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Jormungandr works very well against Eikthyrnir as her unique works on that boss fight similarly how Blue Megellda works well on Hraesvelgr as she increases all allies basic stats by 30%, increases damage dealt to all allies by 7% when she uses her ultimate moves and heals all allies of damage dealt for one of her attacks


  • Her unique works exclusively for Eikthyrnir and increases all her allies stats by 30% She can heal up allies with certain amount damage dealt to her enemies
  • Buff removal and Stance removal helpful for removing enemy buffs and stances
  • High recovery, pierce rate, and critical chance


  • Very limited outside of Demonic Beast Battle Eikthyrnir as her unique only works there exclusively
  • Low defense, regeneration and resistance making her easily defeated and needed to have a healer or defender to keep her alive
  • No AOE attacks as all of her attacks are single attack ones