthood Competition {picture}.  The individual battles cannot be viewed, but the previous rank, current rank, and match record for each team are available for viewing.