Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

A number of top tier SSR and SR heroes are surprisingly available for free by purchasing them in the Coin Shop.  This is one of the many ways in which F2P players can continue to progress in the game without spending money.  For more ways on how to earn in-game currency, review the F2P guide under the Tips category.

Whenever you summon a duplicate of a hero that you’ve already unlocked before you will receive a coin.  You can then spend coins of Heroes that you don’t want in order to buy even better Heroes’ coins in the Coin Shop.  

The most cost-effective way to spend Coins is to wait for specific Heroes to show up in the Limited-Time Sale section.

Limited time shop.jpg

This section changes weekly and will apply to Heroes that are available in the Coin Shop.  Keep an eye on discussions in the Discord channel to see alerts of who will be available for each week’s sale.

Unfortunately, there is not a way to see which Heroes you have already maxed out their Ultimate Moves on to know which Coins are safe to spend without impacting any of your other Heroes, so it’s a good idea to already spend any Heroes whose Ultimate Moves you want to level up before you come to the Coin Shop.  

The below sections describe who the best Heroes are to purchase from the Coin Shop.

R CoinsIcon quest hero R default.png

For the most part, R Coins should only be spent to buy stamina pots.  SR heroes are acquired very easily, and buying them in the Coin Shop should only be done as a last resort.  Of the Heroes available in the R Coins

  • Ggustaf.png Green Gustav is great for the Red Demon boss, and thus he is a good Hero to focus on getting to the early stages of gameplay.  Green Gustav’s rank 1 Freezing Field is able to freeze bosses, which is beneficial to use at the end of each turn to prevent being attacked.  His rank 2 Freezing Field also increases damage dealt when attacked, which is useful when paired with a high DPS partner.  Lastly, his Ultimate Move inflicts Spike damage onto all enemies, although his primary benefit is in his crowd control ability and not his damage infliction.
  • Gcain.png Green Cain by himself is not very helpful, but his Unique ability is great in the sub-slot for Death Matches.  It’s only really worthwhile buying one of Cain if you can’t unlock him through regular summons, since his primary benefit is his Unique ability.
  • Ggil.png Green Gilthunder is one of the best SR characters in the game.  He has a buff that increases his allies’ attack skills, and he’s great for the Gray Demon and Howlex.
  • Bweinheidt.png Blue Weinheidt is one of the two best options to use for PvE farming.  You can use Blue Weinheidt until you’re able to get Red Howzer for fast and efficient PvE farming.

SR CoinsIcon quest hero SR default.png

  • Rhowzer.png Red Howzer is the best versatile farming Hero due to his AoE attacks.  Level up and equip your Red Howzer as early as possible in order to optimize your time spent farming.
  • Rarthur.png Red Arthur is useful for his Fate Combo with Merlin, as well as in PvP.  While he is definitely a good Hero to level up, he is not necessary to max out his Ultimate Move unless he is being used for PvP.
  • Ghelbram.png Green Helbram is the best offensive buffer for Gray Demon, Howlex, and Knighthood Boss teams. There is no need to upgrade his ultimate as there is no significant difference between a 1 / 6 and Max Ultimate Green Helbram. Just unlocking him would suffice.
  • With any extra SR Coins, buy any of the Limited Time Sale Heroes that you can so that you can use the Coins to spend in the Platinum Coin Shop.

SSR CoinsIcon quest hero SSR default.png

The Seven Deadly Sins are primarily found in the SSR Coin Shop.  If you’re limited on Platinum Coins (as most people are) in the early game, focus primarily on Red Gowther, Green Merlin, and Blue King. If you're later in the game and not sure of who to prioritize, you can't go wrong with Green Estarossa, Red Zeldris or Blue Drole.

  • Rgowther.png The first and foremost SSR Hero to focus on buying is Red Gowther.  Red Gowther is a highly versatile Hero that is useful in all aspects of gameplay.  His skill that can rank up an ally’s skill rank makes him easily one of the best all-around Coin Shop purchases.
  • Gmerlin.png Green Merlin is the second priority Hero to max out her Ultimate Move on after Red Gowther.  She has high versatility in PvP and Death Matches due to her Unique ability to fill the Ultimate Move gauge at the start of each battle.
  • Bking.png Blue King has great viability in a Helbram PvP team, as well as in battling the Red Demon.  Unless he is being used in PvP, it is not necessary to max out his Ultimate Move, but it is definitely important to have him as part of your box.
  • Rescanor.png Red Escanor is very useful for PvP and for the Red Demon and Howlex.  When his attack is combined with Merlin in his Fate Combo, he deals an impressive amount of damage from his Ultimate Move.
  • Rdmeliodas.png Red Demon Meliodas is the best hero for Howlex and a very good linking unit, but you’ll want to only buy him when he is on sale as he has low utility at the early stages in the game. There is no need to buy duplicates of him in the Coin Shop. Just having a 1 / 6 Ultimate level is enough.
  • Gelizabeth.png Green Princess Elizabeth is fairly useful for her healing ability.  She’s a good healer to have on your team for the Gray Demon.  She is not worth maxing out her Ultimate though, so just unlock her and you will still be able to obtain max heals.
  • GEstarossa.png Green Estarossa is a phenomenal unit to use for PvP, and was also highly utilized in several seasons of the Tower of Trials. His abilities allow him to taunt enemies and counter incoming attacks, which makes it difficult for enemies to use attack skills on his allies.
  • Rzeldris.png Red Zeldris's Unique ability makes him extremely useful both as a damage dealer and as a sub in PvP. His Unique ability increases all allies' basic stats by 6% for each ally or enemy with a Commandment, which makes him very helpful with used with other Commandments. Since this is a Unique ability and not his Commandment, he does not need to be placed in the left-most slot. His Commandment is also very useful, though, as it depletes one orb from the Ultimate Move Gauge and removes debuffs whenever a skill is moved.
  • Bdrole.png Blue Drole is another great unit to use for PvP, particularly when paired with Red Sariel. He is a very tank-y unit who's also able to apply a Petrify debuff and can be used for the Red Demon, PvE story mode bosses, and Level 3 Red Amber Explosive Giant in the Training Grotto.
  • Rmelascula.png Red Melascula works particularly well in PvP when paired with a healer, because her passive ability protects her allies from death. Her Commandment immediately applies Ignite effects on heroes that do not use any skills in a given turn, and she's able to decrease the max HP of her enemies and recover her own HP by the same amount.
  • Gmonspeet.png Green Monspeet is a great unit to use for the Crimson Demon, as well as for PvP. He has a number of different team compositions that he can work well with, but he is primarily used to counter Ult Rush teams due to his Commandment preventing allies and enemies from gaining Ultimate Move gauge orbs from using skills.
  • Bfraudrin.png Blue Fraudrin is an atypical unit because he should not be maxed out if acquired. The objective with Blue Fraudrin is to keep him weak so that he dies first in combat, as his Unique ability removes ally debuffs and completely fills Ultimate Move gauges when he dies.

As more Heroes become unlocked, they will eventually get added to the Coin Shop.