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Knighthood Boss Akumu Normal (Basic Info).png Knighthood Boss Akumu Normal.png


Knighthood Boss Akumu Hard (Basic Info).png Knighthood Boss Akumu Hard.png


Knighthood Boss Akumu Extreme (Basic Info).png Knighthood Boss Akumu Extreme (Phase 1).png Knighthood Boss Akumu Extreme (Phase 2).png


There are two ways on how to defeat this boss:

  • Pierce Team
  • Red Lostvayne Meliodas Team

Main factors of getting high points

  1. Clearing speed - Points are deducted in proportion to the number of turns used. After the 7th turn, succeeding turns will deduct a significant amount of points to your total score.
  2. Remaining HP - Additional points are added in proportion to the team’s remaining HP
  3. Combat Class - Additional points are added in proportion to the team’s CC
  4. Number of surviving heroes - Additional points are added in proportion to the team’s health status.
  5. Skill effects
    1. Infect
    2. Cancel Stance
    3. Detonate
    4. Charge

There are 3 additional missions you can accomplish to get more points and these missions change every week.

Knighthood Boss Missions 3.png

Note that a strong AOE attacker is needed in this battle. That way you can still hit the boss despite the taunt effect of its Shield.

Make sure to eliminate the boss ASAP when his Sword and Shield is broken. Leaving him alone on the battlefield will activate a unique effect where the boss becomes invulnerable for 2 turns. Also, the boss increases its Attack-related stats every time an ally dies.

HP increase food is highly recommended.

Building your team

Here are a few tips to maximize your score and get all rewards:


Heroes with strong AOE ultimate and/or Pierce effect is highly recommended.


Bdmeliodas.png Grugal.png Rhowzer.png


A hero who can heal or provide damage mitigation is highly recommended in harder difficulties. Make sure to cleanse and heal your team before finishing off the boss.

Bgelizabeth.png Blilia.png Relizabeth.png

Amplify Damage / Skill-ups

Heroes with damage amplification including heroes who can increase skill ranks allow a smooth path towards victory.

Beastin.png Gelihawk.png Rarthur.png Rkyo.png


HP boost for Mono-Red/Blue Teams

Some heroes have a unique ability that increases HP based on their affinity.

Rtwigo.png Bmarmas.png

Recommended Teams


Attacker Attacker Sustain Skill-ups/HP boost
Bdmeliodas.png Grugal.png Blilia.png Rgowther.png
or or
Rhowzer.png Bmarmas.png

Lostvayne Meliodas Team

Attacker Sustain Sustain/Amplify Skill-ups/HP boost
Lvmeliodas.png Bgelizabeth.png Blilia.png Rgowther.png
or or
Beastin.png Bmarmas.png

Mono-Red (w/ Lostvayne Meliodas)

Attacker Attacker/Sustain Amplify HP boost
Lvmeliodas.png Rhowzer.png Rarthur.png Rtwigo.png
or or
Relizabeth.png Rkyo.png