Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Hell demons feat.jpg Hell difficulty is on a whole different level compared to Extreme difficulty and below. Although the number of hearts, skills, and attack patterns are very much the same as Extreme, the demons Combat Power and stats have increased tremendously (almost twice as much). Moreover, you can only utilize heroes with type advantages against the demon. The enormous power gap leads us to adjust certain strategies and team compositions to defeat it.

Why Farm Hell over Extreme?

  • Guaranteed 2x loot drop on Limit Break materials (Red Demon’s Horn, Gray Demon’s Wing, Demonic Beast Howlex’s Ear)
  • A Guaranteed drop of costume enhancement materials for party leaders (Alluring Perfume, Splendid Fabric, Brilliant Component). Gold Box also guarantees these materials (8% drop).
  • Drops more Gold (UR Treasure Chest)

Hell Demons Stats

Demon # of Hearts Stamina CC Level Attack Defense HP
Red 3 28 300,000 220 17,569









Gray 2 28 300,000 230 18,343






Howlex 3 28 300,000 240 17,764









Red Demon

Requires Speed Attribute Heroes (Blue)

While the usual strategy for this demon is to freeze/petrify before the end of your turn, doing this in hell difficulty makes it less efficient because it will just drag out and prolong the battle. Thus, fighting toe-to-toe is a smarter choice.

Knowing that the boss can still be affected by most debuffs (except for Bleed / Poison / Shock / Corrosion), it is advised to utilize heroes with skills that can deteriorate the demon’s power:

  • Cancel Stances - Prevents the boss from assuming a stance that increases its HP by 50% and decreases damage taken by 30%.
  • Decreases Defense-related stats - Decreases the Demon’s Defense, Resistance, Crit Resistance, and Crit Defense which will eventually allow you to clear the stage much faster.
  • Extort - Decreases the target’s stats and increases its own by the same amount. Ban can extort the boss’ Attack and Defense, allowing you to inflict more damage while receiving weakened attacks.
  • Decrease Attack-related stats - Decreases the Demon’s Attack, Pierce Rate, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage allowing you to survive his simultaneous attacks. Useful when you run a full damage team.

Team Buffs and Damage Effects will also help reduce the boss’s incoming damage and help you beat the boss much faster.

Although using Blue King is still a viable option for additional sustain, be aware that using petrify will remove all of the existing debuffs on the demon. If your partner has applied Extort and Decrease Defense-related stats, using Petrify can be detrimental.

Best Heroes

Main Team

Dtmeliodas.png Meliodas, Traitor (Dark) - High damage due to his Unique effects (Offense-Defense Hybridity), Amplify, and Pierce Attack skills.

Btoescanor.png Escanor, "The One" (Blue) - Main Damage Dealer (Single-target nuke) for Speed attribute heroes.

Bfludociel.png Ludociel, Festival (Blue) - Main Support/Damage Dealer. Removes debuffs and boosts allies to inflict more damage while reducing the enemies' damage.

Bclillia.png Lillia, Christmas (Blue) - Main Damage Dealer with Flood damage.

Nbarthur.png Arthur, New King (Blue) - High damage due to Sever and Unique effects. His skill can also cancel stances and stun the enemy.

Bnunchakuban.png Ban, Nunchuck (Blue) - Best attacker with high defense. Able to Decrease Defense-related stats, Cancel Stances, and Extort.

Bban.png Ban (Blue) - Inflicts high damage and provides damage mitigation by decreasing the Demon’s Attack-related stats.

Beastin.png Eastin (Blue) - Best buffer to increase the Attack-related stats of your party members. She is awesome to pair with Blue New King Arthur and Blue Zeldris. She has decent HP and Defense due to her Unique ability.

Bslater.png Slater (Blue) - Reliable damage dealer capable of removing and disabling stances. He almost guarantees a critical hit when the demon has an empty Ultimate Move Gauge.

Bzeldris.png Zeldris (Blue) - Inflicts heavy damage when the demon is debuffed. He is also capable of recovering HP and generating high output damage with Blue Eastin in the team.


Bjenna.png Jenna (Blue) - Her costume set bonus grants her the ability to acquire an additional Alluring Perfume after clearing the Death Match (Used to enhance Cosmetic items).

