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Knighthood Boss Einek Normal (Basic Info).png Knighthood Boss Einek Normal.png


Knighthood Boss Einek Hard (Basic Info).png Knighthood Boss Einek Hard.png


Knighthood Boss Einek Extreme (Basic Info).png Knighthood Boss Einek Extreme (Phase 1).png Knighthood Boss Einek Extreme (Phase 2).png


The best way to fight this Knighthood boss is to form a team of heroes with high HP, decent damage, and are capable of providing heals/sustain.

Main factors of getting high points

  1. Remaining HP - Additional points are added in proportion to the team’s remaining HP
  2. Clearing speed - Points are deducted in proportion to the number of turns used. After the 7th turn, succeeding turns will deduct a significant amount of points to your total score.
  3. Combat Class - Additional points are added in proportion to the team’s CC
  4. Remaining HP and number of surviving allies - Additional points are added in proportion to the team’s health status.

There are 3 additional missions you can accomplish to get more points and these missions change every week.

Knighthood Boss Missions 2.png

Basically, the ultimate goal of the Knighthood Boss is to clear the stage with as much HP remaining if not full to get the max value of points!

Building your team

Here are a few tips to maximize your score and get all rewards:


Unlike Knighthood Boss Kelak, delivering a high damage output on the finishing blow is not a requirement in putting up a good score, unless you are aiming for the highest points possible. This time around, an attacker with high HP is more favored to use. For Mono-Green teams, Green Escanor is on the top of the list. You can also make use of Green Merlin as the attacker since she can deliver a good amount of damage as well. For Mono-Red teams, you can either use Red Derieri or Red Escanor as your attacker as both also have high base HP. For their equipment, a standard ATK/DEF set would suffice.

Gescanor.png Gmerlin.png Gderieri.png

Rderieri.png Rescanor.png Rgalland.png

Bfludociel.png Gbrunhild.png


A hero who can heal or provide damage mitigation is highly recommended. Make sure to cleanse and heal your team before finishing off the boss.

Gmerlin.png Gvalenti.png Gelizabeth.png

Rarthur.png Rgil.png Gbrunhild.png

Bking.png Bfludociel.png

Amplify Damage / Skill-ups

Heroes with damage amplification including heroes who can increase skill ranks allow a smooth path towards victory.

Gvalenti.png Gelihawk.png Rkungfudiane.png Rdieane.png

Rgowther.png Ghgowther.png

HP boost for Mono-Red/Green Teams

Some heroes have a unique ability that increases HP based on their affinity.

Gjillian.png Rtwigo.png

Recommended Teams


Attacker Utility Sustain HP boost
Gescanor.png Gvalenti.png Gelizabeth.png Gjillian.png


Attacker Utility Skill-ups HP boost
Rescanor.png Rarthur.png Rgowther.png Rtwigo.png
or or or
Rderieri.png Rkungfudiane.png Rhowzer.png

Hell Difficulty High Scoring Team

Attacker Attacker/Buffer/Boost Buffer/Boost Attacker/Sustain
Gderieri.png Bfludociel.png Ghgowther.png Gbrunhild.png