Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Raising the hero’s Combat Class (CC) is an essential part of your progression. Ultimately, having a high CC gives you the capability to access various content faster than other players.

This guide focuses on helping players raise their Rank and CC quickly.

Hero Level

You should want your hero levels maxed out ASAP (at least to level 60), especially the heroes you frequently use in battles.

Growing Tips Hero Level.png

Enhance Potions

Leveling up your heroes require Enhance Potions commonly found in the SP Dungeon. Currently, there are 6-floor levels with increasing difficulty as you ascend each floor. Higher floor levels drop potions of a higher grade, but you also need to consider the recommended CC before entering the dungeon. The fastest way to reach and farm the 6th floor is through equipment upgrades, which will also be discussed later in this guide.

Note: There are 3 different types of Enhance dungeons separated by monster attributes. It is recommended to farm whichever gives you the attribute advantage. For example, if you are using a mono Red team, the best choice is to farm the Green Enhance Dungeon.

Growing Tips Enhance Dungeon.png

You can also acquire Enhance Potions via Daily Tasks and Events so it is important to claim these rewards when available! On the other hand, potions being sold in the Coin Shop is a hard skip since it is better to use coins for Stamina Potions and SSR Heroes.

You can combine Enhance Potions in the Tavern to exchange for higher quality.

Growing Tips Enhance Potion Exchange.png

Battle Experience

Heroes can also level up and get experience in battles. However, it isn’t as potent as using Enhance Potions.

Once you’ve reached the max level, you can evolve/limit break the hero to further increase its max level and stats.

Evolve (up to level 60)

Growing Tips Evolve.png

Materials: Evolution Pendants and Books

Q: Where to farm Evolution Pendants?

A: SP Dungeon, Events, and Knighthood. It isn’t recommended to buy pendants in the Coin Shop.

Q: Where to farm Books?

A: SP Dungeon - Evolve. The stages of this dungeon is similar to Enhance Dungeons.

Limit Break (up to level 80)

Growing Tips Limit Break.png

Additional Essential Materials: Red Demon’s Horn / Gray Demon’s Wing / Demonic Beast’s Howlex Ear

Q: Where to farm the Essential Materials?

A: Death Match and Events. Joining Death Match Invitations is a good way to collect more Limit Break materials and Knighthood contributions.

Hero Awakening

Growing Tips Awaken.png

Aside from Hero Enhancement, you can also Awaken and increase your stats up to 6 times. The basic requirements are Chalices and Awakening Materials available as drops from Free Stages and sold in Village Shops.

Q: Where to farm Chalices?

A: Boss Battles

Q: Where to farm Awakening Materials?

A: Free Stages (Easy Mode) or Boss Battles

Tip: You should consider overnight farming of the Boss Battle when there is an event for half stamina. You can get awakening materials in free stages, but you can only get the Chalices: ‘Water of life’ and ‘Demon’s Blood’ only from the Boss Battles.


Growing Tips Equipment Farm.png

A Hero’s equipment provides the highest CC contribution. If it is well enhanced, heroes can fulfill their purpose even if they have not been leveled up enough.

Which equipment set should I make first?

For beginners, it is recommended to use ‘Onslaught / Iron Wall’ for attack based units (damage dealers) and ‘Life / Iron Wall’ for hp based units (supports).

Usually, we would recommend you to make 3 sets of ‘Onslaught / Iron Wall’ and 1 set of ‘Life / Iron Wall’ to clear the episodes fast.

Why increasing your Village Friendship to Lv. 5 is important

You can only farm SSR equipment from Free Stages if your friendship level to a certain village is at maximum. Since Onslaught, Iron Wall, and Life sets are necessary for the progression, do max out your friendship levels from Chapters 1, 2, and 3 by completing all main and sub-quests in that village.

They all look the same! Can I just enhance whatever item I want?

No. Every single piece of equipment has its own basic and bonus stats.

