While there is a lot of paid content in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, there are also a lot of ways to progress in the game without spending any money.  

Daily Grind

Daily Tasks

From the Quests menu, you can see all of the available daily tasks and special daily events.  Make sure that you complete all of these each day, especially the Cooking task for free stamina and the Free Stage and PvP Fight Festival tasks for free Diamonds.

SP Dungeon

Completing repeated battles in the Fort Solgres Dungeons will trigger an ad bonus three times daily.  Regardless if there is an event up for the SP Dungeon or not, try to complete all three daily ad bonuses for a chance at winning free Diamonds.

Additionally, since Event Dungeon Keys and Gold Dungeon Keys replenish on their own over time, it is a good idea to use them whenever they are available. If you are short on time, using the Stage Auto Clear Tickets can help to get this task done quickly.

At the top of the Event Dungeon and Gold Dungeon pages that are progress bars for free SSR Evolution Pendants and SSR Treasure Chests (respectively) that can be progressively earned as you complete Dungeon battles.

SP Dungeon progress bar.jpg

Patrol Mode

Heroes can be dispatched on a daily basis on Patrol Missions.  Each Patrol Mission is different in the rewards and time required to complete:

  • Hunt Vermin (2 hours)
    • Stage Auto Clear Ticket
    • Organic Animal Milk
    • Egg
    • Breath of Danafor
  • Pacify Violence (4 hours)
    • Stage Auto Clear Ticket
    • HP Awakening Materials Box II
      • A box containing Awakening materials for HP attribute heroes
      • Acquire 5 Awakening materials of 1 type from 6 available types
  • Patrol Around Dalmally (4 hours)
    • Stage Auto Clear Ticket
    • Strength Awakening Materials Box I
      • A box containing Awakening materials for Strength attribute heroes
      • Acquire 5 Awakening materials of 1 type from 12 available types
  • Patrol Around Vaizel (4 hours)
    • Stage Auto Clear Ticket
    • Strength Awakening Materials Box II
      • A box containing Awakening materials for Strength attribute heroes
      • Acquire 5 Awakening materials of 1 type from 6 available types
  • Maintain Security in Liones Castle (4 hours)
    • Stage Auto Clear Ticket
    • SSR Life - Bracelet
      • It was created in an unknown monastery in reverence and awe of life
      • Attack 390 - 520
      • Life 4 Set: HP +20%
  • Patrol Around Ordan Village (4 hours)
    • Stage Auto Clear Ticket
    • Speed Awakening Materials Box II
      • A box containing Awakening materials for Speed attribute heroes
      • Acquire 5 Awakening materials of 1 type from 6 available types
  • Patrol Camelot Urban District (8 hours)
    • Stage Auto Clear Ticket
    • SSR Life - Earrings
      • It was created in an unknown monastery in reverence and awe of life
      • Defense 105 - 140
      • Life 4 Set HP +20%
  • Patrol Around Byron (8 hours)
    • Stage Auto Clear Ticket
    • SSR Life - Rune
      • It was created in an unknown monastery in reverence and awe of life
      • HP 2100 - 2800
      • Life 4 Set HP +20%
  • Clean Up The Training Grotto (8 hours)
    • Stage Auto Clear Ticket
    • SSR Iron Wall - Necklace
      • It was created with steel of high purity. Made by a skilled artisan, it's sure to be study
      • Defense 195 - 260
      • Iron Wall 2 Set: Defense +20%
  • Defeat Alleyway Thugs (8 hours)
    • Stage Auto Clear Ticket
    • SSR Iron Wall - Belt
      • It was created with steel of high purity.  Made by a skilled artisan, it’s sure to be sturdy
      • HP 3900 - 5200
      • Iron Wall 2 Set: Defense +20%

Patrol Missions require Heroes that meet certain conditions, which are listed at the top of the mission (for example: using four UR Heroes).  Heroes that have already been dispatched cannot be used for another Patrol Mission, so choose carefully when setting up your teams.  

