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Each Hero has a variety of Costumes that can be unlocked, which give boosts to the Hero when in combat.  These Costumes are a great way to gain CC, particularly in mid- to late-game gameplay.  While these can be acquired at any time, these are considered “long-game grinding” options for increasing CC.  A maximum of five Costumes of each type can be equipped at a given time, and the boosts are additive.  The three categories of Costumes are Outfit, Weapon, and Cosmetic.  

Costume Categories


Outfit Costumes are similar to armor in appearance -- these could be a shirt and pants, a dress, a suit of armor, etc.

Merlin outfit 2.PNG


Weapon Costumes will typically be something that your hero will hold in their hands -- examples of this might be gauntlets, a sword, or a bow.  Merlin’s weapon will be her orb.

Merlin weapon 2.PNG


Cosmetics will typically be something affecting your hero’s face or head -- examples of this would be glasses, different hairstyles, or a hat.

Merlin cosmetic.PNG

Acquiring Costumes

Costumes can be bought through the Sacred Treasure Shop, by Limit Breaking Heroes, buying them in the PvP Vaizel Fight Festival Shop, or by maxing out Affinity for a given Hero.

Sacred Treasure Shop

The Sacred Treasure Shop has four main areas: Events, Weapon, Outfit, and Cosmetics.  These are covered in further detail in the Spending Guide, and will always require either spending money or diamonds.  SR, SSR, and UR costumes can be acquired through this section of the Shop.

Limit Breaking Heroes

Each time that you Limit Break your heroes to a new grade, you will acquire a new costume of that grade.  This becomes a great way to acquire more UR costumes for frequently used heroes, as you can Limit Break other variants of the same character to further boost your hero.  For example, Limit Breaking Red Gowther, Green Gowther, Blue Gowther, and Green Halloween Gowther all to UR will result in having four UR costumes.

Vaizel Fight Festival Shop

Weapon Costumes can be bought in the Vaizel Fight Festival Ship, by spending Fight Festival Coins.  Tier Gold unlocks SR Weapon Costumes, Tier Platinum unlocks SSR Weapon Costumes, and Tier Master unlocks UR Weapon Costumes.  This is another great place to acquire UR Costumes as a F2P player, although you’ll need to make sure you have a very robust PvP team.  If you are stuck, check out these recommended PvP teams to help you excel in the Vaizel Fight Festival.

Fight Festival Weapons.jpg

Affinity Costumes

Costumes can be obtained for each ero by reaching level 5 Affinity (maximum level).  These will typically be a weapon or a cosmetic.  While these are always SSR Costumes, they’re a great F2P way to add to your closet until you’re able to save up to obtain more UR Costumes.  

Affinity Costume.jpg

Registering Costumes

A maximum of five Costumes from each category can be registered to a hero at any given time.  The bonuses from all five Costumes will be additive, so it is best to strive for achieving five UR Costumes per category per character.  Variants of the same character (for example, Green Gowther and Red Gowther) are able to share the same closet, so evolving multiple variants of the same character to UR will help to unlock more UR Costumes.  

Registering costumes in closet.PNG

Additionally, one Costume of each type may be equipped, which will affect how your hero will appear when attacking or defending in a battle.

Costume Enhancements

Costume Enhancement becomes available after Chapter 8 once the Hell Difficulty Death Matches are unlocked, and is a way to get costumes to the next level by increasing their grades to buff stats.  The materials for enhancing Costumes are farmed by raiding the following Hell Difficulty Death Matches.

Additionally, there will periodically be daily tasks which contain Costume enhancing materials as a reward, which are a must to complete due to their high reward for low cost and low effort required.

Death Match Task.jpg

Enhancing Costumes will increase their bonus stats, as well as potentially their grade (with UR being the maximum).  Only the main stat will be enhanced. 

Costume Enhancement.PNG

The following materials are required for Enhancing:

  • Outfit Costumes: Splendid Fabric
  • Weapon Costumes: Brilliant Component
  • Cosmetic Items: Alluring Perfume

Enhancement Guide

  • Note that you can now enhance low-grade costumes to UR (SSR to UR) but would require more resources to max out. Additionally, you would want to upgrade costume pieces that you feel like you are going to use long term because only the registered costumes will give you the bonus stats. Look for the hero’s ideal substats to choose which one is better to invest in.
  • Natural UR costumes require less Enhance materials to max out as indicated in the table. If you are always short on Enhance Materials, it is usually better to upgrade UR costumes first.
  • For faster growth in Combat Class, the enhancement priority order is Cosmetic Items > Weapon Costumes > Outfit Costumes
Enhancement Growth per upgrade (%) 2% 1.67% 3.33%
Enhancement Cost per upgrade 10,000 Gold 20,000 Gold 50,000 Gold
Total Enhance Materials needed to max 50 60 30

Costume Set Bonuses

Some Costumes, such as the Halloween Costumes, will have special set bonuses.  For example, Gowther’s Cat Witch Costume Set, which contains the Cat Witch Outfit, The Witch’s Cat, and Dreameater Cat will provide a Costume Set Bonus of changing the Ultimate Move Effects (starting grade SSR only), and provide one additional Anvil as a Set Bonus Reward upon clearing Fort Solgres Stages.  This bonus can be applied a maximum of ten times per day -- if a duplicate effect exists, then the Set Bonus of the hero farthest to the left will activate.  This outfit becomes available by evolving Green Halloween Gowther to UR, and the weapon and cosmetic can be bought from the KOF Collab Exchange Shop.  Limited edition costumes such as these are important to grab when they’re available, as they can also be added to your registered outfits for other variants of the same character.

Representative Character Costume

Last, but not least, your representative character can be changed to wear any Costume by visiting the mirror in the Knighthood.  This Costume change will be viewable only when running around in villages or when running around at the Vaizel Fight Festival.  This Costume change serves very little purpose except to be adorable.  

Knighthood representative hero.PNG

Do you have a favorite Costume?  If so, you can feel free to share in the comments section below, within the comments or Gallery sections of any Hero page, or on the Kawaii Costumes flex page.