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Grade Race Attribute
R Demon Strength
SR Fairy HP
SSR Giant Speed

Skill Effects
Amplify Barrier Blaze
Bleed Break Cancel / Remove Stance
Cancel Buff and Stance Charge Charm
Co-destruction Corrosion Counter
Debuff Immunity Decrease Attack Decrease Attack-related Stats
Decrease Crit Chance Decrease Crit Resistance / Crit Defense Decrease Damage Taken
Decrease Defense Decrease Defense-related Stats Decrease HP
Decrease HP-related Stats Decrease Recovery Rate Decrease Resistance
Decrease Skill Ranks Decrease / Deplete Ultimate Move Gauge Decrease Pierce Rate
Decrease Ultimate Move Damage Delete Despair
Detonate Disable All Skills Disable Attack Skills
Disable Buff and Debuff Skills Disable Debuff Skills Disable everything but Attack Skills
Disable Recovery Skills Disable Stance Skills Disable Ultimate Move
Evade Explode Extort
Fills Ultimate Move Gauge Freeze Heal
Ignite Immune to Ultimate Move Disable Increase All Stats
Increase Attack Increase Attack-related Stats Increase Basic Stats
Increase Crit Chance Increase Crit Damage Increase Damage Dealt
Increase Damage Taken Increase Defense Increase Defense-related Stats
Increase HP Increase HP-related Stats Increase Pierce Rate
Increase Recovery Rate Increase Resistance Increase Skill Ranks
Increase Stat-related Buffs Infect Inhale
Lifesteal Petrify Pierce
Preemptive Strike Prevent Ultimate Move Gauges from filling up Poison
Reflect Rejuvenate Remove Buffs and Debuffs
Remove Buffs Remove Debuffs Restrict Skill Effects
Ruin Rupture Secret Technique
Sever Shatter Shock
Solidify Spike Stun
Taunt Weak Point
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