Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Team Recommendations and Strategy for Every PVE Content

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross has various PVE contents necessary for player progression. These thrilling game modes await players and have fun outside the Boar Hat Tavern:

In order to clear these modes easily, you need to prepare suitable heroes. Since heroes have different grades, attributes, and skill composition, the game content that is suitable for each hero must be different. Therefore, you should consider the type of content that you want to clear, as well as what kind of enemy would appear, and build your most efficient team according to this information.

Check out our Equipment Guide and Growing Tips for more ideas on how to boost your overall CC before engaging in battles.

Versatile Teams

Before going in-depth on each game mode, there are teams that are generally viable in most PVE content. Versatile teams work best in Free Stages (Hard) as you farm SSR equipment.

○ Red Howzer, Green Hawk & Elizabeth, Blue Weinheidt

Rhowzer.png Gelihawk.png Bweinheidt.png

Probably the most common team used right now by most F2P and early to mid-tier players. Green Hawk & Elizabeth is a free unit in Chapter 1 of story mode while Red Howzer and Blue Weinheidt can be acquired in the Coin Shop.

These 3 Heroes have an awesome synergy of inflicting pierce damage to enemies. Blue Weinheidt’s Unique skill gradually Increases all allies' pierce rate per turn. He becomes an ultimate utility unit to both Red Howzer and Green Hawk & Elizabeth’s AOE pierce skills. Be careful though, this lineup has no sustain which can be dangerous if you do not meet the required CC especially fighting in a Boss Battle. There are safer but slower teams running a Blue King as alternatives below.

○ Red Howzer, Green Hawk & Elizabeth, Blue Lillia

Rhowzer.png Gelihawk.png Blilia.png

Blue Lillia now replaces Blue Weinheidt as she provides more Pierce Rate bonus for Red Howzer and Green Hawk & Elizabeth. She instantly increases all allies' Pierce Rate on the get-go by adding 50% of her own Pierce Rate value. Blue Weinheidt, on the other hand, adds Pierce Rate gradually which is disadvantageous for shorter runs.

To effectively use this lineup, the team should have an apparent advantage in terms of CC (especially Attack stat). Also, Blue Lillia’s equipment bonus stat should be Pierce Rate on both Bracer and Ring. This way it increases the overall team damage.

○ Red Howzer, Blue King, Red Gowther

Rhowzer.png Bking.png Rgowther.png

This team has decent damage and sustain. Most importantly, this is also a F2P lineup. Blue King is rewarded after clearing Chapter 3 of the story mode while Red Howzer and Red Gowther can be bought in the Coin Shop. You can conveniently beat weaker enemies and to some extent, even boss stages when you have the CC advantage.

Red Howzer teams can be brought in almost every content except Death Matches. As a beginner, the first hero you should save for in the Coin Shop is Red Howzer. You can acquire him at a discounted price of 20 Gold Coins during his sale rotation, or 30 Gold Coins at a regular price.

○ Red Howzer, Green Nunchuck Ban, Red Gowther

Rhowzer.png Gban.png Rgowther.png

Replacing Blue King for Green Nunchuck Ban potentially brings more damage with less sustain. This is also a F2P team, although both Green Nunchuck Ban and Red Gowther are Platinum Coin Shop units which require time to save up for.

All of them have AOE skill damage, meaning you can beat relatively weak enemies very quickly, except Ban’s snatch and ult and Gowther’s rank up skills.

This combination is not likely to be used in Death Matches, where you should fight against very powerful bosses. However, if you have sufficient CC, this team can clear any PVE content in auto mode (except the mentioned Death Match).

While you are playing in auto mode, Red Gowther would use his rank up skill to the hero who has the highest CC. Therefore, if you want to improve some efficiency in your auto mode, we recommend you to set the highest CC on your Red Howzer because he only has AOE damage skills.

○ Red Howzer, Green Nunchuck Ban, Blue Giant Diane

Rhowzer.png Gban.png Bdiane.png

Red Gowther has great utility skills, but the damage of his skills and ultimate is low. So adding Blue Giant Diane would be a considerable choice since she has a very powerful AOE ultimate skill. Most of the stages would be cleared by using Howzer/Diane’s ult after Ban’s snatch. On the upside, Blue Giant Diane is given as a reward after completing Chapter 4 of the story mode.

However, comparing the ability to digest content, the efficiency of Red Gowther is higher than that of Blue Giant Diane. If you have to choose only one hero to raise because of the lack of material, we recommend you to raise Red Gowther first. Also, it is not a bad option to raise Diane first who can be useful for PVP.

○ Red Howzer, Blue King, Blue Giant Diane

Rhowzer.png Bking.png Bdiane.png

With fewer resources needed to acquire Green Nunchuck Ban, Blue King is a good alternative to pair with Red Howzer and Blue Giant Diane. Newer players can definitely use this lineup after a few weeks of gameplay since 2 heroes are acquired from story mode rewards.

