Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

A life form that appeared from a Green Amber. Its powerful and evil magic is a source of fear for many.


Level 100
Combat Class (CC) 90,000
Attack 9,097
Defense 4,260
HP 172,640


Dissolve Immunity
Immune to effects which deplete Ultimate Move Gauges.

Extort Ultimate Move Gauge
Steals 1 orb from the target’s Ultimate Move Gauge when attacking.

Skill Use Increase
Number of Skill Uses increased by 2.

Effect Immunity
Immune to Petrify / Freeze


Fairy Poison
Inflicts damage equal to 140/210/350% of Attack on one enemy. Poisons for 3 turn(s).

Death Spell
Decreases HP-related stats of one enemy by 12/18/30% for 2 turn(s).


Darkness Thorn
Inflicts Corrosion damage equal to 20% of remaining HP on all enemies for 3 turn(s).