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One of the best ways to fight the Knighthood boss is to involve freezing the boss, buffing your attacker’s offensive stats, and dealing a massive amount of damage on your final hit.

Main factors of getting high points

  1. Final damage on the boss - Additional points are added in proportion to the highest damage dealt against the boss.
  2. Clearing speed - Points are deducted in proportion to the number of turns used. After the 7th turn, succeeding turns will deduct a significant amount of points to your total score.
  3. Points from Skill cards - AoE buffs give a lot of points.
  4. Remaining HP and number of surviving allies - Additional points are added in proportion to the team’s health status.

There are 3 additional missions you can accomplish to get more points and these missions change every week.

Knighthood Boss Missions.png

Basically, the ultimate goal of the Knighthood Boss is to do as much finishing damage as possible to the boss and get the max value of points!

Building your team

Here are a few tips to maximize your score and get all rewards:


Red Derieri is the best attacker for Knighthood Boss Kelak. Unlike Green Jericho, you won’t have to rely too much on RNG to get a critical hit and get the maximum damage output. In Red Derieri’s case, just use a skill every turn to stack up her unique effect and finally use the Ultimate skill to finish off the boss (Ideally, you’d want to reach the maximum of 10 stacks before releasing the Ultimate).

For early-game F2P without a Red Derieri, you want to have Green Jericho as your attacker. Why? Because she can deal an insane amount of damage when used correctly. She can be purchased in the Coin shop using 30 SR coins (20 SR coins during the sale). If you are new to the game, purchase Jericho during her sale rotation to upgrade her Ultimate.

You can either use an ATK/DEF or ATK/CDG, the latter gives more damage but slightly decreases your overall Combat Power and Defense. If you want to keep a higher CC to get the 1st turn, use ATK/DEF.

Rderieri.png Gjericho.png Belihawk.png Rarthur.png Bgalland.png


A hero who can heal or provide damage mitigation is recommended for squishy teams. This is a must for beginners because additional points are rewarded in proportion to the amount of remaining HP.

Gmerlin.png Rarthur.png Bking.png Relizabeth.png


Heroes with an offensive buff are essential to boost your Attacker’s base stats. This will further increase your final damage, converting to more points.

Ghelbram.png Ggil.png Rarthur.png

Amplify Damage / Skill-ups

Like Buffers, heroes with damage amplification including heroes who can increase skill ranks will increase your attacker’s final damage.

Ggustaf.png Rmerlin.png


Recommended Teams

With Sustain

Sustain Attacker Buffer Amplify Damage
Gmerlin.png Rderieri.png Ghelbram.png Ggustaf.png
or or or or
Rarthur.png Gjericho.png Ggil.png Rmerlin.png

Without Sustain

Skill-ups / Buffer Attacker Buffer Amplify Damage
Rgowther.png Rderieri.png Ghelbram.png Ggustaf.png
or or or or
Rarthur.png Gjericho.png Ggil.png Rmerlin.png