○ Green Nunchuck Ban, Blue Slater, Blue King

Gban.png Bslater.png Bking.png

The combination of Green Nunchuck Ban + Blue Slater + Blue King has a slower stage clearing speed than the previous combinations but has the advantage of high stability. Weaken the enemy with Ban’s snatch, and if your team got debuffs or low HP, you can resolve this with King’s recovery skill. Their overall balance is great because Slater makes a single attack and King and Ban make AOE attacks.

Moreover, Slater and King are often used for ‘Red demon’, which is the first Death Match battle, Blue King is also considered great for PVP. The versatility of this combination is not only wide by itself but also the versatility of each hero is great.

○ Red Howzer, Blue Demon Meliodas, Blue Weinheidt

Rhowzer.png Bdmeliodas.png Bweinheidt.png

A rather expensive lineup using Blue Demon Meliodas who can only be acquired from a Hero Pick-Up Draw (Banner). Nonetheless, with the right equipment and stats, these 3 are currently the best overall PVE team for P2P (and Lucky) players.

Similar to Green Hawk & Elizabeth team comp, these 3 Heroes have an awesome synergy of inflicting pierce damage to enemies. Blue Demon Meliodas and Red Howzer both have AOE pierce skills that go well with Blue Weinheidt’s Unique skill. This team is usually accompanied by Blue Jericho in the sub-slot to add more damage to your Speed attribute (Blue) heroes.

○ Current Meta: Red Howzer, Blue Demon Meliodas, Blue Lillia

Rhowzer.png Bdmeliodas.png Blilia.png

Using Blue Demon Meliodas instead of Green Hawk & Elizabeth further increases the team’s damage due to his AOE pierce attack. To this date, this team makes the most versatile PVE team due to their skill synergy.

The ideal hero in the sub-slot is Blue Jericho, who adds a 10% increase in Attack-related stats for Blue Demon Meliodas and Blue Lillia. Alternatively, you can also use Blue Marmas to increase their HP for added survivability.

Team for Speed Attribute Dungeon (SP dungeon)

Speed Attribute Dungeon is the most difficult dungeon in Fort Solgres. Event/Gold dungeons and dungeons with other attributes can be cleared with the ‘Versatile Teams’ introduced above. But the 6th floor of the speed attribute dungeon needs a different approach because there’s a very powerful boss in this dungeon.

The boss of the 6th floor has a unique skill that increases Crit Chance / Crit Damage as remaining HP decreases and also a strong AOE ultimate. So unless you have an overwhelming CC, you could fail this dungeon during autoplay.

○ Green Nunchuck Ban, Green Meliodas, Green Merlin

Gban.png Gmeliodas.png Gmerlin.png

The recommended combination is Green Nunchuck Ban, Green Meliodas, and Green Merlin. It consists of only HP attribute heroes which are superior to Speed attribute heroes, and it has many ways to weaken the boss’ attack or prevent/defend against the boss’ ultimate (Ban’s Snatch, Meliodas’ Stun, and Merlin’s capability to deplete ultimate move gauge and to provide a barrier. For this reason, it has high stability in autoplay. You can get higher stability if you put Green Jillian in the sub-slot to increase HP attribute allies’ HP by 30%.

○ Green King, Green Jericho, Green Elaine

Gking.png Gjericho.png Gelaine.png

Green King, Green Jericho, and Green Elaine can be great replacement heroes. King and Jericho have powerful single attack skills and Elaine can prevent the boss’s ultimate by depleting its gauge. You can build your own team depending on your current situation.

Team for Farming Ingredients


It is actually optimal to use a solo hero and farm the Easy stage for more ingredients. On the contrary, Hard stages require more than double the stamina only to have a small additional chance to get silver and gold boxes containing extra ingredients. It happens a lot in Hard stages that you still get bronze boxes resulting in the same amount as farming the Easy stage. Not to mention it also takes more time to clear it.

For this type of farming, it is recommended to use a Hero with 2 AOE skills to clear the wave faster. There are no other units with that repertoire other than Red Howzer and Blue Weinheidt. Of course, since both are farmable units, Red Howzer is the best for this scenario.

Team for Farming Gold during SP Dungeon half-stamina Events

Farming Grimoire of Strength or commonly known as Red Books during the SP dungeon half-stamina event is where players acquire their stockpile of gold. Selling these farmed books give huge returns on your stamina investment. Why Red and not Blue or Green Books? It is because this specific team makes a 3-turn run possible, saving a lot of time for auto-farming compared to that of grinding Blue and Green Evolution Dungeons.