Bjericho.png Jericho (Blue) - Increases Speed attribute allies' Attack-related stats by 10%.

Bmarmas.png Marmas (Blue) - Increases Speed attribute allies' HP by 30%.

Team Composition

Full Damage Team

Bnunchakuban.png Btoescanor.png Nbarthur.png Bjericho.png
Damage/Utility Damage/Utility Damage/Utility Sub (Unique)

Balanced Team

Bslater.png Beastin.png Belihawk.png Bjenna.png
Damage Buffer Damage/Sustain Sub (Unique)

Gray Demon

Requires HP Attribute Heroes (Green)

Hell difficulty may require a different strategy than Extreme as it could be hard to burst the demon without using your Ultimate skills. This time, a safe Ult Rush team with a mix of good damage mitigation is highly recommended:

  • Fills the Ultimate Move Gauge - Heroes that can add orbs to your team using Skills / Unique abilities.
  • Barrier - Provides an extra layer of protection against the demon’s attacks.
  • Heal - The demon is immune to all debuffs so you need some heals to prevent from getting team wiped.

Team Buffs and Damage Reduction Effects will also help your team to survive while the demon is in a flying state, especially for teams that are waiting for the demon to land on the ground so they can unleash more damage.

Best Heroes

Main Team

Gfmerlin.png Merlin, Festival (Green) - Main damage dealer using her Power Stike attacks

Gliz.png Liz (Green) - If all allies are HP attribute in Death Match, their Skill Ranks are increased at the start of the turn.

Ghgowther.png Gowther, Halloween (Green) - Mainly used to skill-up & increase damage

Gelizabeth.png Elizabeth, Princess (Green) - Makes Ult rush possible due to her Ultimate and Unique abilities. She also provides all the needed sustain for your team with her cleanse and heal.

Gescanor.png Escanor (Green) - A great offensive option with higher HP and Defense compared to Green King. Oftentimes used as part of the Ult Rush teams because most of the time you’ll be inflicting damage with his Ultimate.

Ggil.png Gilthunder (Green) - Second best attack buffer with good Ultimate damage. His Ultimate is fairly easy to max out due to him being an SR hero.

Ghelbram.png Helbram (Green) - Best attack buffer for burst teams. Only recommended if your party member goes full support or if your team has top-level equipment sets.

Gking.png King (Green) - The best damage dealer. Just make sure he is well protected by support heroes because Green King has a low overall defense compared to other damage dealers like Green Escanor. His unique ability to increase Crit Chance for each Ultimate Move Gage orb allows him to Crit most of the time.

Gmerlin.png Merlin (Green) - Provides a barrier to protect the team and mitigate incoming damage. She also adds an Ultimate Move Gauge orb for your team to provide a head start in battle, especially when running an Ult rush team.

Gvalenti.png Valenti (Green) - Lowers the incoming damage as an effect of her Unique ability. Make sure her Necklace and Earrings have Resistance bonus stats to maximize its effect.

Gzaneri.png Zaneri (Green) - Her costume set bonus grants her the ability to acquire an additional Splendid Fabric after clearing the Death Match (Used to enhance Outfit costumes). She also provides sustain through healing and removing debuffs. Additionally creates a barrier to protect your heroes. Also works by placing her in the sub.


Galioni.png Allioni (Green) -  Increases all HP attribute allies' Attack-related stats by 10%.

Gcain.png Cain (Green) - Same effect as Green Allioni -- increasing all allies' Attack-related stats by 10% in Death Match.

Gjillian.png Jillian (Green) - Increase HP of all HP allies by 30%.

Team Composition

Burst Team

Gfmerlin.png Gliz.png Ghgowther.png Gcain.png
Damage Damage/Support Support Sub (Unique)

Full Protect Team

Gvalenti.png Gmerlin.png Gelizabeth.png Gzaneri.png
Damage/Support Damage/Support Support Sub (Unique)

Standard Team

  • must have the best equipment and good support from party members
Gking.png Ghelbram.png Ggil.png Gcain.png
Damage Buffer Damage/Buffer Sub (Unique)

Demonic Beast Howlex

Requires Strength Attribute Heroes (Red)

The strategy is pretty much similar to how the Extreme difficulty is played - BURST. This time around, timing is more crucial because the window of opportunity is narrowed down. Stalling the game and taking too many turns can be disastrous because the demon gets stronger the more turns you take -- Howlex increases its Defense and Attack-related stats when attacked by heroes.

