Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Faction Wars (also known as the Ancient Holy War event) was a new style of event implemented in March 2022 that is based on the theme of the Holy War.

Ancient Holy War Event.jpg

With this event, players will choose a faction (either [Stigma] or [The Ten Commandments]). Battle content is available that is exclusive to the chosen faction. WP points are obtained from completing these battles, which are added to the faction’s score.

Faction War Battles.PNG

The more battles that each player wins, the more faction contribution points they can provide. These contribution points are earned by donating WP (50 contribution points are gained for every 100 WP donated).

Faction War Donate WP.PNG

Exclusive rewards are available for individual rank placement.

Faction War Individual Placement Rewards.jpg

Each of the Normal Zone battle locations has stage rewards, with a chance to win Ancient Holy War Special Zone Entry Tickets.

Faction War Stage Reward.PNG

The faction that has the highest score at the end of the event is deemed to be the victor. Variable rewards are provided as shown below for factions that emerge victoriously versus if they are defeated.

Faction War Victory Defeat Rewards.PNG

WP earned can also be spent in the Ancient Holy War Shop to purchase special items with the event currency.

Ancient Holy War Shop.jpeg

Examples of items from the March 2022 Ancient Holy War Event Shop were:

  • SSR Evolution Pendant
  • Super Awakening Coin
  • Equipment Engraving Stone
  • UR Treasure Chest
  • Water of Life
  • Demon’s Blood
  • Hammer of Vaizel
  • Demonic Beast Howlex’s Ear
  • Gray Demon’s Wing
  • Red Demon’s Horn

WP prices for the above items ranged from 80 (crafting mats) to 400 (evolution pendant).