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Green "Assault Mode" Meliodas uses and Attack Skill with the Amplify effect, which deals great damage depending on the number of Buff effects on him.

Hero Rating & Base Stats

PVP (Normal) 9 / 10
PVP (Elite) 9 / 10
PVE 7 / 10
Unique Ability 9 / 10
Red Demon 3 / 10
Gray Demon 4 / 10
Howlex 3 / 10
Bellmoth 2 / 10
Hraesvelgr 1 / 10

Green assault mode meliodas stat bar.png

Hero Advanced Stats

Green assault mode meliodas advanced stat.png


1,000 Divine Cuts
Icon meliodas assault ssr type01 skill 02 (1).png Rank 1 Skillicon damage.png Inflicts Rupture damage equal to 100% of Attack on all enemies.
Rank 2 Skillicon damage.png Inflicts Rupture damage equal to 150% of Attack on all enemies.
Rank 3 Skillicon damage.png Inflicts Rupture damage equal to 250% of Attack on all enemies.

Dark Sword
Icon meliodas assault ssr type01 skill 01 (1).png Rank 1

Skillicon damage.png

Inflicts Amplify damage equal to 180% of Attack on one enemy.
Rank 2

Skillicon damage.png

Inflicts Amplify damage equal to 270% of Attack on one enemy.
Rank 3

Skillicon damage.png

Inflicts Amplify damage equal to 450% of Attack on one enemy.


Dark Pressure

Icon meliodas assault ssr type01 special 01 (1).png Increases basic stats by 50% for 3 turns and inflicts damage equal to 350 / 385 / 420 / 455 / 490 / 525% of Attack on all enemies.


Forgotten Past
Icon exclusive skill 1880501 (1).png If all allies are Demons or those with Commandments, increases own stats by 5% and decreases Defense-related stats of all enemies by 15% for 2 turns when allies take damage. (Limit 5 times, applies when entering battle)

Hero Guide


Green “Assault Mode” Meliodas, also known as "Assault Meli" or Berserk Meliodas, is an HP-attribute demon form of Meliodas who was released on Global as a festival unit on March 16th, 2021 immediately after “The One” Escanor’s festival banner ended.  This demon form of Meliodas is his “original” form, as the older brother of Estarossa and Zeldris.  As the first son of the Demon King, Meliodas is renowned as the most powerful demon alive and was originally bestowed the Commandment of Love and was projected to be the next Demon King.  

However, he fell in love with the Goddess Elizabeth and chose her over his affiliation with the demon clan.  In doing so, he abandoned his post as the leader of the Ten Commandments and gave up his own Commandment.  Though he did participate in the Holy War, he fought on the side of the Goddess Clan and their allies (the Giants, the Fairies, and the Humans), as part of Stigma until Drole and Gloxinia defected.  Towards the end of the Holy War, the Demon King (Meliodas’s father) and the Supreme Deity (Elizabeth’s mother) tragically teamed up together to punish Meliodas and Elizabeth for their defiance.  

Both Meliodas and Elizabeth were killed, however, the Supreme Deity cursed Meliodas with Immortality and the Demon King cursed Elizabeth with Perpetual Reincarnation.  This caused Meliodas to revive every time that he died, and also caused his emotions to consume him more and more until he would return to the bloodthirsty demon that he once had been.  Elizabeth, on the other hand, was forced to live out human lives over and over again during which she would reunite with Meliodas and die right in front of his eyes each time.  Throughout his many reincarnations, Meliodas eventually became the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins and became known as the Dragon Sin of Wrath.