To cite a few examples on how to burst the demon, one popular way is to accumulate large stacks of Red Derieri’s passive buff so she can one-shot Howlex at Phase 3 with her Ultimate. Another cheesy way is to utilize Red Gowther’s rank up skill to combo with Red Arthur’s level 3 buff, then use Red Escanor’s level 3 Amplify attacks to burst the enemy. Ignite effects from Red Demon Meliodas will help your team to dish out more damage.

  • Amplify - Red Escanor deals tremendous damage in combination with the level 3 Buff from Red Arthur and Red Gowther.
  • Increase Skill Ranks - You will need a succession of skill rank ups to level up your cards to rank 3.
  • Buffs - Works hand in hand with Amplify skill and increases the damage dealt by 30% per active buff on self.
  • Ignite - Increases the damage taken by enemies to +10% for each stack

Damage Reduction Effects will also help your team to survive from the demon’s incoming damage. Howlex is immune to CC which makes freeze/petrify/stun effects useless.

Best Heroes

Main Team

Rderieri.png Derieri (Red) - Best attacker to burst down Howlex especially at Phase 3. Stacking up the buffs from her Unique ability can eventually one-shot the demon.

Rsariel.png Sariel (Red) - Damage dealer with Power Strike attacks

Rescanor.png Escanor (Red) - Along with Red Arthur’s buff and Red Gowther’s rank up, Red Escanor inflicts heavy burst damage from his Amplify skills.

Rarthur.png Arthur (Red) - Essential unit for Amplify teams. His buff is used to boost your team’s attack related stats, especially for Red Escanor. Additionally, his ultimate inflicts additional burst damage.

Rnunchakuban.png Ban, Nunchuck (Red) - Has a Weak Point effect on his skill which results in 3x more damage against Debuffed enemies. A good combination with Red Demon Meliodas’ Ignite skills.

Rgowther.png Gowther (Red) - Primarily used to skill-up your buffer and attacker’s cards.

Rdmeliodas.png Meliodas, Demon (Red) - Deals bonus damage with type and race advantage. His Bad Blood with this demon also decreases the damage received by 30%. Has various skill effects that can help you burst Howlex (Ignite, Infect, Weak Point).


Relaine.png Elaine (Red) - Her costume set bonus grants her the ability to acquire an additional Brilliant Component (Used to enhance Weapon Costumes).

Relizabeth.png Elizabeth (Red) - Used as a pseudo-healer in the sub-slot where allies are healed for 10% of max HP at the start of the next turn when taking damage.

Rjericho.png Jericho (Red) - Increases Strength attribute allies' Attack-related stats by 10%.

Team Composition

Ultimate Burst Team

Rderieri.png Rsariel.png Rgowther.png Relaine.png
Damage Damage Skill-up Sub (Unique)

Amplify Team

Rescanor.png Rarthur.png Rgowther.png Rjericho.png
Damage Damage/Buff Skill-up Sub (Unique)


Various rewards are given after clearing the Death Match which is necessary for Hero Limit Break, Hero Awakening, Equipment Awakening, and Costume enhancement materials.

Red Demon Gray Demon Howlex
Guaranteed Reward for winning in Death Match or repelling the boss with the help of Hawk’s Mama Red Demon’s Horn x2 Gray Demon’s Wing x2 Demonic Beast Howlex’s Ear x2
Party Leader Reward Alluring Perfume (Used to enhance Cosmetic items) Splendid Fabric (Used to enhance Outfit Costumes) Brilliant Component (Used to enhance Weapon Costumes)
Gold Box (8%) Alluring Perfume Splendid Fabric Brilliant Component
Silver Box (12%) UR Treasure Chest UR Treasure Chest UR Treasure Chest
5* Awakening Stone 5* Awakening Stone 5* Awakening Stone
Bronze Box (80%) Red Demon’s Horn x2 Gray Demon’s Wing x2 Demonic Beast Howlex’s Ear x2