Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

This guide covers the recommended team compositions and strategies to beat Hraesvelgr. The goal is to maximize the acquisition of Wind Source, a rare material exclusively acquired from First Time Stage Clear rewards and World Tree Tower Exchange Shop.

Demonic Beast Battles are the main source of Holy Relic materials. When crafted, it grants special effects and additional basic stats to registered heroes. It is the most difficult PVE content to clear, requiring your heroes to be maxed out in levels and equipment to compete. Specific skills are also needed to counter the gimmicks on each Phase. Power Strike, Taunt, and Cleanse/Heal are vital skills to have on your team.

There are currently three floors, each with 4 phases to clear. First Time Stage Clear Rewards can be claimed after clearing a floor once before reset. Simultaneously, stage rewards can be farmed repeatedly to acquire other materials.

Recommended Teams

Standard Team

(Can clear higher floors)

Damage Utility/Heal Taunt/Heal Support
Gbrunhild.png Bfludociel.png Rhmatrona.png Ghgowther.png
or or or or
Rsariel.png Gelizabeth.png Gdiane.png Rgowther.png
or or or
Btoescanor.png Bderieri.png Gelizabeth.png

Farming Team

(Floor 1)

Damage Utility/Heal Support Support
Gbrunhild.png Bfludociel.png Ghgowther.png Gelizabeth.png
or or
Rsariel.png Rgowther.png


Damage Dealer - Heroes with Power Strike / Flood / Amplify skill capable of dealing immense damage to the boss.

Utility/Heal - Heroes who can heal or cleanse to take away the debuffs and avoid Weak Point damage. The remaining HP of your team is carried over after clearing the lower floors. Thus it is advantageous to survive with high HP.

Taunt - Redirects all single-target attacks to the hero. It will also cause Hraesvelgr’s Air Blast (Floor 2, Phase 2) to miss when the skill is activated. You can opt-out using heroes with Taunt if you are farming Floor 1.

Support - Heroes who can power up and boost the team (rank-up, damage increase)

General Strategy



Green Brunhild - Attack / Crit Dmg (Red Sariel Association)

Red Sariel - Attack / Crit Dmg

Blue “The One” Escanor - Attack / Crit Dmg (Red Sariel Association)

Red Escanor - Attack / Crit Dmg (Red Sariel Association)

Blue Festival Ludociel - Attack or HP / Crit Dmg or Defense

Green Princess Elizabeth - HP / Defense

Red Halloween Matrona - HP / Defense

Green Diane - HP / Defense

Blue Derieri - HP / Defense

Green Halloween Gowther - HP / Defense

Red Gowther - HP / Defense

Useful Artifacts Sets

No.2 Guardian of Istal

  • If an ally is Debuffed from a skill during the enemy's turn, restores 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5% of their Max HP. (Excludes PVP and Death Match)

No.3 Adventures in Midgard

  • Increases allies' damage dealt with single-target attack skills by 2 / 4 / 6% (Excludes PVP and Death Match)

No.13 What's the Tally?

  • Recovers 1 / 1.5 / 2% of Max HP at the start of the allies' turn when taking damage. (Excludes PVP and Death Match)

Important Notes

A random Demonic Beast Passive is applied on these phases:

  • Floor 1, Phase 3
  • Floor 2, Phase 2 and 4
  • Floor 3, Phase 2 and 4

HP-type heroes are the main target when the boss performs single-target attacks.

Floor 1

Phase 1 and 2 is where you collect all the needed skills to work your way around the annoying gimmicks of Phase 3 and 4.

These are the must-haves before entering Phase 4:

  • A couple of Power Strike cards are needed at the end of Phase 3. You need to consistently deal damage for 3 turns in this phase, else Hraesvelgr will apply a strong Corrosion debuff if it does not take any damage on a turn.
  • Level 2 or 3 Breath of the Bless buff (active or on hand)
  • Taunt Cards from Matrona or Heal cards from Elizabeth

You should use the turns from Phase 1 and 2 to collect all the needed cards; stalling for more turns is advised in case of bad RNG.

Coming to the fight, burn cards except for:

  • High Damage cards (Power Strike) - should be kept until Phase 4
  • Buff / Cleanse (Breath of Bless) - to be used on Phase 3 and 4

Use the Taunt to direct all of Hraesvelgr’s single-target attacks to the hero. Maximize its taunt duration before using another taunt card.

Only use heal when your HP falls below 60% for efficiency.

Rushing the Ultimate by moving cards in Phase 1 and 2 is encouraged when using Elizabeth on your team.

In Phase 3, use cleanse to remove debuffs and avoid the boss’ Weak Point attack. You’ll know it because of the distinct skill icon appearing on the skill queue.

Festival Ludociel’s level 2 or 3 Buff should be used at the end of Phase 3 or the beginning of Phase 4. You can casually use the spare buffs to strengthen your defense on lower phases.

In Phases 3 and 4, Hraesvelgr’s damage taken does not exceed 30% of Max HP from each skill use.

Phase 3 strategy

At the start of Phase 3, the boss will inflict moderate damage with a bleed debuff. Next turn, it will additionally inflict Weak Point damage which can burst down a debuffed hero. To counter this, use a cleanse card or taunt to mitigate damage. If you plan to use the saved-up cleanse card, make sure to clear Phase 3 within the turn since you’ll need more of the buff duration on Phase 4. Keep in mind that the maximum damage per instance is 30% of the boss Max HP.

Phase 4 strategy

There are 2 effective strategies in clearing this phase:

  • Burst with 4 high damage cards on the first turn using Power Strike and Ultimate cards while Breath of the Bless buff is active (card is activated at the end of Phase 3). It requires good timing and preparation from previous phases. Power Strike cards can be replaced by Flood and Amplify cards, but with lesser effectiveness in damage.
  • Survive for 3 turns while dealing damage on each turn until Hraesvelgr’s defense passive wears off. Until then, hold the remaining damage cards to finish off the boss on the 4th turn. Maximum damage per instance is 30% of the boss Max HP.

Floor 2

Phase 1 strategy

Use a taunt card on the 1st turn. If you’re using Elizabeth, rush Ultimate by using and moving her cards.

On the second turn, immediately use a cleanse card before Hraesvelgr uses his Weak Point skill.

When the boss has an active buff, use a Debuff removal card to lessen the incoming damage.

Make sure to have a taunt card on hand before ending the phase.

Phase 2 strategy

Use a taunt card on the 1st turn to cause Hraesvelgr’s Air Blast to miss. Make sure to keep the taunt buff active for all the turns on Phase 2.

Note that in this phase, Hraesvelgr heals for 100% of Defense when its HP reaches 0. (once per battle)

Before ending the Phase, make sure to have a couple of high damage or Ultimate cards.

Phase 3 strategy

The trick here is to burst the boss in a single turn from 70% to 0% to prevent him from regenerating back to full HP. Maximum damage per instance is 30% of the boss Max HP.

You can make use of a cleanse card if you are being affected by debuffs to continue using Attack cards.

Phase 4 strategy

Use a cleanse card every time you are affected by the Explode debuff. Hraesvelgr will heal 20% of his Max HP every time an explosion occurs. Maximum damage per instance is 30% of the boss Max HP.