Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

An Illusion created with the energy from a broken Amber. It took on the form of Hendrickson using someone’s memories as reference


Level 100
Combat Class (CC) 90,000
Attack 8,235
Defense 4,433
HP 196,736


Crit Damage Increase
Increase Crit Damage by 3% per hero skill use. (No Limit)

Crit Chance Increase
Increases Crit Chance by 3% per hero skill use. (No Limit)

Skill Use Increase
Number of Skill Uses increased by 2.


Shadow Knight
Inflicts Sever damage equal to 160/240/400% of Attack on one enemy

Dark Nebula
Inflicts damage equal to 120/120/180% of Attack on all enemies. Infects for 0/1/2 turn(s)


Dead End
Inflicts damage equal to 420% of Attack on one enemy. Infects for 2 turn(s).