Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

General Terminology


Affection is earned for each Hero, regardless of their Attribute.  Affection can be increased by winning battles with Heroes, having conversations with them in the Tavern or in villages, or presenting them with gifts.  Rewards are earned for filling Affection hearts.  The maximum number of hearts increases with the number of Heroes owned, as well as the maximum level of Affinity amongst the individual Heroes.


Each Hero has different meals that can be given to them to increase their Affinity.  Increasing Affinity unlocks rewards, such as free Diamonds and Costumes.  Affinity is earned for each version for a given Hero.  When the maximum level of Affinity is reached for a given Hero, this also increases the maximum number of Affection hearts that can be earned.


Most Heroes have other Heroes that they have an Association relationship with.  When the Association Hero is used in the supporting slot, the primary Hero will get extra boosts.  


Additionally, some of these Associations provide the ability to perform combination attacks (also sometimes referred to as Fate Combos).  These will typically be based on the relationships the Heroes have with each other from the anime and will have different animations from normal for the Ultimate Move.

Fate combo.PNG


Each Hero has attribute benefits, which have 30% damage increase against attributes with advantages, or 20% damage decrease against attributes with disadvantages.

  • Red: Strength Type (disadvantage against Speed; advantage against HP)
  • Green: HP Type (disadvantage against Strength; advantage against Speed)
  • Blue: Speed Type (disadvantage against HP; advantage against Strength)


Heroes can be Awakened to increase their Combat Class.  Awakening Materials required will vary based on the initial grade and attribute of each Hero.

Combat Class

Often abbreviated as CC, Combat Class is a measure of how strong a Hero is in combat.  The higher the Combat Class, the stronger the Hero.  There are a number of different ways to increase Combat Class through Enhancing, Evolving and Awakening the Hero, purchasing and equipping Costumes, and Enhancing and Awakening Equipment.


Each Hero has a variety of Costumes that can be unlocked, which give boosts to the Hero when in combat.  A maximum of five Costumes of each type can be equipped at a given time, and the boosts are additive.  The three categories of Costumes are Outfit, Weapon, and Cosmetic.  These can be bought through the Sacred Treasure Shop, by Limit Breaking Heroes, or by maxing out Affinity for a given Hero.

Limit Break

Evolution of a Hero (also known as Limit Break) allows the Hero’s maximum level and stats to be increased.  This requires raising the Hero to the maximum level, then using Evolution pendants and Grimoires to Limit Break the Hero.  Through this, an R Hero can become SR, an SR Hero can become SSR, an SSR Hero can become UR, and a UR Hero can have its maximum level increased.

Training Cave/Dungeon/Grotto

The Training Grotto, also called the Training Dungeon, was introduced to the global version of Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross in June 2020.  The Japan/Korea version of this feature was previously called the Training Cave.  In the Training Grotto, you can acquire materials used for strengthening equipment (Anvil, Hammer of Vaizel, Equipment Engraving Stone) as well as Amber Keys to draw equipment by battling against the Goddess Ambers.  

Ultimate Move

Each Hero has an Ultimate Move, which can be enhanced by using duplicate coins.  Using the Ultimate move in combat requires filling the Ultimate Move gauge, either by using the Hero’s skills a minimum of five times, or using a Hero that has the skill to raise the gauge.  Ultimate Moves can only be enhanced by using the same Hero’s duplicate coins.

Unique Ability

Unique abilities are passive abilities that work as long as a Hero is being used on a team.  While every Hero has a passive ability, not all of them will be effective if the Hero is either not being attacked or not being used in play.  In order to unlock a Hero’s passive ability, you need to get their CC at least above 16k and complete the single battle to unlock their Unique ability.  You will know when you’re high enough to complete this challenge when the lock symbol over the Unique ability starts glowing

Stats Terminology

Understanding the various types of stats will help with selecting which stats are optimal to capitalize on when awakening equipment and determining which equipment sets are most appropriate for each Hero.  Each equipment set has its own overall set bonus, and each type of equipment has various stats that are available, as can be seen on the Equipment tables.


Attack is a value showing the amount of damage that is dealt.


Defense is a value which decreases the damage that is taken when attacked.

Critical Chance

Critical chance is a value which increases the critical strike chance.

Critical Damage

Critical damage is a value which increases the critical strike damage.

Critical Defense

Critical defense is a value which decreases the critical strike damage from an incoming attack.  This is the opposite of critical damage.

Critical Resistance

Critical resistance is a value which decreases the critical strike chance of an incoming attack.  This is the opposite of critical chance.


HP is a value showing how much damage a Hero can take.


Lifesteal is a value which absorbs a portion of damage dealt as HP.

