Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Free Stages are repeatable quests that can be farmed in order to acquire Equipment or Ingredients.  As you progress more through the main storyline, you will unlock more Free Stage locations and higher ranking quests.


Available repeatable quests that can be completed to farm for Equipment can be easily found by going to the Battle screen and clicking on the Equipment field on the upper-right side.

Equipment Menu.png

This table shows the locations of all repeatable quests where Equipment can be farmed.

Equipment Set Equipment Type Repeatable Quest Location Repeatable Quest Name
Onslaught Bracelet Near Cain's Village [Beard of the Mountain Cat] Twigo
Necklace Forest Ranger's Hut Ridding the Remaining Rangers
Belt [Beard of the Mountain Cat] Main Force But We're Still Knights!
Ring Fountain of Eternity Wolf Hunt
Earrings Vanya Plains Unruly Knights
Iron Wall Bracelet Dalmally Plains True Grit
Necklace Poisonous Insect Habitat Attack of the Watchmen
Belt Nest of the Insect Queen Persistent Pests
Ring Giant Chessboard Play to Win
Earrings Catacomb of the Ancient Warrior Resting Easy
Life Bracelet Forest of Nightmares Never-ending Dream
Necklace Forest of Illusions Your Desire
Belt Forest of Screams The Screams
Ring Village of Vengeful Spirits Holding Grudges
Earrings Secret Farmland Illegal Labor Exploitation
Concentration Bracelet Forest of Essen Secret Logistics Base
Necklace Hark's Residence The Queen's Storage
Belt Hidden Nest The Posessor of Flames
Ring Darby Cliffs The Prince of the Skies
Earrings Shadow Marsh Darkness Which Engulfs Light
Mind's Eye Bracelet Forgotten Village Forgotten Beings
Necklace Garthum's Residence Brave Fighters
Belt Howlers Plateau Crimson Fang Mountain Path
Ring Altar of the Mountain God Soughing Winds
Earrings Bascus Forest Shadow in the Moonlight
Recovery Bracelet Liones Castle North Gate North Liones Garrison
Necklace Black Magic Research Hall Rampaging New Generation Holy Knight
Belt Training Grounds Everyday Training
Ring Watchtower A Monster Created by Curiosity
Earrings Southern Part of Town Continued Apperance of Mutants


Ingredients are used to create Recipes, which can be used for battle bonuses or as gifts to increase hero affinities as shown in this table.

If you are missing an Ingredient to complete a Recipe, you can click on it to find which location(s) you can find repeatable quests to farm for Ingredients.  This table provides a summary of all Ingredients and where they can be found.