Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

This section contains flex pages! Use these pages to share your favorite Hero builds, Jukebox sheet music, or even game-related memes. Any NSFW or not-game related content is subject to be removed at the discretion of Fandom mods. If there are other types of flex pages that you'd like to see added, request it in the comments section below!

Hero builds may also be shared on the comments or Gallery section of any Hero page (example below of Gallery addition):

Feel free to strut your stuff and share your flex!

Links to share pages:

Halloween Decorations.png Jukebox Sheet Music
Icon stamp merlin 09.png Kawaii Costumes
Icon stamp escanor 06.png Hero Flex
Icon stamp meliodas 01.png Gacha Pulls
Attack ring.png Equipment Stats Flexing
Icon stamp ban 04.png Player Tips