Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game Wiki

Episodes 143-153

[Episode 143] Resurrected People

Meliodas tries to talk to King, who is worried about Diane. King responds coldly.

[Episode 144] A Strange Turn

[The Ten Commandments] split up right after Meliodas says his "hello". Soon, strange things start happening all over Britannia, including the Fairy King's Forest.

[Episode 145] Reunion

Ban and Jericho prepare Zhivago's grave. Someone appears before them.

[Episode 146] Danger, Danger!

Elaine suddenly loses consciousness and collapses. Galland and Melascula of [The Ten Commandments] appear.

[Episode 147] Jericho's Responsibility

Unable to move, Ban asks Jericho to take Elaine and run, but Jericho refuses. Jericho tries to find a safe place for all of them.

[Episode 148] Holy Knights at the Border

Dreyfus splits away from [The Ten Commandments] and heads to the mini town of Ferzen, but an unexpected character awaits him there.

[Episode 149] Desperate Escape

Jericho's group is desperately running away from [The Ten Commandments]. They eventually find a place to hide after several close calls.

[Episode 150] The Hidden Tavern

Jericho's group hides in a tavern located inside of a rocky mountain. Will they be able to shake off [The Ten Commandments]?

[Episode 151] Behind the Kidnapping

Dreyfus loses consciousness in mining town Ferzen and wakes up to find himself bound in chains! A man appears before him.

[Episode 152] Mysterious Invitation

Diane is spending peaceful days at Matrona's camp, but the calm does not last long.

[Episode 153] Another Fight Festival

Meliodas and crew find a flyer for the Great Fight Festival which claims the winner will be granted any wish they desire. What will they decide?