Patrol mode.jpg

In addition to the above Patrols, there is also a Constant Patrol at the top of the screen, where the bar fills up continuously each day, and the reward increases continuously based on the time listed above the bar.  The maximum possible rewards at 100% are:

  • 12 x 3* Hero Enhance Potions
  • 24 x Enhance Stones
  • 125,000 Gold

You can only claim one of these three rewards whenever you’re ready to claim your Constant Patrol.

Constant patrol.PNG

Since these Patrols cost no resources (other than time), there is no reason not to do these every day.

Hawk’s Run

Hawk’s Run is a dungeon-runner type mission where you can tap to jump over enemies and grab coins or roll through buildings.

Hawk run event.jpg

You’re granted five hearts at the start of the mission and you will lose one heart for each time that you fail to jump over an enemy or roll through a building.  Boosts are randomly available that will grant you an extra heart or make you into a jumbo-version of Hawk who is invincible and easily grabs up all of the coins around him.  Earning coins helps to refill any hearts that have been lost.

You can earn a free Diamond for completing Hawk’s Run for the first time as long as you finish the level with at least one heart remaining.

Hawk run diamond.jpg

After you’ve earned your free Diamond you can continue playing Hawk’s Run to earn Gold if so desired, but the most important thing is to earn your free Diamond on all available areas.

PvP Vaizel Fight Festival

Enter the Vaizel Fight Festival whenever you have entry tickets available.  Diamonds and Equipment Draw boxes are distributed on a weekly basis depending on your rank in the Fight Festival.  Additionally, for each battle that you fight you earn Fight Festival Coins, which can be used to buy Equipment, Weapons, and other content in the Fight Festival Shop.  The best content in the Fight Festival Shop is the UR Weapons which become available once you unlock the Platinum Tier Fight Festival Shop.


Check-in daily with your Knighthood to earn free rewards.  If you join an active Knighthood, you can earn a free Diamond daily as long as at least 20 members check in.

Pay attention to the daily Knighthood tasks and help your Knighthood work towards earning more Knighthood Coins, which can be spent in the Knighthood Shop.  These tasks reset daily so make sure you claim any completed tasks by the end of the day or your efforts will be for naught.

Whenever available, the Knighthood Boss gives many rewards.  In the Knighthood boss, you will work together with your guild to try to achieve the highest score possible.  Each member has to aim for the highest score that they can achieve themselves, and the highest battle score per boss difficulty per member will be added to the total Knighthood points.  Battling multiple difficulties will help to accumulate more points for the Knighthood.  Scores are then tallied up at the end of each week to determine the Knighthood rankings and to distribute corresponding rewards.  

Since the Knighthood Boss does not cost any stamina, this battle is essentially free other than the materials used to upgrade your Knighthood Boss team, and the time spent in completing

Gyro Mode

Use Gyro Mode in the Tavern once daily to visit the Seven Deadly Sins’ bedrooms and acquire free Gold and sometimes even an extra Vaizel Fight Festival entry ticket.

Daily Freebies

There are three daily freebies that are always available:

  • Hero Draw - once daily you can watch an ad to get a free draw on the Seven Deadly Sins: Part 1 banner.  If you get really lucky you might get an SSR hero from this draw, which earns you the Lucky Title.
Daily free gacha pull.PNG
  • Equipment Draw - from the Equipment Shop you can get a daily free draw

  • Coin Shop - The Silver Shop has a daily free SSR Treasure Chest
Silver shop daily free.jpg


From the Friends menu, always make sure that you greet your friends daily (click the Send All button to get this done in the easiest manner possible).

Send all button.jpg

Once you Send All, go to your mail and make sure you collect your earned Friendship Coins.

Friendship coins.jpg

Doing this will help you earn Friendship Coins to spend in the Friendship Shop, where in turn you can buy free Stamina refills.  The higher that your User level is the more total friends you can have, so keep a periodic eye on your Friends list and remove any inactive Friends and request new friends as new spaces open up.