  • Viable counter to The One Escanor in PvP
  • Amplify skill works well with his Unique ability to guarantee bonus damage when attacking
  • Heavily counters buff users (such as Blue Goddess Elizabeth) with his Rupture skill effect
  • Unique ability provides insane buffs to himself and cripples the enemy team's defense stats allowing a ton of damage when used with full team using Demons or those with Commandments


  • Susceptible to Ult Rush teams or teams that deplete Ultimate Move gauges
  • Unique ability is unable to be applied if any ally is not a Demon or doesnt have a Commandment, which limits the roster of heroes that can be used with him
    • However it will activate when all the non-Demon and Commandments allies are defeated since it will activate now that there is Demons and/or those with Commandments now.
  • Enemies with buff removal can remove his buffs limiting his stats and enemies with purify can get rid of his defense related stats decrease effect which all can limit his damage
  • As a Festival Unit he is a limited time unit and can be hard to get on your team

Skill Review

1000 Divine Cuts: This skill does AOE Rupture damage, with 100%, 150%, and 250% of Attack respectively for each card rank.  Rupture damage does double the amount of damage against Buffed enemies.

Dark Sword:  This skill does single-target Amplify damage equal to 180%, 270%, and 450% of Attack respectively for each card rank.  Amplify damage does an additional 30% damage per active Buff on himself.

Ultimate - Dark Pressure: “Assault Mode” Meliodas’s Ultimate ability increases his own basic stats by 50% for three turns, and then immediately inflicts damage up to 525% (at max level) of Attack on all enemies.  This, in combination with the buff he obtains from his Unique ability, allows him to deal impressive amounts of AOE damage.

Unique - Forgotten Past: “Assault Mode” Meliodas’s Unique ability is one of his best assets when it comes to PvP.  When he is used on a team where all of the allies are Demons and/or those with Commandments, then his passive increases his own stats by 5% and decreases the Defense-related stats of all enemies by 15% for two turns each turn that an ally takes damage.  Note that this passive is only able to apply up to five times, but in that time he’s able to deal substantial debuffs to his opponent.


At the time of his release, "Assault Mode" Meliodas’s Ultimate is one of the best, if not the best, in the game.  His Ultimate is a similar one to Galland’s (both Red and Blue variants) but he’s able to attack all enemies at once rather than only a single target as Galland is limited.  When buffed up he is able to deal an insane amount of damage, so using Ult food to Ult Rush and push to get your Ult used first is a great tactic to use in PvP when using "Assault Mode" Meliodas.  

To make the most of his passive, "Assault Mode" Meliodas should be used with allies that are all Demons or those with Commandments.  In PvP, using Red Melascula can help to absorb the hits and prevent one-hit take-outs for Meliodas due to her passive.  Alternatively, pairing "Assault Mode" Meliodas with Red Zeldris in PvP can help to counter Ult Rush teams and prevent them from being able to take Meliodas out as quickly.  Other good Demon and/or Commandments to use for PvP are Green Derieri and Blue Drole.

He works with Red Sigurd very well due to his Sigurd's unique passive work well with Assault Mode Meliodas passive as Sigurd's passive register him as demon allowing Meliodas' passive to activate. On top of it Sigurd's passive will work well with Meliodas' defense related stat decrease debuff as Sigurd's passive allows add attack buffs per stat decrease on each enemy (Up to three times) allowing to use Meliodas and Sigurd's amplify attacks to do more damage. On top of it ensures there will be a stat decrease on enemies to ensure the attack increase buff stays on your team if enemy has a purifying unit and purifies on their turn which will be in vain when they attack again getting the defense stat decrease debuff again. Recommend keeping both Meliodas and Sigurd alive much as possible to much deal damage as possible.

Association Name Association With Stat Increased
Goodbye, Brother Red Estarossa Crit Damage %
Full Counter Green Estarossa Crit Damage %
Hello, Brother Blue Zeldris Lifesteal %
Six = Half a Dozen Red Zeldris Lifesteal %



Meliodas is the Dragon's Sin of Wrath and captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, formerly the owner of the renowned tavern Boar Hat, and is the main protagonist of the series. His Sacred Treasure is the Demon Sword Lostvayne and his inherent power is Full Counter.