Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki
Increase Attack-related Stats
Increases Attack, Pierce Rate, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage


Hero Attack Type Boost Type Skill Rank Needed Duration
Galioni.png Unique All HP Attribute Allies N/A N/A
Gcain.png Unique All Allies in Death Match Death Match Only N/A
Rcamila.png Unique (Post-Transformation) All Allies N/A N/A
Beastin.png Skill All Allies Rank 1/2/3 2/2/3 turns
Geren.png Ultimate (Human Form) Self N/A N/A
Ggloxinia.png Unique Self When an Ally Dies N/A
Ghgowther.png Unique All Allies If Allies in Battle Are All From Different Races Each Limit 5 Times, 7% at Start of Every Turn
Gfgowther.png Unique All Allies Each time an ally uses a skill 2% each time an ally uses a skill. Limit 10 times
Ghelbram.png Skill All Allies Rank 1/2/3 2/2/3 turns
Bjericho.png Unique All Speed Attribute Allies N/A N/A
Rjericho.png Unique All Strength Attribute Allies N/A N/A
Gfmerlin.png Unique Self 5% for every 4% of remaining HP when using skills N/A
Rrem.png Unique Self When the hero increases rank of, uses, or moves a skill 5% each for 3 turns. Limit 5 times
Groxy.png Unique Self % Increase for Each Human Ally N/A
Gshin.png Unique Self Whenever Hitting an Enemy Removed When 3 or More Buffs Stack
Gthonar.png Unique All Allies When an ally removes a Debuff using a skill in Death Match 3 turns