Inbox & Notices

Periodically you will get free goodies from the game developers, which will show up in either your Inbox or your Notices section.  Check this section daily, especially to get your free Stage Auto Clear Tickets.  Additionally, in any of the mailbox sections, you can get three SSR Treasure Chests for free by watching three ads daily.

Mail notices.png

Break Chests

Gold or sometimes also materials can be found by breaking open chests in villages.  These can be found by looking for the magnifying glass locations on the mini-map in each village.

Map of village chests.jpg

You don’t get a ton of Gold from doing this, so if you’re limited on time this can be skipped.  The village chests reset daily.

Event-Based Grinding


It goes without saying that anytime events with half stamina are up, you should farm farm farm those areas.  Any extra stamina should be applied to those events, to get the most usage out of your stamina.  These types of events include:

  • Boss Battles - Rotate through each of the Boss Battles to trigger as many Death Matches (six maximum) as you can.  Once you’re done triggering all of your Death Matches you can choose which Boss Battle to farm based on the respective Awakening Material drops.
  • SP Dungeon - The best use of half stamina in the SP Dungeon is red book farming for gold (farming in the Strength attribute Evolve dungeon to acquired Grimoires of Strength, which you can then sell in a village to acquire gold).  Most players tend to prefer red book farming over other books since you can farm these levels very quickly and have the fastest turnaround to optimize your time spent farming.
  • Free Stage - Use a single unit with an AOE attack on Easy difficulty to farm materials and ingredients the most efficiently.  Farming equipment works very similarly, but you’ll want a bigger team to farm higher levels.  When salvaging equipment with Diane in the Tavern always enhance to +1 first for the best chance of getting blue Awakening stones to result from the salvage.

Power Up Spin/Bingo

Some events have Power Up Spin or Bingo events that accompany them.  For these events, you’ll be able to earn tickets or tokens from completing specific battles, as will be indicated in the event banners.  Each day there will be a maximum number of tickets that can be earned, and a maximum number of resets for the board.  In general, it is fairly easy to rack up these tickets to complete the event as long as you complete your daily tasks and farming activities.

Power up spin event.jpg

Event/Final Boss Shops

Some events (particularly the Final Boss) have special shops that you can purchase materials from.  Whenever these are available, try to purchase as many items as possible from these shops.  If you’re limited on time or tokens and you’re not sure what to buy, join the 7DSGC community on Discord to discuss which items are the best to buy from the event shop when they’re up.

Event shop.jpg

Hawk’s Pass

Hawk's Pass, when available, is a three-week long opportunity to earn free rewards. For additional rewards you can purchase a Hawk's Pass, but you can also get by just fine by completing the free missions each week although you won't get as many rewards. Each week there will be missions posted to complete. If you aren't able to complete the mission in that week, you'll still have an opportunity to complete these the following week except for the third and final week. Hawk's Pass is not always available, so make sure to check your home screen when these are up to snag the rewards.

Some examples of missions that may be on the Hawk Pass include:

  • Open x Village Chests (do this by going into any village and smashing chests, which will also grant you free rewards)
  • Clear [Fort Solgres] Attribute Dungeon [Enhancement] x times (do this by vising the Enhance Dungeons in Fort Solgres that use Stamina or Attribute Dungeon Keys -- note, you must go to the regular Enhance Dungeons and not the Enhance section of the Events Dungeon)
  • Clear [Fort Solgres] Attribute Dungeon [Evolution] x times (do this by vising the Evolve Dungeons in Fort Solgres that use Stamina or Attribute Dungeon Keys -- note, you must go to the regular Evolve Dungeons and not the Enhance section of the Events Dungeon)
  • Clear [Fort Solgres] Gold Dungeon x times (do this by vising any of the Gold Dungeons in Fort Solgres -- note, you must go to the regular Gold Dungeons that use Gold Dungeon Keys and not the Gold section of the Events Dungeon)
  • Exchange Materials with King x times (do this by visiting King in the Tavern and exchanging any materials)
  • Clear Death Match x times (any Death Match, triggered by either you or a friend, will do)
  • Purchase x items from the Friendship Coin Shop (any item of any cost purchased in the Friendship Coin Shop will suffice)
  • Eat x meals at a friend’s Tavern (do this by going to your Friend List, selecting a Friend, clicking “Visit Tavern”, then “Eat a Dish”.  Select any meal from their table and acquire cooking buffs and Friendship Coins)

Battle Events

Most events come with a weekly Battle Event, which can be found from the Battle menu.  You’ll know when one of these applies when there is a flashing red “Accessible Event” with a number following.

