Disaster Battle: Awakened Lillia Guide

Best Heroes and Team Composition Against Awakened Lillia
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[The Seven Catastrophes] Special Event is a game mode for 7DS Grand Cross Half Anniversary celebration. A Disaster Battle with Awakened Lillia can be triggered after clearing boss stages, similar to how Death Matches work. Once triggered, the Disaster Battle's boss attribute will be the same as the heroes you've fought in Boss Stages. In this event, up to 2 players can fight together in the Timespace Junction to stop Awakened Lillia’s rampage.

There are 3 Boss Battles and it features Attribute hp.pngValenti, Attribute speed.pngEastin, and Attribute strength.pngMono, forming different attributes of Awakened Lillia. To beat them, using a standard mono team is highly recommended. For example, if you’re facing Attribute hp.pngValenti who is HP-type, then a mono-Red team is the favorable choice. Defeating a boss stage fills up the individual Disaster Battle rate meter, which can be triggered once a day. After triggering 3 of your daily Disaster battles, you can fight more by getting battle invites from other player’s Disaster Battles.

Participants can gain Disaster Medals as rewards which can be exchanged for growth support and special items in the Event Exchange Shop. The event runs in a span of 2 weeks from September 1 to September 15, 2020.

Boss Info, Pattern & Strategy

Normal Hard Extreme
Level 100 120 140
CC 120,000 160,000 200,000
Stamina Required 16 20 24
Attack 6,376 8,431 10,292


Defense 4,516 5,777 7,806


HP 258,044 336,210 465,924


  • Her passive skill “Apocalypse” removes enemy hero Buffs when the Ultimate Move Gauge is full. Bring a hero capable of depleting Ultimate Gauge (Red Escanor, Green Merlin).
  • Phase 1: Uses Buff and Debuff Disable skills every 2 turns, and a skill every 3 turns which inflicts Ruin damage.
  • Phase 2 (Extreme only): Uses a skill every 2 turns which forces the target to use Attack skills, and a Counter skill every 3 turns which inflicts Ruin damage.
  • She is immune to all Debuffs and Coerce
  • Increases basic stat by 3% for each Debuff on the enemy. Use Blue King or Red Arthur’s level 3 buff to cleanse the debuffs.
  • Increases damage taken by 50% from enemies’ skills with an Ultimate Move Gauge increase effect (Red Lostvayne Meliodas, Green Escanor skills).
  • Unknown Race will inflict +30% damage on boss due to race advantage (Red Gowther, Green Merlin)
  • Boss inflicts +30% on Goddess heroes due to race disadvantage. It is best not to bring Elizabeth in this battle (except using Red Elizabeth as your sub for Beginner teams)
  • Meliodas’ Bad Blood decreases the boss’s damage dealt by 30% (Red Lostvayne Meliodas)
  • Lastly, use stamps to communicate with your teammate. It is a great way to tell your friend what skills you have available so you don’t waste any moves.

Important Notes

  • After completing all Disaster Battles, players can farm Boss Battles to acquire gold and Awakening Materials (Water of Life, Demon’s Blood, and Awakening Stones). It is only recommended if you can farm the Extreme difficulty.
  • Diamonds are rewarded on your first stage clear in Boss Battles. You can acquire 36 Diamonds in total.
    • Normal - 2 Diamonds
    • Hard - 4 Diamonds
    • Extreme - 6 Diamonds
  • You can use Auto Clear tickets after your first stage clear in Boss Battles. It is highly recommended when triggering for Disaster Battles so you won’t have to switch equipment on your heroes now and then.

Disaster Battle Info

Disaster Battle is a game mode in which players team up to defeat bosses. Players can participate in real-time 2-player battles. Invite friends or Knighthood members and play together.

Occurrence Disaster Battle is unlocked during Chapter 5. After it is unlocked, each chapter’s cleared Boss Battle increases the Disaster Battle Rate, with the disaster Battle Boss appearing at 100%. Disaster Battle Rate does not increase when a boss appears.

Time Limit The time limit for a Disaster Battle is 60 minutes. If the boss is not defeated within the time limit, Disaster Battle will fail.

Fighting in Disaster Battle Disaster Battle Bosses each have unique abilities. Use a different combination of heroes to defeat bosses.

Rewards and Exchange Shop

Place Reward
Normal Hard Extreme
Party Leader Exclusive Reward Crimson Disaster Medal 1.jpg Crimson Disaster Medal 2.jpg Crimson Disaster Medal 3.jpg
Gold Box (30/40/50%) Crimson Disaster Medal 5.jpg Crimson Disaster Medal 6.jpg Crimson Disaster Medal 6.jpg Crimson Disaster Medal 7.jpg Crimson Disaster Medal 8.jpg Crimson Disaster Medal 8.jpg Crimson Disaster Medal 9.jpg Crimson Disaster Medal 10.jpg
Silver Box (70/60/50%) Dark Disaster Medal 20.jpg Dark Disaster Medal 21.jpg Dark Disaster Medal 22.jpg Dark Disaster Medal 40.jpg Dark Disaster Medal 42.jpg Dark Disaster Medal 43.jpg Dark Disaster Medal 62.jpg Dark Disaster Medal 64.jpg Dark Disaster Medal 66.jpg

Exchange for rewards with Crimson Disaster Medals and Dark Disaster Medals acquired from the Awakened Lillia Disaster Battle.

Disaster Battle Shop 1.jpg
Disaster Battle Shop 2.jpg
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