○ Blue Guila, Red Howzer, Red Gowther, Green Merlin

Bguila.png Rhowzer.png Rgowther.png Gmerlin.png

This team is fixed and nobody should be missing from the team. The strategy is to have Blue Guila’s ultimate ready in the boss fight, at the same time being able to clear each minion wave in a single team turn. It can only be made possible with Green Merlin’s and Blue Guila’s unique abilities. Additionally, Red Howzer AOE attacks lead you faster to the boss while Red Gowther’s unique ability provides an attack boost for the team. Lastly, Blue Guila’s ultimate one-shots the boss wave.

Blue Guila’s unique ability is what made her an ideal hero for speed runs. Do take note that this strategy can only work if you have high attack stats on Blue Guila and Red Howzer (around 10k attack including the association bonus).

Team for Death Match (Red Demon)

○ Damage Dealer, Crowd Control Debuffer, Red Gowther

Relihawk.png Ggustaf.png Rgowther.png
Bslater.png Rmerlin.png Rgowther.png
Bban.png Ggustaf.png Rgowther.png

Both teams should have a Damage Dealer, Crowd Control Debuffer, and Red Gowther. It is the most commonly used combination for the Red Demon and is important to use the crowd control skill at the end of the turn. As the crowd control debuffer, Red Merlin and Green Gustav are great choices, because they can freeze the enemy with a rank 1 skill.

Additionally, the freezing skill at rank 2 or 3 deals additional damage when the demon is attacked at a frozen state. So it is a good idea to use a combo of freezing skill + Damage Dealer’s ultimate if Gowther’s rank up skill works out well. Also, Gustav has a unique skill that decreases all enemies’ Resistance by the value of the hero’s Pierce Rate.

If you don’t have Red Merlin or Green Gustav, you can substitute it with Blue King or Red Helbram. Both heroes have petrification skills. Note that their skill should be rank 2 or higher if you want to petrify the enemy, so you should be careful about the distribution of skills for both heroes.

As the damage dealer, Red Hawk & Elizabeth, Blue Slater, and Blue Ban are ideal choices. Red Hawk & Elizabeth has useful unique and charge skills plus she is an SR hero originally, so it has the advantage of spending less effort on upgrading her. If you have the resources, Blue Slater and Blue Ban are exceptional heroes for this demon.

Team for Death Match (Gray Demon)

○ Damage Dealer, Buffer or Healer, Red Gowther

Gking.png Ghelbram.png Rgowther.png
Gking.png Ggil.png Rgowther.png
Gking.png Gelizabeth.png Rgowther.png

This team is mainly based on Green King and Red Gowther, and each team uses either an attack buffer or one healer. If your heroes’ stats are very high, you can remove the healer and use 2 attackers. But if you don’t use a healer, sometimes you might end up in a situation where your hero dies suddenly because of the boss’ intensive attack. Therefore, it is safer to add only one attacker and use Green Princess Elizabeth as a healer to increase your team’s stability. She also boosts your team with additional Ultimate Move gauges.

If you use Green Princess Elizabeth, it is highly recommended to place Green Merlin in the sub-slot. Doing this will charge the ultimate of your team faster.

The main damage dealer, Green King is very efficient for Crit Damage. So as a buffer, Green Helbram would be your best choice that increases all attack-related abilities, but you can also employ Green Gilthunder as a substitute buffer that also increases the team’s attack power.

Team for Death Match (Demonic Beast Howlex)

○ Damage Dealer, Buffer or Healer, Red Gowther

Rdmeliodas.png Ghelbram.png Rgowther.png
Rnunchakuban.png Ggil.png Rgowther.png

The strategy to clear the Demonic Beast Howlex is very similar to the Gray Demons. The role recommendation is pretty much the same, except the main damage dealer has changed to Red Demon Meliodas.

Green Princess Elizabeth is also a viable choice as a healer but if your Green Merlin’s attack power is close to 10K or higher, we recommend you to use her instead. She can’t heal your allies HP, but her AOE barrier can replace the role of a healer which is based on her high attack power.

Also, you can utilize Red Gowther’s Unique skill in tandem with Green Merlin’s Perfect Cube barrier. He increases all allies’ Attack by 10% at the start of the next turn if the hero doesn’t take damage. It is usually difficult to activate his unique but with Green Merlin to completely protect him, you can activate this attack bonus more frequently.

Team for Knighthood Boss Battle (Einek)

This time in Season 2 of the Knighthood Boss Battle (Einek), the final score now heavily depends on your team’s remaining HP/number of surviving allies and clearing speed. Although the final damage and points from skill cards also contribute to the total score, they’re not as significant anymore compared to the previous season.