For example, In the picture below, each has its own basic stats which can be changed for 5,000 gold for C gear and 2 diamonds for SSR gear. Therefore, you should farm SSR gear until you get the desired stat levels. For C gear, you can just buy it from the equipment shop and reroll.

Growing Tips Gear.png

SSR equipment Basic Stat (Base) recommendations:

Bracelet 500+ Attack
Necklace 245+ Defense
Belt 5,000+ HP
Ring 265+ Attack
Earrings 130+ Defense
Rune 2,700+ HP

Do not forget to lock your equipment to avoid them from being salvaged!

Tip: It is highly recommended to do quests in chapters 1,2 and 3 to get Onslaught / Iron Wall / Life equipment and clear the quests in order.

Regarding the right side of equipment (ring, earrings, rune), you can initially use C~R grade equipment rather than SSR grade. Ideal bonus stats are easy to get at C~R grade because rerolling for the desired stats only requires gold compared to SSR grade’s diamonds (or Anvil) which is a premium currency. Your equipment set-up should look like this:

Growing Tips Equipment Set-up.png

What if you’re finished with all the needed equipment?

It is time to enhance your equipment!

First of all, let’s enhance all your C (or R) gear!

In the case of C gear, the range of stat increase for each enhance is very narrow.

Therefore, you should awaken your C gear only until 5 stars as you can see the ring below.

It would be a waste of gold if you enhance it until 5 stars and +5.

Growing Tips Equipment Set-up 2.png

Bonus Stat recommendations are as follows:

Bracelet/Ring Attack +2.5% and above
Necklace/Earrings Defense +2.5% and above
Belt/Rune HP +2.5% and above

What about the SSR gear on the left side?

You can get *4 and *5 awakening stones by salvaging equipment with low basic stats you get from farming. You should enhance that equipment to +1 before salvaging it. Collect all of these stones and upgrade your SSR equipment to 5 stars and +5.

Growing Tips Equipment Set-up 3.png

Other resources needed to increase CC

Stamina Potions

Exchange friendship coins and silver coins to stamina potion, purchase Red Gowther and Green Merlin first using Platinum Coins and save the rest for later. You can also exchange your Gold Coins to get essential SSR Heroes like Red Howzer and Green Jericho (or you can exchange it to Platinum coins or SR/SSR evolution pendants later.)


The most profitable method is farming red books during Fort Solgres half-stamina event but is limited. A staple way to get gold is to farm Gold SP dungeon and Event SP dungeon. Also keep notice on special events that give treasure chests.

Ultimate Level

Enhancing the hero’s Ultimate level using duplicate hero coins is one way to boost your CC. Remember to upgrade the Ultimates of your core team and its association.

Awakening Level

Awakening and Super Awakening units will provide significant increases to your CC. Ensure to Awaken your units as high as you possibly can prior to taking them into battle.


Registering a costume gives additional stats to the hero. You can register up to 5 for each costume type (Outfit, Weapon, Cosmetic).

PVP Rewards

You can get diamonds from the Normal/Ungeared PVP reward every week. Use them for drawing a hero so you can get coins for Stamina Potions or a Platinum Coin Shop hero. Also, try Elite PVP so you could get the fight festival coins necessary to buy some UR weapons, costumes, or anvils!


Artifacts are available to all players after rank 40. Individual Artifacts provide CC bonuses (you can equip up to 5 at once), however Artifact Set Bonuses provide special effects when a full set is equipped.

Account CC

As you level up your individual units' CC, your overall account's CC will also increase. Bonuses are available for various levels of account CC. These rewards can be found from the bar at the bottom of the Heroes' page.

Holy Relics

Some units have Holy Relics available that provide additional boosts to Attack, Defense, and HP. More importantly, each Holy Relic also has a special effect that applies when equipped to the corresponding unit.


Significant boosts for your account can be obtained through Constellations. However, leveling up your Constellations requires spending GP. GP can be earned by obtaining new heroes, and limit breaking and awakening heroes.