Pierce Rate

Pierce rate is a value that deals a fixed damage amount that is equal to a portion of the damage that is dealt.

Recovery Rate

Recovery rate is a value of increased HP gain when recovering.

Regeneration Rate

Regeneration rate is a value which recovers a portion of lost HP every set number of turns.


Resistance is a fixed value that represents defense against a portion of damage that is taken.

Status Effects

Status effects from Hero skills fall into three categories: damage, buff, and debuff.  Damage status effects will affect the amount of damage dealt or received.  Buff status effects work on the Heroes and/or their allies.  Debuff status effects work on the opponents that are being fought.  It can be useful to know which Heroes are able to use various status effects, especially for events that require using a specific effect.  This can be sorted by using the Hero Filter and selecting the appropriate Skill Effect.



Damage dealt +30% per active Buff on self.


+25% damage dealt per Ignite effect on target.


Ignores Defense.


20% increased damage per Debuff on the target.


Recovers 15% of diminished HP upon successful critical strike.


20% additional damage per orb in the target’s Ultimate Move Gauge.


3x Pierce Rate Increase.

Preemptive Strike

Becomes immune to Ultimate Move Gauge reduction effects and attacks before the enemy does.


Increases damage dealt by 30% per Debuff on the target and removes Debuffs.


2x damage against Buffed enemies.

Secret Technique

+20% damage against Buffed enemies.


2x Critical Chance Increase.


Ignores Resistance.


2x Critical Damage Increase.

Weak Point

3x damage against Debuffed enemies.


Buff - Barrier.png Barrier

Absorbs damage taken.

Buff - Counter.png Counter

When attacked, counterattack inflicting damage based on your Attack.

Buff - Counter HP.png Counter HP

When attacked, counterattack inflicting damage based on your diminished HP.

Buff - Evade.png Evade

Immune to damage from Attack Skills.

Buff - Extort.png Extort

Decreases the target’s stats and increases its own stats by the same amount.

Buff - Flight.png Flight

Only damaged by ranged attacks.

Buff - Immunity.png Immunity

Prevent debuff effects.

Buff - Increase Attack-Related Stats.png Increase Attack-related Stats

Increases Attack, Pierce Rate, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage.

Buff - Increase Defense-Related Stats.png Increase Defense-related Stats

Increases Defense, Resistance, Crit Resistance, and Crit Defense.

Buff - Increase HP-Related Stats.png Increase HP-related Stats

Increases HP, Recovery Rate, Regeneration Rate, and Lifesteal.

Buff - Preemptive Strike.png Preemptive Attack

Prevents Ultimate Move Gauge depletion effects and counterattack before the enemy attack lands.

Buff - Reflect.png Reflect

Inflicts damage back to the attacker.

Buff - Rejuvenate.png Rejuvenate

Additional Recovery equal to 60% of recovered HP at the start of every turn.

Buff - Remove Ultimate Gauge.png Remove Ult Gauge

Removes all Ult Gauge of units who attack the caster.

Buff - Solidify.png Solidify

+30% Resistance for 3 turns (can be stacked).

Buff - Taunt.png Taunt

Directs all attacks to self.

Buff removal immunity

Becomes immune to buff removals


Debuff - Bleed.png Bleed

Additional damage equal to 80% of damage dealt at the end of every turn.

Debuff - Corrosion.png Corrosion

Additional damage at the end of every turn.

Debuff - Decrease Attack-Related Stats.png Decrease Attack-related Stats

Decreases Attack, Pierce Rate, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage.

Debuff - Decrease Defense-Related Stats.png Decrease Defense-related Stats

Decreases Defense, Resistance, Crit Resistance, and Crit Defense.

Debuff - Decrease HP-Related Stats.png Decrease HP-related Stats

Decreases HP, Recovery Rate, Regeneration Rate, and Lifesteal.

Debuff - Explosion.png Explosion

Additional 100% of the damage done at the end of x turns.

Debuff - Freeze.png Freeze

Incapacitates target.  Effect is removed when target is attacked.  This is particularly useful when fighting the Red Demon Death Match.

Debuff - Ignite.png Ignite

Damage taken by target +10% (can be stacked).

Debuff - Infect.png Infect

Restricts Recovery-related stats.


Decreases the target’s Max HP and recovers own HP by the amount decreased one.

Debuff - Petrify.png Petrify

Incapacitates target and removes all buffs and debuffs.  Attack is removed when target is attacked.  This is also very useful for the Red Demon Death Match, similar to Freeze.

Debuff - Poison.png Poison

Additional damage equal to 50% of damage dealt at the end of every turn.

Debuff - Shock.png Shock

Additional damage equal to 30% of damage dealt at the end of every turn.

Debuff - Stun.png Stun

Prohibits all actions.