Battle event menu.jpg

Each of these Battle Events will come with their own rewards for each level, but you’ll also be able to earn a free diamond by completing the associated event achievements (click the magnifying glass next to the progress bar to see the achievements!). 

Battle event.jpg

Most of these achievements simply require performing multiple battles, but occasionally you’ll have an achievement that requires using a hero with a specific skill (for example, using a Stun skill three times in one battle).  To help with determining which heroes can help to meet these achievements use the Hero Filter and choose the appropriate skill that is needed.

Growth Event

Growth Events, whenever available, can only be completed once but will generally offer great rewards.  These events typically require using at least one of the latest Heroes released or relate to another Hero from an active event and will demonstrate either their skills or share more information about their storylines.  Don’t worry if you don’t have the required Hero in your box yet though -- you can always borrow a friend’s Hero in order to complete the mission.  These events are a must to complete anytime that they are up.

Growth event.jpg

Share Event

Every so often an event for sharing Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross with your friends will come up.  This event is great and super easy -- all you have to do is share the app via any social media or messaging app and you can claim a free SP Dungeon Event Dungeon Key!  The key will go directly to your SP Dungeon once you claim it - you don’t even have to go look for it in your Item Storage!  Remember that this free key will count toward the five that you can hold at any given time, so you’ll want to use it whenever possible so that you can continue accruing continual keys.

Training Grotto

The Training Grotto is also called the Training Dungeon or Training Cave in the Japan/Korea version of the game.  The primary objective of the Training Grotto is to beat nine Goddess Ambers, but even if you cannot beat all nine you should go in and try to beat whatever you can for the rewards.  Continue working on your Training Grotto teams to make the most of your time in the Training Grotto.

Long-Game Grinding

The below are other areas that include free Diamonds or extra boosts to your CC.  Most of these will take you much longer to accomplish, so chip away at them on a periodic basis whenever you have free time after having completed your daily grind and event-based grinding activities.

  • Affection -- Diamonds can be earned for using Heroes, having conversations with Heroes, and giving gifts to Heroes as shown in the Affection guide.
  • Affinity - Free Diamonds can be earned for Level 3 of Affinity for each Hero, as shown in the Affinity guide.  Level 5 of Affinity also unlocks a free Costume for each Hero, which helps to boost your overall CC.
  • Registered Recipes - Up to five recipes can be registered with Hawk in the Tavern at a given time.  For the best Gold gain, try to get five recipes up to Level 5 as early as possible.  You’ll likely want to work on the same recipes as you are already using for bonuses in various areas to be the most efficient when Cooking with Ban.  You can also maximize the amount of Gold gained by selling with Hawk by applying the 100-Day Bar Decoration
  • Titles - There are some Titles that grant extra boosts.  Most of these require doing the same task multiple times (for example, breaking chests in each of the villages), so you’ll want to whittle away at these whenever possible
  • Achievements - Achievements are a great place to earn free Diamonds by working towards repetitive tasks, similar to Titles.  Some of the fight-type Achievements are particularly of note as you can earn free Diamonds by completing specific tasks, such as winning a Boss Battle with a single hero in Normal, Hard, and Extreme mode.  You can kill two birds with one stone by completing this Boss Battle without a single Hero dying.  
Boss battle challenges.jpg

The best way to get this Achievement done is by using an AOE farming Hero and borrowing a Hero from a friend so that you can increase your CC while still only using one of your own Heroes.

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