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Grimnir’s Book is a collection of the stories of Grimnir the Bard.  These can be unlocked after clearing the quest from Ragnarok Chapter 1 [Episode 10] Bard Grimnir.

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Once unlocked Grimnir’s Book can be accessed only from the Ragnarok world map, via the hat and lute icon on the far left side.

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At the top of the screen upon entering Grimnir’s Book, there are five colored scrolls.  Under each scroll the following records are available.  Each record unlocks as a player progresses through the Ragnarok storyline.

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  • Purple: The World, Yggdrasil
    • Human Realm, Midgard
      • Midgard is the name for the land of the Humans
      • Yggdrasil is the expansive world which consists of other worlds, including Midgard
      • Many smaller kingdoms exist within Midgard
    • Realm of Giants and Demons, Jotunheim
      • Everyone fears the beings of Jotunheim.  
      • Jotunheim’s history is riddled with stories of merclinessness and violence
      • Jotunheim’s legends speak of a conflict with the gods of Asgard
  • Beige: Midgard
    • Chosen Warrior, Berserker
      • Berserkers are widely revered by the fighters of Midgard
      • Berserkers are warriors chosen by the omnipotent Odin, the leader of the gods of Asgard
      • Berserkers have been blessed with the protection of Odin, and therefore possess a strong mind and body immune to all pain
      • What berserkers desperately desire is an honorable death
    • Fimbulwinter
      • There has been a harsh winter in Midgard for three years
      • Midgard was once a beautiful place of diverse landscapes
      • The reason for why the winter has come is unknown, which makes many people worry and wonder if it is a winter of ill omen (the end of the world and extinction)
    • The Priest
      • Priests hold great authority in Midgard
      • Many people in Midgard worship Odin and the gods of Asgard, which has made the priests who serve those gods quite the authority figures
      • A priest in Odinism is especially powerful - not even the kings of great countries can oppose them at will
      • Priests’ beliefs have surprised the boundaries of individual kingdoms
  • Red: Gods and Asgard
    • Trickster God Loki
      • Loki has a knack for pulling pranks and performing trickery
      • Even though he is a god of Asgard, Loki is also known to be from Jotunheim
      • Rumors of the Demons of Jotunheim readying an attack against Midgard has fueled hate
      • Many know the stories of Loki’s fickle, irresponsible, and rash behaviors
      • Loki is at the center of rumors regarding Jotunheim
    • Omnipotent God Odin
      • Odin is an omnipotent god, and the leader of the gods of Asgard
      • Odin is a god of war, as well as a god of magic and wisdom
      • There are many legends about Odin, including thrilling and uproariously funny stories, but also a great many that would terrify the common listener
      • There is a legend that speaks of Odin sacrificing one of his eyes to drink from the well of wisdom
      • In most stories and paintings that have been passed down, Odin is depicted with a missing eye
      • Odin enjoys traveling through Yggdrasil in disguise and is not easily recognizable
  • Blue: Legends of the World
    • Valhalla, the Hall of Warriors
      • Warriors in Midgard do not fear death in combat, for they consider it to be honorable; any other death is pointless, and they fear it
      • Only those who lost their lives courageously may be granted entry into the hall of warriors, Valhalla
      • Valhalla is the final destination of all honorable warriors
    • The Prophets
      • The people of Midgard have great faith in the power of prophecy
      • Every village in Midgard is home to a fortune teller, and large cities are home to dimples where gods speak through the oracles
      • The words of the gods, and those of powerful prophets, are credible prophecies, and they spread far and wide
      • The harsh three-year-long winter was widely known to have been foretold in prophecies
  • Green: scheduled to unlock in a future update

As records are collected more in-depth stories are unlocked, with rewards (diamonds) granted for the first time each is read.  When new records are available, there is a red exclamation point next to the scroll.  The alert disappears once the record has been read.  Records can be revisited at any time after claiming the reward.

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