○ Damage Dealer, Utility, Support/Healer, Green Jillian

Gescanor.png Gvalenti.png Gelizabeth.png Gjillian.png
Gescanor.png Gelihawk.png Gelizabeth.png Gjillian.png
Gescanor.png Ggil.png Gmerlin.png Gjillian.png
F2P team
Gelihawk.png Ggil.png Gmerlin.png Gjillian.png
F2P team
Gelihawk.png Gmerlin.png Gelizabeth.png Gjillian.png

The most convenient way is to run a mono-Green team with the core of Green Jillian and Green Princess Elizabeth or Green Merlin. Green Jillian increases your HP-attribute (Green) heroes’ HP by 30% giving the team a higher yield for the final score. On the other hand, Green Princess Elizabeth contributes to Healing and Buff removal which is useful against the boss’ attacks and corrosion in phase 2. Clearing the battle at full HP can be made possible with her on the team.

For F2P players without Green Escanor or Green Valenti, Green Merlin can be the team’s main damage dealer. She also provides utility through her Barrier and Ultimate Move Gauge depletion. Similarly, Green Gilthunder and Green Hawk & Elizabeth can provide an offensive boost to minimize the total number of turns in defeating the boss.

Although there are other alternative teams like Red Howzer + Blue Lillia compositions which you can also try, running a Pierce team with the same equipment stats can be harder for most players. The mono-Green team is widely used and more F2P friendly against the Knighthood Boss Einek.

Team for Knighthood Boss Battle (Kelak)

One of the best ways to fight the Knighthood boss is to involve freezing the boss, buffing your attacker’s offensive stats, and dealing a massive amount of damage on your final hit. Final damage on the boss, clearing speed, points from skill cards, and remaining HP/number of surviving allies are the main factors of getting high points.

○ Damage Dealer, Buffer or Healer, Amplify Damage, Red Gowther

Gjericho.png Ghelbram.png Ggustaf.png Rgowther.png

Green Jericho can generate an insane amount of damage when used correctly. She is a farmable unit in the Coin shop for 30 SR coins (20 SR coins during the sale). If you are new to the game, purchase Jericho during her sale rotation to upgrade the ultimate. You can either use an ATK/DEF or ATK/CDG, the latter gives more damage but slightly decreases your overall Combat Power and Defense. If you want to keep a higher CC to get the 1st turn, use ATK/DEF.

Heroes with an offensive buff are also essential to boost your Attacker’s base stats. Green Helbram and Green Gilthunder will further increase your final damage, converting to more points. Otherwise, if you need to sustain/heal, using Green Merlin, Blue King, or Red Arthur, are viable options to provide damage mitigation. This is a must for beginners because additional points are rewarded in proportion to the amount of remaining HP.

Like Buffers, heroes with damage amplification from freeze will increase your damage dealer’s final damage. The only heroes with Freeze are Green Gustav and Red Merlin. Finally, Red Gowther is there to rank up skills and provide utility for the team.

Gescanor.png Gvalenti.png Gelizabeth.png Gjillian.png
Ggil.png Rdieane.png Gelizabeth.png Gjillian.png

Recommendations for Sub Hero

○ Versatile Usage

Gmerlin.png Relizabeth.png

These two heroes are the most versatile sub heroes. Green Merlin has a passive skill that fills all allies’ ult move gauges by 1 orb at the start of the battle. On the other hand, Red Elizabeth has a passive that heals allies for 10% of max HP at the start of the next turn when taking damage. So if you don’t have any other sub hero in your mind, you can choose these two heroes.

○ Sub Heroes for Death Match

Gcain.png Bgolgius.png

These two can be great sub heroes to increase your attack efficiency in Death Matches. Green Cain increases all allies’ attack-related stats by 10% in Death Match, while Blue Golgius increases all damage dealt by allies by 15% in Death Match. Both of these heroes have the highest efficiency, except when you use Green Merlin for charging the ultimate move gauge faster.

○ Sub Heroes for HP attribute (Green)

Gjillian.png Galioni.png

These two sub heroes increase stats of HP attribute heroes. Green Jillian increases HP attribute allies’ HP by 30%, while Green Alioni increases HP attribute allies’ attack-related stats by 10%. Green Jillian is one of the most used sub heroes to clear the Final Boss Battle (King).

○ Sub Heroes for Strength attribute (Red)

Rtwigo.png Rjericho.png

These two sub heroes increase stats for Strength attribute heroes. Red Twigo increases Strength attribute allies’ HP by 30%, while Red Jericho increases Strength attribute allies’ attack-related stats by 10%.

○ Sub Heroes for Speed attribute (Blue)

Bmarmas.png Bjericho.png

These two sub heroes increase stats for Speed attribute heroes. Blue Marmas increases Speed attribute allies’ HP by 30%, while Blue Jericho increases Speed attribute allies’ attack-related stats by 10%.