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Merlin becomes available in the Tavern after beating Galland for the first time in Episode 115-1.  When visiting Merlin, there is an option to engrave a hero’s name onto equipment, which raises the grade of the equipment by one grade.  As of now, UR is the maximum grade available.  

When engraving equipment, you will first need to select your equipment and then the hero whose name you want to engrave. 

Engraving hero.PNG

Once this is selected, you will see the number of 6* Awakening stones and equipment engraving stones that will be required. Higher grade equipment requires more equipment engraving stones, as shown in the below table.

Equipment engraving costs.PNG

Equipment engraving stones can be obtained from the Training Grotto.  Since the Training Grotto has limited entries, it is important to use up all of your available battles whenever you have a Grotto Key.  6* Awakening stones can be made through exchanging 6x5* Awakening stones with King in the Tavern.

Only +5 Tier-5 equipment can be engraved, so it’s important to make sure that you only enhance equipment with good stats.  In case you’ve forgotten the best ways to choose which equipment to enhance, this information is available in the Growing Tips guide.  For the most efficient method to build your CC, focus first on engraving Bracer and Ring (Attack sub-stats), then Belt and Rune/Orb (HP sub-stats).  Necklace and Earrings can be left for last since they give the least amount of CC boost.  

While it is possible to engrave all grades of equipment, it is really only worthwhile to engrave SSR equipment.  Engraving lower-grade equipment is detrimental in the long run, as you will be wasting rare materials (especially engraving stones) on lesser equipment quality.  These types of resources deserved to be reserved for only our best equipment.

In order to get +5 Tier-5 equipment, you will need to farm Free Stages and Boss Battles equipment to be able to acquire Awakening stones through salvaging equipment with Diane.  When salvaging equipment to farm for stones, never salvage in single quantities -- always salvage in full batches of 12.  This is because the only way to create an ultra success or to even get any Awakening stones is to salvage at least six items.  Complete batches of twelve will provide the highest chance of acquiring Awakening stones.  

For the most efficient salvaging:

  • Salvage all R and below for enhancement stones
  • Upgrade all SR to +1 before salvaging for a chance of getting 4* Awakening stones
  • Upgrade all SSR to +5 before salvaging for a chance of getting 5* Awakening stones

Once engraved, engraved equipment can be equipped by any hero.  However, only the heroes whose name is on the equipment will be able to receive the engraving effect.  For example, this bracelet has King’s name engraved on it.  When it is worn by King, the stamp in the upper left corner glows purple, indicating that he is receiving additional benefits.  When this bracelet is worn by any other hero, the stamp will be dark, indicating that the extra benefits are not being experienced.  Obviously, equipping them onto the hero whose name is engraved on the equipment will provide the highest boost.

King equipment engraved.jpg

If you want to change heroes, you do have the option to downgrade your equipment to its state although you will lose the resources that were spent.  This is not ideal since the engraving stones require some grinding to obtain, so this further reinforces to think carefully before engraving your equipment to a specific hero.  In general, if you want to see high CC, then invest in Attack, HP, and Defense equipment.  Healers will primarily benefit more from Recovery Rate equipment rather than HP equipment.  

Last but not least, hop on over to our Community pages to flex your equipment if you want to share any of your amazing stats!