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Best Heroes, Team Composition, and Strategy Awakened Valenti feat.png

[The Seven Catastrophes] Disaster Battle is a game mode for the 7DS Grand Cross Holy War Festival Event. Awakened Valenti is one of the three Disaster Battles you can clear twice per day for a chance to acquire exchange shop currency and rewards. In this event, up to 2 players can fight together in a Death Match type of battle.

Participants can gain Machine Fragments as rewards which can be exchanged for costumes and growth support items in the Event Exchange Shop. You can acquire more by joining other player’s Disaster Battles via battle invites.

[Timespace Arbiter] Magic Weapon Valenti is an Attribute hp.pngHP-type boss, thus Attribute strength.pngStrength-type heroes (mono-red) are most favorable to use in battle.

Boss Info, Pattern & Strategy

Normal Hard Extreme
Level 120 160 200
CC 120,000 160,000 200,000
Stamina Required 16 20 24
Attack 7,277 8,369




Defense 6,658 9,630




HP 466,900 476,850




  • Sever effect skills have 50% increased damage which means Sariel is the best damage dealer for this boss. Moreover, using him decreases the boss’ damage dealt by 30% when the hero is attacked.
  • Valenti is immune to Petrify / Stun / Freeze / Attack Disable / Buff Disable / Debuff Disable / Coerce.
  • Phase 1:
    • Valenti seals Ultimate Move Gauges every 2 turns. She also prevents the use of Ultimate Moves and applies a corrosion effect which greatly decreases HP every 3 turns. Recovery skills do not cleanse these effects.
    • Valenti greatly reduces your heroes’ Pierce Rate.
    • Using a buff skill will prevent the caster from using Attack Skills and Ultimate Move for 2 turns (Ex: Red Derieri & Red Gowther’s buff).
    • Valenti’s HP is greatly increased when a debuff is applied to her. Avoid using attack debuff skills.
    • Valenti’s Ultimate deals 10x damage against buffed units; so be careful when timing your buffs (Ex: Red Arthur & Red Derieri’s buff).
  • Phase 2:
    • At the start of Phase 2, Valenti applies a Fear effect on 2 random enemies for 2 turns which causes their attacks to miss (except Ultimate Moves). Recovery skills do not cleanse the Fear effect.
    • Valenti increases HP-related stats and inflicts great damage on a single enemy every 2 turns. Use a team that can burst the boss within 2 allied turns. Fill up your damage dealers Ultimate Move Gauge on Phase 1. It’s basically game over when Valenti recovers HP and increases her HP-related stats on turn 2.
    • Valenti’s AoE attacks remove buffs and block all skill effects (excludes Stance & Recover Skills).
    • Valenti is immune to Ultimate Move Gauge decrease effects. Moreover, her Ultimate Move Gauge locks from filling up when it increases.

Recommended Heroes

Attribute hp.png [Timespace Arbiter] Magic Weapon Valenti

Main Team Heroes

Rsariel.png Rescanor.png Rderieri.png Lvmeliodas.png Rarthur.png Ghgowther.png
Rgowther.png Rgalland.png Rgloxinia.png Rmono.png Rhowzer.png

Sub-slot Heroes

Rjericho.png Gdeathpierce.png

Team Recommendations

Team 1 Rsariel.png Ghgowther.png Lvmeliodas.png Rjericho.png
Team 2 Rderieri.png Rgowther.png Rescanor.png Rjericho.png
Team 3 (F2P) Rescanor.png Rgowther.png Rarthur.png Rjericho.png

Other Notes

  • Diamonds are rewarded on your first clear. You can acquire 24 Diamonds in total in all three Disaster Boss Battles.
    • Normal - 1 Diamond
    • Hard - 2 Diamonds
    • Extreme - 5 Diamonds

Disaster Battle Info

Disaster Battle is a game mode in which players team up to defeat bosses. Players can participate in real-time 2-player battles. Invite friends or Knighthood members and play together.

Occurrence Disaster Battle is unlocked during Chapter 5.

Lobby Period If the Disaster Battle does not start within 60 minutes of the lobby’s creation, it is automatically closed.

Fighting in Disaster Battle Disaster Battle Bosses each have unique abilities. Use a different combination of heroes to defeat bosses.